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Example sentences for "clutching"

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clustering; clusters; clutch; clutched; clutches; clutter; cluttered; cluttering; clyme; clypeus
  1. Out from the servient shoulders of some smooth-tongued Waiter it stares, into the scared dilating pupils of the White Satin Bride with her pledged hand clutching her Bridegroom's sleeve.

  2. Even as he spoke, a toddling youngster from an overcrowded seat at the front end of the car came adventuring along the aisle after the swaying, clutching manner of tired, fretty children on trains.

  3. Entanglements below were clutching at the keel, and it took some effort occasionally to get free.

  4. And in a frenzy of passion she fell impetuously, madly upon him, clutching him in her arms like a fury.

  5. Before he was aware of it, he found himself kneeling at her feet, clutching her hands, and thrusting his face upward without daring to reach her lips.

  6. As he swayed over her and fell she had to leap aside, and his clutching hand tore the rifle from her grasp.

  7. A sweep of his long arm, so swift Ellen had no time to move, brought his hand in clutching contact with her.

  8. And here she lay face down for a while, hands clutching the needles, breast pressed hard upon the ground, stricken and spent.

  9. Every bush, almost, had low branches that were dead, hard as steel, sharp as thorns, as clutching as cactus.

  10. She was clutching at the lilies of the valley in her bosom.

  11. Her nervous fingers were involuntarily clutching at his coat sleeve.

  12. John Storm had returned to his book and was clutching it with nervous fingers, when his fellow-curate came with a message from the canon to request his presence in the study.

  13. Yes, much to his secret annoyance (and this secret was no joy) the little animal actually liked to sprawl over him, clutching at his moustache and poking her fingers in his ears and up his nose.

  14. He looked at her piercingly then, with a new inquiry in his glance, and a creeping, clutching fear for her mind.

  15. She had known many, many such moments; one was upon her now, the clutching terror of it seeming to stiffen the very soul within her.

  16. Revolted, incensed, eyes brilliant with anger, she sat speechless and rigid, clutching the steering-wheel as he nimbly descended to the platform.

  17. It was with difficulty he restrained himself from springing out upon the soldier and clutching him by the throat.

  18. They all ran to the stack of muskets, each clutching at his own.

  19. Below, in a pool of blood, one man is killing another, clutching his hair and dashing his head against the ground, not noticing that in a moment they will both alike be trampled down by the advancing hoofs.

  20. Clutching desperately at the bag with convulsive fingers, he had overturned the salt-cellar, and the salt was spilled.

  21. The Duke entered hurriedly and sank upon a chair, clutching his head with his hands and weeping distractedly.

  22. He had fallen asleep, huddled up, his hands clutching his knees, his head dropped upon them.

  23. His left hand fell weakly on the desk, his right he raised clutching the crucifix; and silently with burning eyes he looked upon the trembling and expectant crowd.

  24. When they returned to the cell, they found Giovanni lying senseless on the ground before the crucifix, clutching the little casket of ashes in his frozen fingers.

  25. It fell so closely past him that he could see Ostrog clutching the guides of the seat, with his grey hair streaming; see the white-faced aeronaut wrenching over the lever that drove the engine along its guides.

  26. Someone was clutching about his thighs, he was being hoisted in spite of his vigorous efforts.

  27. Heads, shoulders, hands clutching weapons, all were swinging with those marching cadences.

  28. He had a vision through the ribs of sliding chairs, staring faces, and hands clutching at the tilting guide bars.

  29. In another moment he had thrust Ostrog back, and he was on one foot, his hand gripping Ostrog's throat, and Ostrog's hands clutching the silk about his neck.

  30. Poor Barbara, even as she concluded this ceremony, clutching her doll close to her to give her comfort, could not refrain from a hurried glance over her shoulder.

  31. She stood there, clutching a doll in her hand, stared in front of her, and said nothing.

  32. She sat some way from Sarah, clutching Adrian and Emily tightly to her breast, and always her large, startled eyes were on Sarah's face.

  33. The Philanthropist spoke with the greatest emphasis, reaching out his hand and clutching his fingers in the air.

  34. Irene, clutching the older girl by the arm.

  35. He staggered dizzily back to the struggle, when suddenly a wave lifted the capsized cutter and righted it, and out from beneath shot the form of Wheaton, grimly clutching the life-ropes.

  36. The youth in the golf cap was clutching David by the arm.

  37. Dot, when she first entered the big front door of the Corner House, clutching Tess tightly by the hand.

  38. I should think you would shiver, you poor dear," said Eva, clutching at Aggie's arm.

  39. Above the pandemonium my companions were howling hoarsely and imploringly for the interpreter, while clutching their trembling victim by the slack of his labor-stained shirt lest he escape un-enrolled.

  40. On March first I entered the dreaded precinct shielded behind "the boss" with his contagious smile, and the musical quartermaster of Empire was overthrown and defeated, and I marched forth clutching in one hand a new "assignment to quarters.

  41. Ethan sank back breathless, clutching the camphor-bottle under his coat.

  42. To be caught ridiculously like this, clutching like a monkey on a stick----!

  43. In the starboard bunk there sat a man, huddled up, with one arm bracing him from behind, and a hand, clutching one knee.

  44. It was as much as one could do to keep his footing on the slippery deck, even with one hand clutching a rope.

  45. Quorn in a horrified tone, clutching fiercely at Peckover who dodged, as frightened as he.

  46. Sinking on her knees, clutching the table.

  47. Scrambling, falling, clutching at the bayberry bushes which fastened themselves securely into the soil, she managed at last to reach the top.

  48. Ahead of them Young Fisherman and Curly-Head were toddling home, each clutching a parcel.

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