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Example sentences for "distinctions"

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distinct; distincter; distinctest; distinctio; distinction; distinctive; distinctively; distinctiveness; distinctly; distinctness
  1. I am so far from undervaluing distinctions that I should like to be a Duke, and deserve the title.

  2. I think it should be renovated, without delay, and put in the best possible condition for permanent preservation.

  3. La Crosse, to which he comes on that rainy day.

  4. In fact, our hunters having killed nothing for several days, we were ourselves on short allowance.

  5. This enables us to understand the distinctions found in the summaries appended to the Cambridgeshire portion of the I.

  6. The breaking down the old distinctions of ranks had opened a free career to those desirous of promotion; and in times of hard fighting, men of merit are distinguished and get preferment.

  7. It only remains to be mentioned, that there subsisted, besides all the distinctions we have noticed, an essential difference in political opinions among the noblesse themselves, considered as a body.

  8. Some one thought of the separate distinctions of the provinces of France, as Normandy, Languedoc, and so forth.

  9. Their honours, as well as their safety, consist in the numbers who attend them; and their personal distinctions are taken from their liberality, and supposed elevation of mind.

  10. When the distinctions of fortune and those of birth are conjoined, the chieftain enjoys a pre-eminence, as well at the feast as in the field.

  11. Something may be done by exempting standing forests from taxation, and by imposing taxes on wood felled for fuel or for timber, something by premiums or honorary distinctions for judicious management of the woods.

  12. The democratic nature of the guilds tended to lessen class distinctions and to bring about a true fellowship on the plane of equality.

  13. Dress, also, aided in marking distinctions between the wealthy and those in less fortunate circumstances, as did the luxuries found upon the tables of the former.

  14. The growth of England's industries, more than any other single thing, contributed to the well-being of the masses of English society, while at the same time it tended to make sharper distinctions among them.

  15. But the Church was entirely consistent in its attitude toward women in that it made no distinctions as to class or condition.

  16. The breaking up of their tribal distinctions led to a greater consolidation of the people and removed a cause of strife.

  17. It is he who is the descendant of their prophet, not the other, and though the learned may make distinctions in favour of the Caliph the Haj only hears of the Sherif.

  18. All distinctions of age, grace, rank, accomplishment, and wit, are lost in the midst of a constantly accumulating crowd.

  19. You perceive," continued he, "that the costume of the place is a suit of blue, with proper distinctions of rank and station allotted to each.

  20. Even the moral sense of our own community is so divided upon the distinctions of abstract right, that the application of such a standard to our civilization would only open endless fields of useless because interested and bigoted discussions.

  21. He likewise pretended to ridicule the use of firearms, which confounded all the distinctions of skill and address, and deprived a combatant of the opportunity of signalizing his personal prowess.

  22. You know we go for no distinctions except those created by Nature herself, and we found our rank upon color, because that is clearly a thing that none has any hand in but our Maker.

  23. Excuse me, but I have been living in France, where these distinctions are wholly unknown, and I have not yet got myself in the train of fashionable ideas here.

  24. For this school there is no problem of evil, because ethical distinctions do not apply to God's doings.

  25. The difficulty was of course that the moment you admit distinctions within the Godhead, there is no reason for stopping at three.

  26. And the world also makes some curious distinctions in the art of killing.

  27. They had not only personality, but distinctions of sex.

  28. I mean the sort that makes the distinctions more evident.

  29. These little distinctions are among the sweetest things in life, and to see one's name officially printed stimulates his charity, and is almost as satisfactory as being the chairman of a committee or the mover of a resolution.

  30. Wealth had been such an accepted part of her life, since she could remember, that she had attached no importance to it, and had only just come to see what distinctions it made, and how it built a barrier round about her.

  31. Race distinctions ought to be maintained for the sake of the best development of the race, and for the continuance of that mutual reaction and play of peculiar forces between races which promise the highest development for the whole.

  32. But this is done with many distinctions as to the nature of the principality, which may be held by very different conditions.

  33. In no part of his work has Grotius dwelt so much on the rules and distinctions of the Roman law, as in his chapter on contracts, nor was it very easy or desirable to avoid it.

  34. Grotius dwells afterwards on many distinctions relating to this subject, which, however, as far as they do not resolve themselves into the general principle, are to be considered on the ground of positive regulation.

  35. His chief proofs are drawn from the force and condensation of language in particular passages, which, doubtless, is one of the great distinctions between the two.

  36. This is the principle of civil government; and now the distinctions of just and unjust, right and wrong, begin to appear.

  37. His distinctions are more than usually feeble.

  38. This has been often censured, as combating in some places a tenet which no one would support, and as, in other passages, breaking in upon moral distinctions themselves, by disputing the universality of their acknowledgment.

  39. Most of Tournefort’s generic distinctions were preserved by Linnæus, and some which had been abrogated without sufficient reason, have since been restored.

  40. The specific distinctions he founded on the general habit and appearance of the plant.

  41. Yet, even as religious poets, there are several remarkable distinctions between Milton and Dante.

  42. It perceived minute distinctions and qualifications which had escaped the notice of previous writers.

  43. From these first distinctions arose on the one side vanity and contempt and on the other shame and envy: and the fermentation caused by these new leavens ended by producing combinations fatal to innocence and happiness.

  44. Sovereign recognises only the body of the nation, and draws no distinctions between those of whom it is made up.

  45. It would indeed have needed more knowledge and experience than they could have, and more pains and inquiry than they would have bestowed, to carry these distinctions to their proper length.

  46. In dreamland social distinctions did not exist, and hard and tyrannical fathers were unknown.

  47. The more distinctions I receive the more I feel that it is all vanity.

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