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destroie; destroied; destroieng; destroy; destroye; destroyer; destroyers; destroyest; destroyeth; destroying
  1. It was, however destroyed some years ago, and its inhabitants either slain or dispersed, by order of the spirited ruler of Kiama, since which time the road has been less dreaded by travellers.

  2. The expedition passed through upwards of thirty towns, completely destroyed by the Fellatas in their last inroad, and of which all the inhabitants had been either killed or carried into slavery.

  3. All the houses are infested with multitudes of small ants, which destroyed all the animals which the party had preserved, and even penetrated into their boxes.

  4. Widows are burnt in India, just as they are poisoned or clubbed at Jenna, but in the former country no male victims are destroyed on such occasions.

  5. His game of dominoes, at which I was merely a spectator, wearied me, and his drinking three small glasses of rum to one cup of coffee completely destroyed my dawning good opinion of him.

  6. But the last ice melted, though it was the very middle of winter; when a nocturnal conflagration destroyed several houses and robbed some families of their whole property.

  7. There was during the war a society called the Union of Democratic Control, which would have been instantly destroyed anywhere where democracy had any control, or where there was any union.

  8. He tells us that our national dignities and differences must be melted into the huge mould of a World State, or else (and I think these are almost his own words) we shall be destroyed by the instruments and machinery we have ourselves made.

  9. Svatopluk betrayed his soldiers to his countrymen, destroyed the German army, and once more became Duke of Moravia.

  10. The citizens were so anxious to avoid a collision with Sigismund that they consented to these terms; and they destroyed their fortifications amid the jeers of the Catholics and Germans.

  11. Several of the Utraquist leaders followed him, and forced him to surrender the document; but this attempt finally destroyed any hope which the Utraquists might have cherished of a compromise with the Catholics.

  12. But the fall of Tabor had destroyed any hopes, which the peasantry and townsmen might have had, of strengthening their position through war.

  13. The Archbishop, himself of noble birth, had had a quarrel with the Marshal of the Court about certain rights of fishing on the Elbe; and, in asserting these rights, he had destroyed a weir which the marshal had made.

  14. But though their captors succeeded in conveying them safely into Prague, they could not save the church organs and images in the fortress from being destroyed by the crowd.

  15. The first Ptolemy founded the famous Alexandrian Library which is supposed to have been partly destroyed by Christian fanatics in 391 A.

  16. A glass of wine once lost a kingdom, a nail turned the tide of a mighty battle, and a woman's smile once upon a time destroyed the homes of a million people.

  17. Snowshoe rabbits, young and half grown, were very tame in this month of August, and ordinarily he would have destroyed many of them in a day's travel.

  18. He had not destroyed her, and this thought would strengthen him and leave something of gladness in his heart, even in that gray dawn when the law would compel him to make his final sacrifice.

  19. That he was an outlaw had not destroyed her faith in him.

  20. Next to her God, which Jed Hawkins and his witch-woman had not destroyed within her, she thought of this stranger who for three months had been hiding in Indian Tom's cabin.

  21. His hands clenched slowly for he knew that under the cross lay the body of Jed Hawkins, the fiend who had destroyed his world.

  22. If caused by a rabid animal, the wound should be enlarged and cupped, and the parts cleansed or destroyed by caustic.

  23. Of course, after the substance of the kidney has degenerated and broken down, and become destroyed to any great extent, a cure is impossible.

  24. This membrane is usually ruptured and destroyed by the first sexual intercourse, and, hence, its presence has been considered evidence of virginity.

  25. Investigations with the microscope have destroyed the hypothesis of "spontaneous generation.

  26. On the sixteenth of February 1881, the original Invalids' Hotel was totally destroyed by fire.

  27. Their caustic property may be destroyed by dilution with other substances, to such an extent that they will only irritate or stimulate, and not destroy.

  28. An individual of this temperament is more easily destroyed than any other "by the poison of syphilis, small-pox, and other contagious diseases.

  29. In the middle of the night it came thundering down from the mountains and destroyed the harvest of the farmer who occupied the rocky ground at the foot of the hills.

  30. But our world was never meant to be too perfect and soon other hordes of rough and murderous men descended from the northern mountains and destroyed the work of Hammurapi's genius.

  31. Of all their glory there remains nothing but a mysterious name and the reputation of having destroyed many things which other people had built up with great pain and care.

  32. They built villages which their neighbors destroyed and they rebuilt them with the bricks they had taken from other neighbors whom they in turn had vanquished.

  33. These foreigners had little love for their brutal masters who had destroyed their homes and had stolen their children and therefore they fought badly.

  34. The Old Empire is destroyed by the Arab shepherds, called the "Hyksos.

  35. Then it often happened that the people arose in their wrath and destroyed those who oppressed them.

  36. A few days later we sailed inshore, and the boats landed and destroyed two of the French signal stations and carried the battery and spiked its guns.

  37. I am one of the officers of the English admiral who commands the fleet that has destroyed their war-ships and is blockading their towns.

  38. The news of Archer’s death greatly destroyed the pleasure of the lads at finding themselves safely on board the Tiger again, and they took up their work with very sorrowful hearts.

  39. They were destroyed with the temple by fire, on July 6, 83.

  40. The great fire of 18 July, 64, which destroyed a large part of the city, was ascribed to him, but without sufficient evidence; and the stories of his conduct during the conflagration are doubtless pure fictions.

  41. The fleet, setting sail for home, was partly destroyed in a storm, only eighty ships reaching port.

  42. The crowd then dispersed in troops, broke into and destroyed the houses of the conspirators.

  43. It caused people to regard me with derision, even with contempt, and destroyed every prospect of my advancement in my judicial career.

  44. One of the out-buildings have been almost entirely destroyed by fire, and pieces of blackened rubbish and half-burned rafters cover a part of the garden.

  45. The Councillors apparently conceived that it was in a wanton spirit of destruction that the greater part of Black Town had been wiped out; for they formally decided that the streets that had been destroyed should be rebuilt.

  46. Illustration: A BIT OF THE BLACK TOWN WALL] In 1746 the French captured Fort St. George; and they destroyed not only the Black Town Wall but also Black Town itself.

  47. They captured Pondicherry, and they destroyed its fortifications.

  48. On the self-interested advice of the English at Fort St. George, Golconda destroyed the fortifications.

  49. A handful of rye, or wheat, bran, thrown in while it is boiling, will preserve the glazing, so that it will not be destroyed by acid or salt.

  50. A lady who had long been troubled with them, assured me she destroyed them in a few days, after the following manner.

  51. Like the detective who spins a theory, perfect in every part and bristling with proof, he found that a slight hitch at the beginning destroyed it all.

  52. Hadst thou not stood before the king with thy shield, the rage of the Mexicans would not have destroyed him!

  53. Every day do I look down from the pyramid, and hearken to the groans of those who destroyed Granada; and every day, though the lamentings be wilder and louder, yet are they fewer.

  54. He had prepared a new edition entirely cleared of these offences, but which unfortunately he destroyed at the morbid close of his life.

  55. We cannot imagine that such writings, by the hand of Ascham, would be destroyed by his family, who knew how to value them.

  56. Sometimes they heard of a transcript and sometimes of an original; it was reported that the autograph work by Lord Clarendon, among other valuables, had been destroyed in the fire of the Earl of Rochester's house at New Park.

  57. Chaucer’s works like to be destroyed by parliament.

  58. The few things which might have belonged personally to the individual were either destroyed on his grave or buried with him.

  59. Thus, Mr. Bates mentions the really astounding numbers of winged ants which are destroyed during their exodus.

  60. But it may be remarked at once that Huxley's view of nature had as little claim to be taken as a scientific deduction as the opposite view of Rousseau, who saw in nature but love, peace, and harmony destroyed by the accession of man.

  61. In fact, while everything that belongs personally to the dead is burnt or broken upon his grave, nothing is destroyed of what belonged to him in common with the tribe, such as boats, or the communal implements of fishing.

  62. In Germany, in Austria, in Belgium the village community was also destroyed by the State.

  63. And yet the ants, in their thousands, are not much destroyed by the birds, not even by the ant-eaters, and they are dreaded by most stronger insects.

  64. Myriads of ants are thus destroyed amidst a nature which might support a hundred times as many ants as are actually living.

  65. It is known that when Europeans settled in their territory and destroyed deer, the Bushmen began stealing the settlers' cattle, whereupon a war of extermination, too horrible to be related here, was waged against them.

  66. The fortified village rose against the lord's castle, defied it first, attacked it next, and finally destroyed it.

  67. Certain quarters are destroyed down to their very foundations; they are nothing but heaps of stone and bricks.

  68. Robertson, two young Scotsmen whose hopes of commercial success had been rudely destroyed by the dictator's interference.

  69. In his private life the emperor was the victim of terrible catastrophes--his wife, his brother and his only son having been destroyed by sudden and violent deaths.

  70. Prior to this he had executed some extensive frescoes in the Vatican; but these were destroyed when Raphael undertook on the same walls the "Liberation of St Peter" and other paintings.

  71. In a short time only the shell of a half-destroyed wall remains.

  72. Many are destroyed by birds and beasts of prey, but finally the survivors reach the Atlantic on the Gulf of Bothnia and, for some strange unknown reason, plunge in and die.

  73. Again she made a leaf cup, and having filled it with water was returning when the bhut again came, and destroyed her cup, and caused her to lose the water.

  74. The washerman went and told the raja that two persons had come out from the jungle, and had destroyed all his clothes.

  75. The novel which had been begun was left a mere fragment, and in accordance with what it was thought would have been her wish, was destroyed by her family.

  76. That awe which grows up in childhood, if destroyed later, brings anarchy into human life.

  77. I should never have failed toward Lucy and Philip as I have done, if I had not been weak, selfish and hard--able to think of their pain without a pain to myself that would have destroyed all temptation.

  78. The land of Egypt was valuable and maintained a dense population; every year it was mostly submerged, and the boundaries destroyed or confused.

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