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aout; apace; apanage; aparejo; aparta; aparte; apartheid; apartment; apartments
  1. Apart from watching such controlling actions he becomes accustomed, in these trial flights, to the sensation of being in the air.

  2. Apart from governing the ascending or descending movement, there was the question of preventing a machine from slipping sideways; and this the Wrights solved ingeniously.

  3. Apart from questions of safety, such stability enables long flights to be made without fatigue.

  4. Here, again, apart from the greater comfort in being so shielded, the placing of the pilot within the machine spells a lessening of pressure.

  5. We shall have to speak of it more fully when we come to speak of the causes which split East and West apart for ever.

  6. But there was no moment, under Romans, under Goths, under Franks, when the two lands formed a political whole apart from any other land.

  7. Yet if Hannibal overshadows Carthage, if Carthage seems but an instrument in his hands, we must remember that Hannibal has no being apart from Carthage, that the work that he does is not the work of Hannibal but the work of Carthage.

  8. Two of these were fastened together the proper distance apart to fit the eyes, with a piece of buckskin.

  9. Then with his ax he cut two green butts of trees, and laying them side by side and a few inches apart just within the tent, erected his tent stove upon them.

  10. A little of each kind of food is set apart with some palm-oil thrown upon it, and the small native plates or basins containing it are set before the children in their cradle.

  11. Apart from the distinct revelation given by God in the first chapter of Romans, there is much to prove that the heathen African is a man to whom the living God has aforetime revealed himself.

  12. Every window and door of the big lonely house set apart on its hill swung wide open, the lights streaming through them, the wind blowing the curtains through the windows.

  13. The prisoners have been put in the dungeon set apart for condemned felons and they but wait the word of the execution of the men from the Savannah, to be led to certain death.

  14. They were placed, therefore, at such a distance apart that the hand which appears round the husband's body is too far from the shoulder with which it is supposed to be connected.

  15. On two of the faces the columns are farther apart than on the other two.

  16. Apart from the steles, which come mostly from Abydos, we have few bas-reliefs which may be referred to this epoch.

  17. One paper should present the universality of myths, the curious resemblances found among them in races far apart in time and place.

  18. But years and years were destined to pass before my existence was again embellished by a glimpse of the ideal, apart from the joys of maternity.

  19. But apart from his expression, which gave the lie to the level tone of his voice, I had more than one reason to distrust Ferdinand, now that his imagination was mastered by desire.

  20. The difference in my age and rank kept me, to my great grief, farther apart from her than I should have liked.

  21. Sometimes we are tempted to excuse ourselves, and to forget the absolute sinfulness of sin, apart altogether from the question of premeditation, or even of consciousness, at the time, on our part.

  22. Israel might have been "a kingdom of priests;" but through their own sin they had nationally forfeited this privilege, and a special family had been set apart to the priesthood.

  23. When the dynamo was finished and tested there were only four hours to take it and the engine apart and get all the parts on board the steamer.

  24. A pair of iron cylinders five feet long and six feet in diameter, covered with steel knobs, were set fifteen inches apart in a massive frame.

  25. The Divine it considers not as a personal being apart from the world, but as a power existing in and permeating it, that indeed which gives to the world its truth and depth.

  26. Man then investigated nature more and more as an object apart from himself.

  27. Right up to the Norman Conquest Ireland remained apart and aloof from Central European influences.

  28. If the Irish have stood apart from the rest of Europe by a steadily deepening loyalty to their faith, the reason is largely to be found in the British policy of 1800.

  29. It is the sea which keeps Newfoundland apart from the Canadian Federation, and New Zealand apart from Australia.

  30. The result is that even to-day there is a section of them that still stands apart from the other colonisers of Ireland--a race still distinct and apart.

  31. The General Revenue of Ireland to be kept apart as specified.

  32. They stand apart from the rest of the priesthood of Europe, distinguished above all others by their deep and strong democratic sympathies.

  33. Apart from the Ulster case, dealt with in a previous chapter, the main argument seems to be that the English people have not been sufficiently consulted.

  34. Those Parliaments sit apart and legislate apart and neither possess any representation in the other.

  35. Hence, apart from the jesting inference which M.

  36. Japanese virgins and wives have each distinct coiffures, by which, apart from the shaven eyebrows and the teeth dyed black of the married women, the musume or young maiden may be known.

  37. Apart from this group, a few yards higher up in the cave, were two small houses.

  38. I could at once discern a little plain set apart for the dancing.

  39. During the year, feasts may be held especially in honour of hikuli, but generally the hikuli dance is performed simultaneously with, though apart from, the rutuburi or other dances.

  40. There is apart of that dust of earth, which gathers so sadly upon our spirit during our daily commune with this sordid world, cast off at every step.

  41. To-day earth's wintry poles apart Are further not that we in heart, Nor colder than our sunless way.

  42. Once pledged we fondly o'er and o'er That nought should cloud our love's bright sky; Once thought we that we could not stay Apart and live.

  43. Each family then gathers and deposits in its store-house its own proper share, setting apart a small gift or contribution for a public granary, which stands near the centre of the plantation.

  44. Yet here he was sending a telegram thirty-four words long, apart from the address and signature, and spending halfpenny after halfpenny with reckless profusion to make every detail explicit!

  45. Apart from the wind the old house was utterly quiet, and when the wooden stair suddenly creaked I dropped my pen and sat up very sharply.

  46. They clipped and clasped each other awhile, after which they drew apart and sat down on the throne.

  47. Quoth she, 'If thou wilt not give me my clothes withdraw a little apart from us, that my sisters may land and dress themselves and lend me somewhat wherewithal to cover my shame.

  48. Now Hasib Karim al-Din went apart from the rest into a corner of the cavern and sitting down, fell to smiting the floor with his axe.

  49. They were neighbors when they were small children, but moved apart and did not see each other for years.

  50. When we were together we never would speak to each other if we could help it, but when we were apart we wrote notes constantly.

  51. The fourth Sunday in Lent is by established custom set apart for the ceremony of "driving out Death"--in the shape of a straw figure decked out with the last bridal veil used, which the bride is expected to give up for the purpose.

  52. Apart from Richard's death, Henry did not find himself much of a gainer by the victory of Pavia.

  53. But, apart from that political reason, Ravensburg was also no doubt more attractive on the score of its pleasant situation and its delightful surroundings.

  54. With the students, generally speaking--apart from his own little princely set--the Prince was less intimate.

  55. But apart from that, there was a tone of freedom and geniality prevailing at Bonn which distinguished that place from all other German universities.

  56. But, apart from these costly buildings, all was country-townish.

  57. Lorrain and English hunting were not then as far apart in their general features as one might be tempted to assume.

  58. Three sticks represented the wickets, arranged so wide apart that the ball could pass through without disturbing them.

  59. Before the auction the two did not meet, and they sat apart during the proceedings.

  60. One can tell the most ancient, apart from the scientifically made Roman roads, by the way they were worn down from the original level, especially on hillsides, by the constant and heavy traffic.

  61. There were solid fact in The General's airy designation; it was an easier day than most of those of the tour; but it had sundry distinctions of its own, apart from the great, welcoming Meetings.

  62. There is the work that he ought to do for his family, apart and beyond the bare earnings of their daily bread.

  63. There must be a time set apart for the statement by the D.

  64. There should occasionally be a time set apart for the confession of unfaithfulness and for the open reconsecration to God and the War on the part of any Officer.

  65. What an unsatisfactory thing is life, apart from the real work we do for God and the Salvation of souls!

  66. Quite apart from the party, from party membership, was it your conclusion that he was--he did not constitute a security risk?

  67. Well, is a mixture like that infrequent--apart from the particular letters which you use as small or large letters?

  68. Mr. Fain, apart from the question of why he went to the Soviet Union in the first place, was he reluctant to answer any other questions that you put to him?

  69. But apart from the motorcycles, I take it if you had been in Billings, Mont.

  70. They are quite clear, about a tenth of an inch apart or less than that.

  71. Do you think that, apart from the naturalness of the writing, the signature "A.

  72. Is the negative slightly enlarged, apart from that blank section?

  73. Were you able to see the sides of the overpass, apart from the area directly over the lane you were traveling in?

  74. Do you know now, apart from your own identification, have you acquired any information at this point, subsequent to your identification but prior to your appearance here, as to these prints, other than your own identifications?

  75. May I ask at this point, unless I may be interfering with your examination, but was it usual for the representatives of the news media to attend showups in the police headquarters apart from this incident?

  76. Did you find evidence of processing prior to your receipt apart from the exhibit which is now 649?

  77. Did you notice any bulges or creases or folds apart from the fold used in making of the bag?

  78. Was the organization of the motorcade in Dallas typical, apart from New York?

  79. Did you notice anything else about the bag relating to its gross physical characteristics and its shape, apart from any debris which you may have found inside or outside the bag?

  80. The springes were set at short spaces apart on either side of two forest paths.

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