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Example sentences for "imitators"

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  1. But his success seemed to depend on imitable peculiarities; and Pope's imitators were so like Pope that it was hard to draw a line and say where they ceased to be poets.

  2. These poems show a careful and minute observation of nature, but their versification--still reminding us of the imitators of Pope-- has little originality or charm.

  3. A reaction succeeded, which asserted that poetry depends on emotion and not on polish; that it consists precisely in those things which frigid imitators lack.

  4. I have said that the imitators of Shakespeare, fixing their attention on his wonderful gift of expression, have directed their imitation to this, neglecting his other excellences.

  5. To the exclusive attention on the part of his imitators to this it is in a great degree owing, that of the majority of modern poetical works the details alone are valuable, the composition worthless.

  6. The principle of Correggio vanished with its author, though it found numerous imitators of its parts.

  7. That the imitators differ from the bulk of their allies.

  8. That the imitators are always less numerous in individuals.

  9. That the imitators are always the more defenceless.

  10. The sign seems to have found imitators at the time, and is even yet kept up by tradition.

  11. God grant us many imitators of his virtues.

  12. The danger of the kind showed less in them than in some imitators of a lower class, of whom Captain Hawley Smart was the chief, and a chief sometimes better than his own followers.

  13. His imitators showed none of their master's sublime force, none of that terribilità which made him unapproachable in social intercourse and inimitable in art.

  14. His imitators were devoid of thought and too indifferent to question whether there was any law to be obeyed.

  15. Besides the younger Petitot, a number of imitators and copyists of the elder may be named.

  16. I am speaking of course, of genuine work by Petitot, for he has had numberless imitators and copyists.

  17. If Vergil's imitations of Theocritus fail to ring as true as their original, what shall be said of the imitators of Vergil's imitations?

  18. When we come to the scanty relics of his successors and imitators we are conscious of a lamentable falling away.

  19. It is no slight proof of the merit of this little book that it has gone through at least twelve editions in England, and had so many imitators that it may almost be called the founder of a school of literature.

  20. Are we always to be content to be servile imitators of Europe in our art, literature, social life, everything, except mere mechanical invention?

  21. Receiving through him your good-will in God, I gloried, finding you to be, as I knew, imitators of God.

  22. St. Romuald condemned himself to this kind of life for several years; and fervent imitators have never since failed in this solitude.

  23. Be ye imitators of Jesus Christ, as he is of the Father.

  24. You adore gods, the imitators of whom you yourselves would punish.

  25. The saint adds, it was a great grief to him to see Christians fall short of the virtue of a heathen, whereas they ought to be imitators of the angels, nay, of God himself.

  26. Both were faithful imitators of the sanctity of our saint.

  27. The pernicious example set by England in philosophy, poetry, and letters has unfortunately found but too many imitators on the Continent of Europe and elsewhere.

  28. In examining the productions of that epoch, the struggle between the servile imitators of Buonarotti and the men of progress, desirous, but through lack of originality incapable, of emancipating themselves, is readily discerned.

  29. Imitation is only a kind of play or sport, and the tragic poets, whether they write in iambic or in Heroic verse, are imitators in the highest degree?

  30. And He would grant unto us the rare and most exquisite privilege of being imitators of Him.

  31. But I had not read more than four lines of it before I at once recognised the well-known melodious flow which Chaucer's imitators (except sometimes Hoccleve) so seldom succeed in reproducing.

  32. On the other hand, this is just what we should expect one of his imitators to do.

  33. Mrs. Tighe was one of the latest and best of the professed imitators of Spenser.

  34. For English imitators and successors of the Waverley Novels, see Cross, "Development of the English Novel," pp.

  35. Had you been still of the world, the world would have loved its own; but as it is, you have become imitators of the Christian churches in Judaea, and have suffered the same things at the hands of your countrymen as they from theirs.

  36. Ye became imitators of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Ghost.

  37. Brethren, be ye imitators of me, even as I also am of Christ.

  38. Can we make bad preaching an excuse for refusing to become imitators of the Lord?

  39. And ye became imitators of us, and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Ghost; so that ye became an ensample to all that believe in Macedonia and Achaia.

  40. Kirby, who has made a special study of the subject, has favoured me with detailed bibliographical notes on Galland's imitators which are printed in Appendix No.

  41. From Persia Greek letters, extending southwards to Arabia, would find indigenous imitators and there Æsop would be represented by the sundry sages who share the name Lokman.

  42. Some mention should, however, here be made of those contemporaries and imitators of Petrarch, in whom the traditions of the fourteenth century expired.

  43. It is a mistake to classify him, as some historians of literature have done, with the deliberate imitators of Petrarch, or to judge his work by its deflection from the Petrarchistic standard of pure style.

  44. Yet, speaking broadly, neither the excellences nor the defects of Boccaccio found devoted imitators until the epoch when the nation at large turned their attention to the formation of a common Italian style.

  45. Last upon the list of Dantesque imitators stands Matteo Palmieri, a learned Florentine, who composed his Citta di Vita in the middle of the fifteenth century.

  46. Its only justification is the style adopted by the French imitators in their rehandling of the illustrations to Poliphil's soul pleading before Venus.

  47. The Divine Comedy found fewer imitators than the Canzoniere; for who could bend the bow of Ulysses?

  48. It would, therefore, be incorrect to imagine either that the Sicilian poets were blank imitators of Provencal models, or that the Italian language started into being at Palermo.

  49. Be not slothful, but imitators of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises," Heb.

  50. Be ye imitators of me, even as I also am of Christ," 1 Cor.

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