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Example sentences for "anteaters"

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  1. In the Anteaters the third digit is greatly developed and bears a long hooked claw.

  2. In the Pangolins and Anteaters the scapula is very broad and rounded; there is no clavicle in the Pangolins, and generally only a vestigial one in Anteaters.

  3. Anteaters (Myrmecophagidae) have a much modified skull, and this is especially the case in the Great Anteater, Myrmecophaga.

  4. Now Glossotherium and Mylodon are regarded as forms which lie between the existing Anteaters and the Sloths of the same part of the world.

  5. The first of these characters is the series of additional zygapophyses on the posterior dorsal and lumbar vertebrae; these are very clear in the Anteaters and Armadillos; less clear, but still obviously represented, in the Sloths.

  6. Between the Sloths and Anteaters the extinct Megatherium and some of its allies are to a certain extent intermediate.

  7. Of these American forms, which will be treated of first, the Armadillos are further apart from either Sloths or Anteaters than the last two are from each other.

  8. Without anteaters the ants would multiply and replenish the earth beyond computation.

  9. Without ants the anteaters would have to live upon each other--which would be bad for them but better for the rest of creation.

  10. To make the illustration concrete, we might say that were there no ants there would be no Wall Street; and by the same token were there no anteaters there would be no Wall Street either.

  11. Heywood Broun, the writer, goes on to say, "The marine who dropped a hundred franc note by mistake just in front of Jimmy says that teaching tricks to anteaters is all foolishness.

  12. Only the anteaters and pangolins are absolutely without teeth (Lat.

  13. Beyond remains of species closely allied to or identical with the existing forms, the sloths and anteaters appear to be unknown in a fossil state.

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