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Example sentences for "imitator"

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  1. Is the artist the imitator of the physical world, or the revealer of the spiritual world?

  2. But how shall we further analyse them, and where does the imitator begin?

  3. There seems no doubt, however, that his father, whether he was a carpenter or a tailor, was the brother of Moses Kean, a popular reciter and imitator of the leading actors at the beginning of the present century.

  4. These metaphysical conceptions and distinctions show considerable power of thought in the writer, whatever we may think of his merits as an imitator of Plato.

  5. I think, he said, that we may fairly designate him as the imitator of that which the others make.

  6. The artist, even at his lowest level, is more than an imitator of imitations.

  7. Mrs. Sanford's Ability as an Imitator of Actors.

  8. In the same convent over the door of the refectory he painted a crucifix and some saints, which distinguish him, among the others who worked there, as a true imitator of the style of Giotto, whom he always held in the highest veneration.

  9. There have been since published-- Verses on the Imitator of Horace.

  10. Bentley:' this applies not to Richard but to Thomas Bentley, his nephew, and a small imitator of his great uncle.

  11. Decorde calls him 'an imitator of Alfred de Musset, who was sometimes successful'!

  12. The imitator seldom mounts to the investigation of the principles that formed his model; the copier probably never.

  13. The imitator rises above the copyist by generalizing the individual to a class; the idealist mounts above the imitator by uniting classes.

  14. Though bred a notary, he had practised miniature from his youth; emulation with his brother prompted him to attempt larger proportions; and, under the tuition of Marco, he became a good imitator of his style.

  15. For a time he posed as an imitator of the cynic Timon, as one who had lost all faith in mankind, though one may think that his deserted sailors at Actium had better reason for such an attitude.

  16. His new imitator would come back from Egypt and India--Egypt and India were to be his Gaul.

  17. Louis XV was the great-grandson of Louis XIV, and an incompetent imitator of his predecessor's magnificence.

  18. It will be observed that there is nothing of the nature of a title-page, but I have often seen title-pages supplied by some ignorant imitator in the last century, with the idea that the book was imperfect without one.

  19. Imitation not only brings the thing imitated into disrepute, but tends to destroy what original faculty the imitator may have possessed.

  20. John Lydgate, the monk of Bury, a great imitator of Chaucer, was the principal of these, and wrote an enormous quantity of verse.

  21. Although he was an imitator of Mason, some of his hymns are admirable.

  22. But in hiding Agamemnon's face, Timanthes loses the honour of invention, as he is merely the imitator of Euripides, who did it before him?

  23. Ferreira, like Sa de Miranda, was an imitator of the great classical poets, but he differed from his predecessor, in that he combined with this predilection, an appreciation of the national greatness.

  24. Perugino had no direct imitator of his Madre Pia, but his Bolognese admirer Francia treated the subject in a way that readily suggests the source of his inspiration.

  25. Girolamo dai Libri was a few years younger than Caroto, and at one period was, to some extent, an imitator of the latter.

  26. He is in general an imitator of Barocci, as in the picture of the Circumcision in the church of Loreto, in the Espousals of the Virgin in the Duomo in Ancona, and in a Madonna belonging to the Counts Leopardi at Osimo.

  27. Giuseppe Simonelli, originally a servant of Giordano, became an accurate copyist of his works, and an excellent imitator of his colouring.

  28. The school of Barocci extended itself through this duchy and the neighbouring places; although his best imitator was Vanni of Siena, who had never studied in Urbino.

  29. The first was a happy imitator of his master, who had long employed him in copying for himself.

  30. He initiated a nephew, Gianbernardino, in the same style; who, from his being an excellent imitator of Cesari, was employed by the Carthusian monks to finish a work which that master had left imperfect.

  31. Lazaro the great-grandfather of Vasari, who died in 1452, was the friend and imitator of Pietro, and some time before his death assigned him his nephew Signorelli as a scholar.

  32. In his figures and drapery he became, as is generally the case with the machinists, mannered and less correct; nor has he any claim as an imitator of Domenichino, except from the early instructions of his father.

  33. I rather consider him to have been an imitator of him, but more in respect to colour than any thing else.

  34. Christ on his way to Mount Calvary, now in the Academy in Mantua, is certainly a Raffaellesque picture, but we may rather consider Mosca an imitator and copyist, than a pupil of Raffaello.

  35. Marco di Pino, an imitator of Michelangiolo, as we have observed, though sober and judicious, was held in disesteem by him.

  36. Marcello Gobbi, and Girolamo Boniforti,[80] a tolerable good imitator of Titian, lived at this time in Macerata.

  37. The injury done you by the Sicyonians you attribute to Cato and his imitator Servilius.

  38. Favonius was a close imitator of Cato's Stoicism.

  39. His powers of description were original and great: he adopted the new romantic tone, while in his more studied works he was an imitator and a champion of a former age, and a contemner of his own.

  40. He had little of original genius, but was an apt imitator and reproducer--what in painting would be an excellent copyist.

  41. Attwold, who published caricatures against admiral Byng in 1750, was an imitator of Hogarth.

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