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  1. Boats of this shape are still used on these rivers, and boats of analogous construction are employed in crossing the rivers of India, in which the current is not rapid.

  2. Honda, where goods are transhipped by rail to the latter place, and thence by pack animals to Bogotá, or by smaller boats to points farther up the river.

  3. The basketwork boats mentioned by Herodotus as being used on the Tigris and Euphrates were round and covered with bitumen.

  4. The Indus, which is nowhere bridged within the district, is navigable for native boats throughout its course of 76 m.

  5. Boats of the same material, covered with the skins of animals, attracted the notice of the Romans in Britain; they seem to have been of the ordinary boat-shape.

  6. And those other boats in there are goners,” remarked Ned.

  7. The whistle of boats approaching to do battle with the flames from the river front, was also heard.

  8. A book of boats driven against the impetus of rivers.

  9. The small boats used by the Assyrians were made of thin laths of willow plaited over rods also of willow, and bent into the form of a boat.

  10. The river at Villefranche may be conducted to Romorantin which may be done by the inhabitants; and the timber of which their houses are built may be carried in boats to Romorantin [Footnote: Compare No.

  11. To the right of the castle is a large basin for aquatic sports with the words "Giostre colle nave cioe li giostra li stieno sopra le na" (Jousting in boats that is the men are to be in boats).

  12. In going down the side of the Agamemnon I had to cross over several small boats to reach the outer one, which was to take me on board the tug which had the connecting cable on board.

  13. Boats and swans are gliding over the glassy surface, giving, with the well-dressed promenaders along the shores, an air of gayety and liveliness to the scene.

  14. The Portugals in the boats so thickly surrounded the English that the former could not use their fire-arms, while those on the rocks were also afraid to fire for fear of hitting their friends.

  15. All the boats were gone or knocked to pieces, and booms and caboose--indeed, the sea had made a clean sweep of every thing movable on deck.

  16. The canoes when afloat appeared even larger than on shore; they were like two large boats united by one wide deck or platform, with one mast.

  17. Scarcely had they thus armed themselves when three boats dashed up alongside them.

  18. As soon as they were clear of the Portugal ship two boats were lowered, and made towards the spot where the masts appeared.

  19. He had good reason for this precaution, for as I looked over the side I saw two boats pulling off towards us, one containing twenty or thirty men, the other near a hundred, it seemed.

  20. Boats were then sent on board, and such articles as were likely to prove useful were taken out of them, it being evident that they were loaded with Spanish property.

  21. Davit in Arabic is a crooked piece of wood; the same term we apply to the timbers by which boats are hoisted up to the sides of ships.

  22. The boats were lowered, and the ladies, with Hugh Willoughby and a few of the mariners who were sick, were conveyed on shore.

  23. Those in the boats pulled back, endeavouring to avoid the burning fragments of spars and wreck which came hissing in a thick shower around them.

  24. These boats went sword-fishing, and in the pulpit a man was stationed with lance in hand, while aloft in the rigging a "lookout" sighted the fish.

  25. When one was sighted the lookout shouted, "There she blows"; for the whales have a habit of blowing up spray when they come to the surface to breathe, then the boats were lowered and away the sailors went after the whale.

  26. There was nothing to do but take to the boats and escape to shore, which luckily was near.

  27. By and by the use of sails had developed, and boats and ships grew bigger, and now the day of the steamboat had come.

  28. The twin gangs had gone off in their boats soon after daylight, with saws and axes; but Rafael left orders with my brutal sentry that I should assist him in preparing breakfast, which was to be ready by eleven o'clock.

  29. It will readily be supposed that every effort was made, not only to economize our scanty stores, but to increase them through the intervention of boats that were sent far and wide to scour the coast for rice and cassava.

  30. On the fourth, the boats came back, with the pilot's cutter, and I quickly saw that a serious encounter had taken place.

  31. By this time the consort's reinforcement was rapidly approaching; and, with hurrah after hurrah, the five fresh boats came on in double column.

  32. SIR: "The natives or Kroomen of your settlement having this day fired on the boats of Her B.

  33. In a twinkling, three of the cruiser's boats landed an officer with twenty-five musketeers, and before the savages could make the slightest show of resistance, I was safe under the bayonets of Saint George!

  34. Presently, I observed the boats converge within the range of my swivel, and lay on their oars as if for consultation.

  35. Every where the bellowing shore was lashed by surf, impracticable even for the boats and skill of Kroomen.

  36. As the afternoon wore away, I observed several boats tow the lightened hull of our galliot south-east of the key till it disappeared behind a point of the island.

  37. That afternoon, both of our large boats were filled with armed men, and, as they departed with every wrecker aboard, I alone was left on the islet to guard our property with the dogs.

  38. Accordingly, all the canoes and boats that night were drawn up on the beach and kept under double watch.

  39. These were probably small boats rowed by men.

  40. Expenses, also unprovided for, arose out of the necessity of calling all our gun boats into actual service for the defense of our harbors; all of which accounts will be laid before you.

  41. The sum of $50 thousands appropriated by Congress for providing gun boats remains unexpended.

  42. For defense against a hostile fleet which actually attacks them, the coast cities must depend upon their forts, mines, torpedoes, submarines, and torpedo boats and destroyers.

  43. I concur in the recommendation of the Secretary that the construction of 8 armored ships, 3 gunboats, and 5 torpedo boats be authorized.

  44. To prevent smuggling, the Coast Card should be greatly strengthened, and a supply of swift power boats should be provided.

  45. Of the gun boats authorized by the act of December last, it has been thought necessary to build only one hundred and three in the present year.

  46. Last spring--after notable victories at Stalingrad and in Tunisia and against the U-boats on the high seas--overconfidence became so pronounced that war production fell off.

  47. Under exceptional circumstances submarine boats would doubtless be of use.

  48. Plenty of torpedo boats and destroyers should be built.

  49. Our officers and enlisted men are learning to handle the battleships, cruisers, and torpedo boats with high efficiency in fleet and squadron formations, and the standard of marksmanship is being steadily raised.

  50. In less than three hours all the Spanish ships were destroyed, the two torpedo boats being sunk and the Maria Teresa, Almirante Oquendo, Vizcaya, and Cristobal Colon driven ashore.

  51. Presently two boats were pushed down the beach, by the sailors, with a sound as of tearing cloth, and were floated on the nearest waves.

  52. The brown sail was hoisted, swelled a little, fluttered, hesitated and swelling out again as round as a paunch, carried the boats towards the large arched entrance that could be faintly distinguished in the darkness.

  53. And there were many little boats pulling in to take the runaways aboard.

  54. There was no sign yet of the foe in front, so we went to the seaward wall, whither the boats drew near.

  55. Now, Hugo himself sent forth the first stones, but the boats were yet too far, and the balls but struck the waves, and made them spurt up fountains of foam.

  56. Nevertheless, when all was ready, Maclean commanded Sievers to stock the boats with water and provisions, and to throw some fifty swords and bayonets aboard.

  57. Lower away all the boats but one, Sievers, and bring them under the bows.

  58. In fact, I am authorized to send one of its dispatch-boats in search of the 'Viking,' and I feel sure that no one will hesitate to take part in such a work.

  59. There are always several government vessels at Bergen, and one of the three dispatch-boats charged with the surveillance of the western coast of Norway is attached to this port.

  60. The Po even now frequently overflows and devastates its banks; the inhabitants, provided always for the calamity which unfortunately is not unfrequent, take to their boats and wait till the inundation has subsided.

  61. Stewart could see how the boats settled deep in the water under the tremendous weight.

  62. Now, there must be good-sized boats that could be hired at Gravesend, with men accustomed to sailing them, and I can see no reason why we should not go down in a party.

  63. I don't know much of these matters, but probably in some cases gentlemen are accompanied by ladies, and no doubt sometimes these boats go up the creeks.

  64. Leeds said, this Hole Haven is a place where little sailing-boats often go in.

  65. The two boats rowed up to the bank together; Mr. Bostock sprang out, as did the constables and sailors, and ran up the bank, the others following at once.

  66. Harbour boats loaded down to the water's edge with harbour picnic-parties.

  67. Delegations of men and women came from long distances, sailing in their boats days and nights, oftentimes to express their gratitude and thanks.

  68. The government would supply the destitute people with food, tents and army blankets, and had placed its military boats upon the river to rescue the people and issue rations until the first great need should be supplied.

  69. We left our steamer at times and were rowed out in little boats for miles alongside of the levees, and went among the cattle.

  70. The Government boats had left them rations.

  71. How to get from island to island--boats all wrecked; how to get supplies to them; how to pick out the most needy cases to serve first when all were needy and the supplies scanty.

  72. The government boats running over the same track were genial and friendly with us, and faithful and efficient in their work.

  73. The boats were terribly overcrowded, and although they lightened them by throwing women and children overboard to the sharks, at least three great war-canoes were sunk before my eyes.

  74. At the mouth of the cave Fitz was stationed with glass in hand, to watch for a signal to be given from Observatory Hill, in case the boats should start from the distant island.

  75. Ideal voyages by sea are still to be made, although not in torpedo-boats or in Majesties, and this was one of them.

  76. We had managed by means of the boats to work off and away fully fifteen miles.

  77. Besides, we are all of us sailing over the sea of life for goodness knows where, and we are in duty bound to help even little boats we may sight, if we see they're in distress.

  78. It was very still and starry, and in a very short time the thumping and noise of the oars told those on watch that the boats were rapidly approaching.

  79. There wasn't a sound of life to be heard on board the barque, when about seven bells that night a flood of moonlight, shining softly o'er the sea, revealed the dark boats of the Somalis speeding out to the attack.

  80. In their boats the unwounded try to reach the shore; but the rifles play on these, and they are quickly abandoned, for the Somalis can swim like eels.

  81. This treatment had the desired effect, and in half an hour's time the bay was alive with the boats and canoes of the head-hunters.

  82. Abandoned she evidently had been by the survivors of her crew, for the starboard boats still hung from her davits, while the ports were gone, and at this side a rope ladder depended.

  83. In fact, we were beaten off; and in an hour's time, observing a whole fleet of boats coming off to attack our vessel, we were forced to hoist sail and fly.

  84. Could we not take one of the boats some night, and get away in it?

  85. Out on the river the owners of the anchored boats prepared them happily for action, setting sails and oiling engines and hauling laboriously at anchors.

  86. The little boats in the foreground, moored in ranks in the tiny roads off Hammerton Chase, lay already deep in the shadow of the high houses of the Terrace, and the water about them was cool and very black.

  87. But to Stephen, regarding doubtfully the close row of boats a hundred yards downstream, new and disquieting uncertainties had occurred.

  88. And the boats rolled happily with charming ripply noises till the water was calm and quiet again.

  89. Quiet couples drifted by in hired boats and were happy.

  90. And people made pilgrimages in small boats on the warm winter days to look at it and read the inscription.

  91. On the water small white boats with red sails and green sails shot about like butterflies, and small black fishing-craft prowled methodically near the shore.

  92. On his right were the boat-houses, a dark huddle of boats clinging to the rafts in front of them.

  93. Since the great Nuisance Case about the noise of the Quick Boat Company's motor-boats there had been no event of communal importance to The Chase; life had been a lamentable blank.

  94. There were plenty of boats rocking on the tide at the foot of the river stairs outside the Tower, and they stepped into one, telling the man to row to Southwark.

  95. He sat panting and unseeing as the other boats swept past, full of the King's friends all going down to Greenwich.

  96. The river lay bathed in the level sunshine that turned it to molten gold, and it was covered with boats plying in all directions.

  97. Chris could see a movement among the boats higher up, and there seemed to break out a commotion at the foot of the houses on London Bridge, and then far away came the sound of cheering.

  98. There is land enough to give all who want it a few acres, and the rest could be set up with boats and nets as fishers.

  99. For a few moments the boats lay at rest, no man was able to lift an oar.

  100. The women and children were safely on board soon after noon, and about four o'clock the long boats left the shore full of men.

  101. But her father favors Ragon, an' of me he thinks nae mair than o' the nets, or aught else that finds his boats for sea.

  102. Paul Calder's boats were fully manned, and the others had already left for Brassey's Sound.

  103. The Ghizeh road is the southern one, following the course of the river, always alive with boats with large triangular sails, always redolent of busy life.

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