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  1. In brief, Mesmerism in the hands of Mesmer was clearly only an antecedent of hypnotism.

  2. My opinion is, that it undoubtedly would logically follow from that § (because the contents of a conception are determined by its origin), but that the antecedent itself is false.

  3. The Pastorals were his only work, antecedent to the Essay on Criticism, which had a nominal originality, and three of these Pastorals were written before he and Walsh were acquainted.

  4. Yet physicists, chemists, and indeed most scientific men, have fully committed themselves to the dogmatic creed that the phenomena of living matter are, like all the other phenomena of nature, due to antecedent physical change.

  5. The latter rest on sociology, which is the antecedent and fundamental social science.

  6. Yet neither the antecedent nor the later attention devoted to these subjects explains the powerful attraction which they had for Lucretius.

  7. We learn from Cicero's account of the orators antecedent to, and contemporary with himself, that this denationalising fastidiousness was a not uncommon result of the new studies.

  8. Plato affirms that he had always disapproved the antecedent democracy, and that he entered on the new scheme of government with full hope of seeing justice and wisdom predominant He was soon undeceived.

  9. A flooded state of the Tees appeared to be a relevant antecedent to each of the explosions.

  10. The antecedent objections to cowpox, arising out of its non-variolous nature, were met by appealing to the results of experiments.

  11. Baker thought he was "an enemy of improvement and no philosopher," who stood upon the antecedent improbability of securing the patient by a minimal inoculation such as Sutton used.

  12. It does not appear that Nettleton based so much upon the subsequent experience as upon the antecedent probability.

  13. Some such small ratio is what we might have expected in the antecedent probabilities, arising out of the varying degrees of severity of smallpox and the various textures of the human skin.

  14. The true virtuoso, however, has no antecedent objection to experimenting with anything.

  15. It may be more useful to consider the antecedent probability of some such relationship, arising out of the pathology of the convulsive cough.

  16. The epidemic followed a great prevalence of the autumnal diarrhoea of infants, so that it is probable the high mortality was due as much to a greater fatality of cases from the antecedent weakening, as to an unusual number of cases[1193].

  17. When the Apostle argues that his antecedent relations to Christianity were such as to preclude his conversion having come about by natural human means, we are bound to admit both the sincerity and the conclusiveness of his appeal.

  18. This from seeing his cousin the partner of Vaga Powell, thinking of Reginald's acquaintance with her older than his own, and recalling something he had heard of between them antecedent to the time of his introduction at Hollymead.

  19. They had arrived in Bristol only a short while antecedent to its state of semi-siege, the Powells having long preceded them thither.

  20. For the antecedent circumstances between Eustace Trevor and her cousin had as yet been revealed to her only in a scant desultory way.

  21. For some weeks antecedent to the time of his introduction to the reader, he had been in Sir John's service; acting in a mixed capacity, military and political, with some duties appertaining to the civil branch of administration.

  22. Meanwhile the great antecedent revolutions, among the Grecian cities in Sicily had raised a new spirit among the Sikels of the interior, and inspired the Sikel prince Duketius, a man of spirit and ability, with large ideas of aggrandizement.

  23. What better key to these, than the tone of antecedent legislation discoverable in the application of the disputed terms.

  24. But in addition to interpretation from usage, this antecedent legislation furnishes other proofs that no coloured race was party to our social compact.

  25. One aspect of the story of Sâkyamuni and his antecedent births thus led to the idea that all may become Buddhas.

  26. In the Pali Canon the Buddhas antecedent to Gotama are introduced much like ancient kings as part of the legendary history of this world.

  27. In short, the whole article relates to a particular duty of 100 sols, laid by some antecedent law of France on the vessels of foreign nations, relinquished as to the most favored, and consequently to us.

  28. The pulvinus in normal position does not exhibit any geotropic torsion and in the absence of an antecedent torsion change of temperature cannot induce any variation in it.

  29. It will be seen from the above that in whatever way the experimental condition may be varied, the movement in response to variation of temperature is determined in relation to the antecedent geotropic torsion.

  30. This was just seven weeks before the enemy landed in the Patuxent; time enough, with reasonable antecedent preparation, or trained troops, to concert adequate resistance, as was shown by the British subsequent failure before Baltimore.

  31. Employment of a sea-militia force, requiring little antecedent training, i.

  32. In 1812 war was not begun until June, and then with little antecedent preparation; and it was waged halfheartedly, both governments desiring to nip hostilities.

  33. Whatever the antecedent provocation, this is no temper in which to effect military objects.

  34. It was thus demonstrated that no adequate antecedent impression could be made on the American lines by cannonade; and, as neither flank could be turned, no resource remained, on the east shore at least, but direct frontal assault.

  35. Whatever intention underlay either attempt, they were in matter of fact almost without any relations of antecedent or consequent.

  36. If, then, there is no antecedent objection to this form of the Trinity as a threefold manifestation of the divine Being, we have only to ask, Is it true as a matter of fact?

  37. He says that a miracle, according to the first definition, is impossible; according to the second it is no miracle at all; but that there is no antecedent objection to a miracle according to the third hypothesis.

  38. Laws of nature are not violated when a new antecedent is followed by a new consequent, but when, the antecedent being exactly the same, a different consequent is the result.

  39. Strauss thus admits that faith in the supernatural revival of the buried Nazarene was undoubtedly the profession of the Christian Church, the unconditional antecedent without which Christianity could have had no existence.

  40. There was the antecedent threat, the opportunity, the instrument, everything even to the motive which was reasonable enough.

  41. The artist for decoration should be sensitively alive to any suggestion from the style of that which he is to adorn, remembering the antecedent motives of its form, its history, and its date.

  42. Bock places its date as antecedent to the tenth century, and indeed there is no reason to doubt that this is correct, though the Worcester fragment was taken out of a tomb of two centuries later.

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