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Example sentences for "distinctiveness"

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distinctio; distinction; distinctions; distinctive; distinctively; distinctly; distinctness; distingue; distinguer; distinguish
  1. But though painful on being noticed for the first time, this difficulty ceased to trouble listeners when they grew accustomed to it, and even gave an agreeable distinctiveness to a somewhat harsh and discordant voice.

  2. It would be folly to deny either the distinctiveness or the significance of this achievement.

  3. To do away with such type, to lose all distinctiveness of racial attitude, was fast becoming the aim of the American society woman.

  4. The distinctiveness of type had come about gradually; but it had always existed as a possibility, even in the youngest days of the republic.

  5. No definition of Secularism shows its distinctiveness which omits to specify material means as its method of procedure.

  6. By doing so he would augment his own dignity and the distinctiveness of his office.

  7. But the distinctiveness of a Duchess of Dewlap with the hair and cheeks of our native fields, was fraught with troubles outrunning Mr. Beamish's calculations.

  8. Perhaps too, as timidity quitted her, she enjoyed her distinctiveness in their midst.

  9. The exercise of apperception gives a distinctiveness to idiocracy, which is, however, subject to the limits of ME.

  10. Its simplicity and distinctiveness are very marked, so also are its character and freedom.

  11. The Chromosomes Possibly Responsible for the Distinctiveness of Given Characters.

  12. Of the distinctiveness of this parasite as a species, any one may satisfy himself by an inspection of the nearly complete strobile preserved in the Pathological Museum attached to the Middlesex Hospital Medical College.

  13. Its sexual distinctiveness had become yet more pronounced by the formation of two rather short and stout spicules, the point of the tail displaying a very minute awl-shaped projection.

  14. Many would find a society of the lower grade intolerable; certainly it could not hope to hold the very ones who have given this organization its existing distinctiveness and pre-eminence.

  15. The story is simple, but the piece gains distinctiveness from its absolutely faithful reproduction of the spirit of frontier balladry.

  16. The period has a certain distinctiveness of character in spite of superficial diversities.

  17. Although helped to distinctiveness of self-conscious expression by means of its experience of the struggle under present material conditions, it is not the whole of it that can be thus expressed.

  18. Le Bon thinks that the particular acquirements of individuals become obliterated in a group, and that in this way their distinctiveness vanishes.

  19. Owing to his entry into an 'unorganised' group he had lost this distinctiveness for a time.

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