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Example sentences for "imitative"

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  1. Westminster, has a wreath of delicate workmanship in relief, which once was set with real or imitative jewels.

  2. And it was astonishing to see into what lifeless imitative verse his most original and passionate moments could be transformed.

  3. Actors, like poets, have provincial parodists of their styles in even greater numbers, so adoringly imitative is humanity.

  4. It is good or bad in so far as it is directly imitative of work of the fourteenth or fifteenth century.

  5. I endeavored to wake up the love and perception of form by hanging upon the board various exquisitely shaped vases and leaves, but neither these nor rectangular forms aroused her imitative powers.

  6. Paris, as viewed under the old regime, opened a prolific source for his imitative powers.

  7. They are all imitative, and most of them imitative of Milton.

  8. The Wartons, indeed, though imitative always in their verse, have an independent and not inconsiderable position in criticism and literary scholarship, and I shall return to them later in that connection.

  9. Yet with all his disadvantages, his work, with all its imperfections, is far more striking than the imitative verse of the Wartons, or the thin, diffused medievalism of Walpole and Clara Reeve.

  10. Man is an imitative creature, and the foremost leads the flock.

  11. Of late years, the same spirit has crept into our high schools, and is even making itself felt in the grammar grades, so imitative are the school-children of their brothers and sisters in the universities and colleges.

  12. Like, or imitative of, anything archaic; pertaining to an archaism.

  13. The occupation of the former requires a fine taste and delicate manipulation; that of the latter demands only an ordinary degree of contrivance and imitative power.

  14. It is also necessary because of its adaptation to the capacities and imitative disposition of children.

  15. Its Necessity proven from its Relation to Precept--William Jay; from its Adaptation to the Capacity and Imitative Disposition of the Child.

  16. It proves sincerity and earnestness; and is adapted to the imitative capacity and disposition of the child.

  17. Imitative by one remove, or analogical: where a name becomes transferred from one object to another, by virtue of likeness between the two objects.

  18. Now the imitative profession may be distributed into those who know what they imitate--and those who imitate without knowing.

  19. Absurd lattice-work, decorative brackets, bronze armorial medallions, and gas lanterns and standards, form a combination that only the unsettled and imitative art of the ruthless nineteenth century could have put together.

  20. Music, having thus become a third imitative art, had speedily its own language, its expressions, its pictures, altogether independent of poetry.

  21. What a treat, by the way, it would be to hear a setting of Othello's farewell to war by a determined composer of imitative picturesque music!

  22. There is great cleverness, but little genius, apparent in the landscapes of Mr. Moran, for the imitative faculty has been too much for him.

  23. As the heirs of all the ages, we had a right to expect that our intellectual activity would demand art expression; while the first efforts would naturally be imitative rather than original.

  24. Is it, then, the work of a somewhat imitative fourth-century poet, naturally influenced by his great forerunners?

  25. An imitative word, expressing the short shrill cry of a small bird, Complaynt S.

  26. An imitative word expressing the cry of a gosling.

  27. Other concretions from these beds resemble bunches of corals, tufts of plants, or present various strange imitative forms.

  28. Has the man dignified his subject and raised it to something above imitative art, or does he clearly state in his treatment of it that imitation is the end of art?

  29. The characteristic processes are the feeling of familiarity and the imitative kinæsthesis.

  30. One of the things that he fails to account for is the imitative play of the lips.

  31. Memory is characterised by the feeling of familiarity and by imitative kinæsthesis; imagination by the feeling of strangeness and by empathy.

  32. This ancient jealous spirit, which walls in the understanding and the faith of man, was to shut out what the imitative Catholics afterwards called heresy.

  33. Or that, in the imitative pupil of Hudson, our country was at length to pride herself on another Raphael?

  34. The verse of von Wolzogen’s translation is the poorest of the German attempts at imitative measures.

  35. The translation is literal; the medium an imitative measure of four principal stresses, varied occasionally by the expanded line.

  36. Some German scholars have discovered that the short lines in which Thorpe’s translation is couched are imitative of the Old English measure.

  37. The translation is in imitative measures and in archaic style.

  38. Hence it became necessary to discard the theory altogether, or else to produce another style which should in some true sense be imitative of Beowulf.

  39. While the verse is not strictly imitative in the sense that it preserves exactly the Old English system of versification, it aims to maintain the general movement of the original lines.

  40. There might be an excuse for some of this freedom in blank verse, but in measures imitative of the Old English it is utterly out of place.

  41. An imitative measure of four principal stresses is used.

  42. If one can peer through the darkness of Morris’s diction, he will discover a fairly pleasing use of the so-called imitative measure.

  43. Digest, Running Comment, and Translation of Copious Extracts into Imitative Measures.

  44. The translation is in alliterative measures, called by the translator imitative of the Old English.

  45. Compare them with the early books by which they were inspired, and their flowing elaboration, so free from unexpectedness, so impersonal, so inexpressive, suggests the fatal defect of all imitative work and fails in distinction.

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