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Example sentences for "impetus"

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impetum; impetuosity; impetuous; impetuously; impetuousness; impeyan; impi; impia; impident; impietie
  1. These industries gave a powerful impetus to the manufacture of chemicals, and the works at St Rollox developed rapidly.

  2. The new idea gave a spurt to Gothic art; and it was Gothic impetus which carried Renaissance glass painting to the summit of accomplishment reached in the first half of the 16th century.

  3. Suddenly one of Ding-dong's feet caught in a rock, and at the impetus he had attained, the sudden shock caused him to soar upward into the air, as if he were about to essay a flight through space.

  4. In vain Herr Muller tried to stop his backward impetus by clutching at the brush.

  5. Their horses were much heavier and more powerful than those of the Austrians, and their weight and impetus carried all before them.

  6. But there was no withstanding the impetus of the Prussian charge.

  7. One of the Russians was ridden over, horse and man, by the impetus of his rush.

  8. It admits of much discord, because each species, each individual even, retains only a certain impetus from the universal vital impulsion and tends to use this energy in its own interest.

  9. The impetus of life, of which we are speaking, consists in a need of creation.

  10. Yet, in certain definite points, they may evolve identically; in fact, they must do so if the hypothesis of a common impetus be accepted.

  11. Why should not the unique impetus have been impressed on a unique body, which might have gone on evolving?

  12. In communicating itself, the impetus splits up more and more.

  13. But it is really effected in virtue of the original impetus of life; it is implied in this movement itself, and that is just why it is found in independent lines of evolution.

  14. Heredity does not only transmit characters; it transmits also the impetus in virtue of which the characters are modified, and this impetus is vitality itself.

  15. Combining these tendencies, then, we shall get an approximation, or rather an imitation, of the indivisible motor principle whence their impetus proceeds.

  16. It was an impetus which gathered new strength in its course, and which, previous to Shakespeare’s youth and maturity, had made an entrance into almost every European nation.

  17. The existence of monasticism in non-Christian religions implies that whatever impetus the ascetic impulses in human nature received from Christian teaching, there is some broader basis for monastic life than the tenets of any creed.

  18. Various forms of philosophy and religious belief fostered this monastic inclination from time to time by imparting fresh impetus to the desire for soul-purity or by deepening the sense of disgust with the world.

  19. It is easy to imagine what an impetus and an inspiration such a woman would be at the head of a new school established for the youth of a race for which high standards and lofty ideals had to be set.

  20. The bird may, of course, have been in ordinary activity just previously, so that some slight degree of impetus may be supposed to have been already gained, but this is unnecessary, and the leap is often from quiescence.

  21. The impetus has been gained in flight before--acres of moorland away sometimes--it "cometh from afar.

  22. Without the impetus given by Princewell, who had gone to London, he could not get within six inches of his best marks of the day before.

  23. He struck squarely on his feet in almost a sitting posture, but his impetus carried him forward so powerfully that he pitched head-first into the soft loam of the pit.

  24. He is down in the pit, topped over by the impetus of his rush, but the jump is clean, and the measurers are at work.

  25. The recent disaster had given a frenzied impulse to the generally calm followers, and all felt anxiety to press forward, with an impetus almost impossible to control.

  26. It lay halfway down a gentle slope, a situation which favoured the assailants for, naturally, the hill would increase the impetus of the charge.

  27. But the troops, borne on by the impetus that success and the spirit of Johnston had given them, drove harder than ever against the Northern line.

  28. And the panic gained a second impetus when the generals set fire to the suspension bridge over the river and the docks along its banks.

  29. Hence an impetus was given to the movement towards Canada, which the slave-holders tried to check by talking freely of the rigours of the Canadian climate.

  30. With the fall of the United States this impetus to freedom, world-wide in its influence, would cease.

  31. Confederation would give a new impetus to immigration and settlement.

  32. The original impetus had come straight from the almighty gods.

  33. Then he wished that he had remained asleep, for it was this: The impetus of their rush had carried them almost to the line where the ice stopped and the rock and snow began, within some fifteen feet of it, indeed.

  34. When the senseless bodies of Leonard and Juanna had slid as far up the slope as the unexpended energy of their impetus would allow, naturally enough they began to move back again in accordance with the laws of gravity.

  35. The principles of free trade presently got an impetus from the conclusion of peace with America and France in 1783.

  36. It may be, however, that certain seventh or eighth grades (merely to name the older children) will be found mature enough to profit by the study of certain of the more heroic literary dramas.

  37. The use of china and glass, in conjunction with brass for house furniture and chandeliers, has also created a variety, and afforded an advantageous impetus to the trade.

  38. A great impetus was given to this trade by our intercourse with the continent at the close of the war, which sent steel pronged forks out of fashion.

  39. The impetus was given, inventors invented, calculators calculated all that could render aerial locomotion practicable.

  40. The creek, uniting here with the Kalamazoo, after a serpentine course of forty miles, supplies the water-power and gives the necessary impetus to trade.

  41. However, under the impetus of that wind which blew like thunder, it must, in less than ten days, reach some point of the coast of South America.

  42. Dick Sand and his friends were already out of reach, and in a few moments, under the impetus of this current, now changed into a kind of rapid, they had lost sight of the lacustrine village.

  43. The impetus and enthusiasm created by a movement in mass tends largely to ensure its success.

  44. They would in their turn I believe give an important impetus to our scheme and might constitute themselves its fervent apostles helping it to sweep from end to end of India in less time than it is possible for us to conceive.

  45. Again, as regards the numbers, it will be found easier to deal with these great national problems in bulk than piecemeal, and their very size will give them an impetus when once they are fairly set in motion.

  46. The French revolution which dethroned King Louis Philippe (1848) imparted fresh impetus to the Chartist movement.

  47. The revival of learning gave a great impetus to education.

  48. Eventually the separation proved "a mutual advantage, since it removed to a great extent the arbitrary restrictions on trade, gave a new impetus to commerce, and immensely increased the wealth of both nations.

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