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olas; olav; old; olde; olden; oldest; oldfashioned; olding; oldish; oldness
  1. Fine conspirators they would make later on, when they grew a few years older and more cunning!

  2. Mary V had grown older in the past three days.

  3. He thought that they were older than the Papacy, that the decision of deeper questions of doctrine ought to be left to the discussion of the Universities, and that the articles of the faith would only be encumbered by them.

  4. The means lately used for preventing any hostile influence were not yet sufficient: the advice was given from Brussels to go back to the older and stricter forms.

  5. She was two years older than I, and she always thought for me and did for me as if she had been my mother.

  6. It was a relic of old jugglery, and of yet older religion--one of those baubles which we know well where to find, but which our conservative tendencies disincline us to sweep away without some grave necessity.

  7. The larger farmers, as we have seen, were before the war inclined to an extravagance that amazed their older contemporaries; now we are told, some insisted on being called esquire, and some kept liveried servants.

  8. The man was old, but looked older than he was, for sorrow and sickness had wasted him.

  9. Mrs. Eldon had grown older in appearance since that evening of her son's return.

  10. This man was somewhat older than Mutimer; his countenance indicated shrewdness and knowledge of the world.

  11. His friend had a sister, five or six years older than Adela, and of a warmer type of beauty, with the finished graces of the town.

  12. I hope soon to give another evening to the older girls.

  13. Had she too grown much older in a few months?

  14. Joe Mauser, still at attention even though in mufti, opened his mouth to give his name, category and rank, but the older man waved a hand negatively.

  15. The older man's eyes went to the kilted Upper officer who had brought Joe along.

  16. Joe Mauser avoided the haughty stare of young Balt Haer and addressed himself to the older man.

  17. The older Haer went back to the map, scowling still.

  18. The older Haer shot an irritated glance at his son.

  19. It means our family would probably be forced from control of the firm," the older man growled.

  20. Too often at college suppers, and by boys not much older than Hu.

  21. It was the same Phebe, older and taller, but otherwise unchanged.

  22. Little Allyn and fractious Phebe would be less difficult for her to manage than their older sister.

  23. They were gifted with good imaginations, these three older children, and this carefully-trodden territory did service alternately as Africa, Fort Ticonderoga, and a runaway locomotive.

  24. It was to be given on the following Christmas; and the parts, written to order, included the three older McAlisters, Billy, and Archie who had promised to come East in time for the holidays.

  25. I look much older now than she did when we came away, so we shall never know which of us ought to respect the other.

  26. I rather think I am like Mr. Balquwhidder, who found that the older he grew, and the more his memory failed, the more easy it was for him to preach a long sermon, only his congregation would not listen to it.

  27. As the boy grows older these channels will naturally become more numerous, and the love of the school will become the friendship of manhood.

  28. Louisa and Joseph, the two youngest, were still at home when there occurred events in which several of their older brothers and sisters took so prominent a part and which are here to be related.

  29. As her people left that State when she was quite young she did not see so much of the intolerable conditions as did the older members of the family.

  30. But the honour is not older than the introduction of the feudal system.

  31. One of my older brothers, two uncles, and a neighbor undertook the trek with the stock.

  32. A good example of this was what happened to one of my older brothers.

  33. This pleonasm of ‘old ancient’ might be applied to many parts of Ireland, where old and older ruins are constantly found in close contiguity.

  34. See, I am stronger and older than he is, let me be thy servant instead of Benjamin.

  35. I have not gained any new thoughts, but the older ones have become so defined, so vivid, and so coherent, that they may almost pass for new ones.

  36. The house was very dark, and looked much older inside than from without.

  37. No writer has known where to date the beginnings of civilization in Greece, but with Mycenæ, Tiryns, and the Minoan palace of Crete laid bare, antiquarians have pointed the way to dates far older than anything before recorded.

  38. The fact that the dentition of the older tertiary ungulate and carnivorous mammals is always complete, noticed by Professor Owen, illustrated the same generalisation.

  39. No doubt modern society is diseased enough; but then it does not differ from older civilisations in that respect.

  40. But then the evidence which goes to prove this, also leads to the conclusion that this state of things obtained at a period considerably older than even 4004 B.

  41. He may prefer to call himself an Agnostic; but his real name is an older one--he is an infidel; that is to say, an unbeliever.

  42. For, the alluvial deposit having been brought down by the rivers, they must needs be older than the plain it {593} forms, as navvies must needs antecede the embankment painfully built up by the contents of their wheelbarrows.

  43. But they are abundant in the palaeozoic rocks, ages upon ages older than those in which the first evidences of true fishes appear.

  44. But the day was not to be very much older before both of them were considerably wiser, and, may we say, considerably startled.

  45. Geoff scratched his dishevelled head of hair and pondered, for indeed the matter was one which would have taxed the wisdom of an older man--even the cunning of von Hildemaller.

  46. It has a rich history and the remains are of considerable interest, although the earliest work now to be seen is not older than the twelfth century.

  47. Neidpath Castle, Peeblesshire 182 Is a typical Lowland Keep or Peel overlooking the Tweed, and although it probably does not date back earlier than the fourteenth century in its present form, an older structure existed in the time of David I.

  48. At that time the newest of the castles was, perhaps, about two hundred years old and had not been constructed entirely for defence; the older structures were in many cases devoid of woodwork which had perished through age and neglect.

  49. Older men, like the Duke of Argyll, held by the individualist ideas of a previous generation, and Goschen refused to join the Government at all because he objected to proposed extensions of the franchise.

  50. Except in a few of the older settlements every circumstance tended to foster individuality, and left a man free to raise himself by his own exertions to positions of dignity and power.

  51. He had more genuine understanding of the character of his audience, and his influence was infinitely more widespread than that of any of the older men.

  52. Canada represented a civilization of an older type, and a large portion of its inhabitants was French.

  53. Castlereagh, the strongest of the older men, killed himself in 1822.

  54. At the other end the older boys and girls did their skating, so there was no mix up or interference.

  55. For although Alice was several years older than her sister Mary Jane, the two girls had always had very happy times playing together and they had missed each other very much during school days.

  56. In a few minutes the mother was helping Mrs. Merrill put the turkey in to roast, the older girl was helping Mr. Merrill set the Christmas tree in place and Tom and Ellen, the little girl, were helping the Merrill girls trim the tree.

  57. There were so many automobiles whizzing around the streets that a little girl even as old as six couldn't be allowed to cross streets without a grown person or an older sister along.

  58. A perusal, however, of the literature on the subject, especially of the contributions of the older writers, reveals that with certain isolated exceptions the subject was viewed primarily from the standpoint of the moralist.

  59. He was usually older than the other children in his class, and was held back a year in the third and fourth grades.

  60. The older psychiatrists laid much stress on this point, a revival of which may be seen in the present-day widespread psychoanalytic movement.

  61. No one could have failed to notice how strongly he resembled Mushota, the slightly older lad squatting by his father's side.

  62. The gathering of the crops being finished, such work as was necessary on the plantation must be done by the women and the older men.

  63. Leaving him to be picked up by some of the older and less fleet-footed of the negroes, Tom hurried on towards the sounds of firing.

  64. I'm nearly seventy, my lad, and the older I get the more I learn.

  65. That is, you are so much older than I:--Do you like a man ever the better for his age, ladies?

  66. I know there are chapters of heroism in the lives of you older ones.

  67. My "Fool Drawer" I grew older and people began to notice that I was naturally bright and therefore good picking.

  68. She's older 'n he is," said the clerk, knowing that even this half unfavorable comment would be a comfort to one so far removed from rivalry with her as Mely.

  69. The parents had with them all their little children; but we saw no old people; that charm was wanting, which exists in such scenes in older settlements, of seeing the silver bent in reverence beside the flaxen head.

  70. Dismay and mystery were written in many faces of the older girls; much whispering was going on in corners.

  71. Eight of the older girls came forward, and preferred against her charges, alas, too well-founded, of calumny and falsehood.

  72. In older years men suffer more dull pain, as each sorrow that comes drops its leaden weight into the past, and, similar features of character bringing similar results, draws up a heavy burden buried in those depths.

  73. In older countries the house of the son grew from that of the father, as naturally as new joints on a bough.

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