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distinctions; distinctive; distinctively; distinctiveness; distinctly; distingue; distinguer; distinguish; distinguishable; distinguished
  1. Distinctness of Mineral Character in contemporaneous Rocks of the Cretaceous Epoch.

  2. Observations have already been made on the distinctness of the organic remains of the Oolitic and Cretaceous strata, and the proportion of species common to the different members of the Oolite.

  3. It will be observed that the division of the Purbecks into upper, middle, and lower, was made by Professor Forbes strictly on the principle of the entire distinctness of the species of organic remains which they include.

  4. For the sake of distinctness we may here number the heads of the evidence bearing on this question.

  5. Directly in front of the bay, and with a distinctness occasionally startling, might be seen rising up from the sea a mass of stately cliffs, which seemed like a reflection of the Causeway.

  6. He now returned to Layton, whom he found sitting up in the bed, talking rapidly to himself, but with all the distinctness of one perfectly collected.

  7. It occurs with similar distinctness in the much earlier picture of Ulysses and Polypheme, in that of Napoleon at St. Helena, and, subdued by softer hues, in the Old Temeraire.

  8. There is delightful distinctness in all the pictures of the Bard of Olney--glorious gloom or glimmer in most of those of the Bard of Ednam.

  9. The Blackbird, too, often dropt out of the thicket into an open glade in the hazel-shaws, and the distinctness of his yellow bill showed he was far within shot-range.

  10. We can also perceive with perfect distinctness our obligation to live and act under the supreme control of such an intention.

  11. The nature of this Ability, according to the Necessitarian scheme, has been stated with equal distinctness in the Christian Spectator.

  12. With equal distinctness I know, that such acts are not necessary, but free.

  13. By this very syllogism, multitudes have supposed that the doctrine of Necessity has been established with all the distinctness and force of demonstration.

  14. These terms, as above defined, stand out with perfect clearness and distinctness to all reflecting minds.

  15. The air was wonderfully clear; scattered spruces and towering rocks stood out with sharp distinctness against a glow of transcendental green.

  16. I almost think they spoke to me; and I am not less amazed at the strangeness than at the distinctness of their story.

  17. All limits to dissimulation, and all distinctness between vice and virtue, will be effaced.

  18. Then the last corner of the moon disappeared all at once in darkness from my sight, and for half a moment, at that critical point, I saw and heard nothing with distinctness or certainty.

  19. I couldn't catch a word of what they were saying with any distinctness where I lay on the bed.

  20. It ought to have the distinctness of a real four-oar going to the left, at the moment when many of its details still remained unheeded, such as the dresses of the men and their individual features.

  21. The distinctness with which they can be seen when the air is steady is likely to surprise, as it is certain to delight, the observer.

  22. Buller's doubts about the distinctness of the latter might easily have been removed, if he had taken the trouble to compare them, for it does not require any genius to see the differences.

  23. North and Middle Islands, then I feel sure that the distinctness of D.

  24. Morbid clearness occasioned in painting of water by distinctness of reflections.

  25. Peculiar distinctness of light and shade in the rocks of nature.

  26. And therefore the distinctness of shadows is the chief means of expressing vividness of light.

  27. Space and size are destroyed alike by distinctness and by vacancy.

  28. But a middle distance of Hobbima's involves a contradiction in terms; it states a distance by perspective, which it contradicts by distinctness of detail.

  29. Total absence of such distinctness in the works of the Italian school.

  30. The individuality and distinctness of conception--the visible cloud character which every word of this particular passage brings out into more dewy and bright existence, are to me as refreshing as the real breathing of mountain winds.

  31. Calypso ne pouvait se consoler," over and over and over again, her rosy lips moving slowly in order to give distinctness to every articulation, and her blue eyes fairly dancing with repressed laughter at my awkward imitation.

  32. And so in grateful interchange Of teacher and of hearer, Their lives their true distinctness keep While daily drawing nearer.

  33. The "old familiar faces," as we have seen them through the dust of a century and a half, start before us with lifelike distinctness of outline and coloring.

  34. Occasionally he was really eloquent, and his description of the last day had the ghastly distinctness of Anelli's painting of the End of the World.

  35. At last an elderly and substantial Friend, with a face so flushed and round as to suggest a Baldwin apple, arose and creaked with painful distinctness to where I was innocently infringing on one of their customs.

  36. Men judge of magnitude by faintness and vigorousness, by distinctness and confusion, with some other circumstances, by great & little angles.

  37. This is put on account of distinctness and confusedness, the act of perception seeming to be as great in viewing any point of the visual orb distinctly, as in viewing the whole confusedly.

  38. All this comes out with great distinctness in the book of Job, and gives a wonderful interest and charm to its pages.

  39. The twelve loaves on the table of show-bread in the sanctuary were the divine type of the perfect unity and yet the perfect distinctness of the twelve tribes.

  40. Mathematics, again, does not owe its unquestioned acceptance and cogent force to the clearness and distinctness of its conceptions, but to the fact that these are capable of construction in intuition.

  41. It believes that it has discovered an infallible criterion of truth in the clearness and distinctness of ideas, and a sure example for philosophical method in the method of mathematics.

  42. The greater the number of the intermediate steps, the more the clearness and distinctness of the knowledge decreases, and the more the possibility of error increases.

  43. The dominant monad is distinguished from those which surround it as its body by the greater distinctness of its ideas.

  44. There are as many different degrees of clearness and distinctness as there are monads.

  45. At this day he could shut his eyes and summon back with distinctness the smallest detail of the interview.

  46. The third [deals with] the diminished distinctness of the forms and outlines displayed by the objects at various distances.

  47. This kind of pleasure arising from repetition, that is from the facility and distinctness with which we perceive and understand repeated sensations, enters into all the agreeable arts; and when it is carried to excess is termed formality.

  48. With appalling distinctness he heard a cannonade that seemed as wide-spread as the horizon.

  49. In flashes of distinctness it recurred to him between reports of the progress of preparations and directions as to dispositions.

  50. The range of vapor to the southward had arisen prodigiously in the horizon, and began to assume more distinctness of form.

  51. It was now close upon four o'clock, and the tramp of men marching in solid masses came with painful distinctness from the woods.

  52. In general terms, he'll say in his official manner, and with all distinctness and precision, that he cannot let me go, but will take all measures in his power to prevent scandal.

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