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Example sentences for "bedded"

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  1. The stone was firmly bedded in the horn, the end of which was usually worked into a square form, but slightly tapering, and with a shoulder all round to prevent its being driven into the wood.

  2. The bed surface upon which a stone is set or bedded should be worked truly level in every part.

  3. Each course should be well bedded and levelled.

  4. At two in the afternoon, beside a pool of water bedded in the ice, Smoke called a halt.

  5. Besides, Smoke had toiled with them, and eaten and bedded with them, and he knew each dog as an individual and how best to win in to the animal's intelligence and extract its last least shred of willingness.

  6. From the ridge a pretty view of Tekax is to be had, bedded in a green sheet of trees.

  7. The boys were sleeping, bedded on piles of coffee, but were routed from their slumber to greet us.

  8. So then David spake pleasantly with Ralph, and ate and drank with him, and saw that he was well bedded for the night, and left him in the first watch.

  9. Then Ralph flushed red, and his visage clouded, and he opened his mouth to speak; but she stayed him and said: "Yet is he not so much my husband but that or ever we were bedded he must needs curse me and drive me away from his house.

  10. Only conceive the idea of having been turned into a double-bedded room in the dark with a dead woman!

  11. Farther on, the hero comes late at night to an inn, and is put into a double-bedded room, in which the rival happens to be deposited, fast asleep.

  12. In Number 3; that 'ere double-bedded room right over the gateway,' said the man.

  13. We occupied a large, two-bedded room--that looked down the hill and over to the far woods of Kent.

  14. It will cover the bedded moss, it will weave among the soft red cow-hair beautifully.

  15. The Struts and the Spars, which felt so awkward at first, have bedded themselves in their sockets, and are taking the compression stresses uncomplainingly.

  16. The bottom of the strut or spar should be covered with some sort of paint, bedded into the socket or fitting, and then withdrawn to see if the paint has stuck all over the bed.

  17. But once bedded down in its nest, with its gullet resting upon the ring back of earth that has been thrown up for it, and a miracle of protective colouration instantaneously is achieved.

  18. In early June, I went up to where the first division of ours to be sent into the British lines for its seasoning under fire was bedded down in billets hard by the Flanders border; and there I saw a curious thing.

  19. Gray sandstone that weathers yellow or brown and coarse-grained, cross-bedded conglomerate and sandstone are also prominent.

  20. This is a tongue of cross-bedded sandstone.

  21. The upper part of the Main Body is mainly mudstone composed of fine silt and very fine, bedded sand with a clay binder.

  22. This was not unlike the cross-bedded sandstone in colour, but lacked its warmth and richness of tint.

  23. There was a recess in the wall of mortar-bedded flints that ran along the path, which would give shelter from the wind to light a cigar.

  24. Bedded in the soft earth underneath lay the slim buckskin sacks.

  25. Boulders of all shapes and sizes lay bedded in the soft earth where we stood.

  26. The golden valley opened out to us in a vista of green curves, and the cleft of it was packed with tents, cabins, dumps and tailing piles, all bedded in a blue haze of wood fires.

  27. Bedded in that mosaic of human faces I saw one that was all sweetness, yet shamelessly tear-stained.

  28. The second course was bedded in cement harder than the bricks themselves.

  29. There's no use in piling rock about half-bedded frames.

  30. Where the main piles reached the rock the plan would be safe, but where they were bedded in gravel there was danger of their giving way under a heavy load.

  31. The concrete can be left rough below the walls to give a bond, and it might be advisable to lay some pieces of hoop iron in it which would be left projecting to be bedded into the walls.

  32. Lintels and heads must be well and solidly bedded in mortar, at proper heights.

  33. The blond girl in Thornton's bedded the wicker basket with rustling fibre.

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