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Example sentences for "easier"

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easement; easements; eases; easeth; easie; easiest; easilie; easilier; easily; easiness
  1. But he'll be easier now that he's got the questions off his mind.

  2. And we'll get along easier when I add that I possess rather unlimited powers under that head.

  3. If you understood nothing it would be much easier for me.

  4. They were white birds with long wings and long sharp beaks, and were very much like gulls, except that they had an easier and swifter flight.

  5. Then it was easier walking, and he went on a little until he heard a voice crying, "Martin!

  6. With a vigorous kick he sent the foal away, and forced Martin to take his place, and, to make it easier for him, pressed the teat into his mouth.

  7. After your long wait you'll find a chair easier sitting than the coal-box lid.

  8. There's no snow to speak of, and it will be easier walking that way than over the icy main roads.

  9. Oh nothing, nothing you could do would help more than telling Daddy, Mr. Latimer, for I think it will be easier for him as it was for me to hear it from you.

  10. This is their interpretation of the passage in question: He shall bring us rest from the toil and labor of our hands by showing us an easier way of cultivating the earth.

  11. The sins against the first table of the law can easier be concealed than those against the second table 214.

  12. For is it not much easier to be delivered from all danger and suffering in a single hour than to live for centuries amid colossal wickedness?

  13. This is my view, though since our loss of that state of innocent existence it is easier to venture a guess than to reach a definition of that life.

  14. If the devil can deceive eyes and ears so that they fancy they see and hear things which do not exist, how much easier is it for him to deceive the sense of touch, which is in this nature exceedingly gross!

  15. It will be the easier for the men when they come in if they find everything ready for them.

  16. Things became easier after we had left the vineyards beneath us, and our road lay over the clean grassy plateau on which the sheep had that day been grazing.

  17. I conceived a new opinion as to the value of popular favour, and I noted that the head of an iconoclast had no easier a resting-pillow than that of the king whose crown he threatened.

  18. Yes, it was the old, old plan, and easier managed in those days, when England was very far from us and one who had crossed the ocean was a curiosity.

  19. That is a question much easier to answer.

  20. It is easier not to commit murder than to hold out your right cheek after your left one has been slapped.

  21. And I will say this much for him, that the Commandments given on Mount Sinai are much easier to follow than the Sermon on the Mount.

  22. I must own that it is much easier to be a tragedian than a light comedian before a $200 house.

  23. It is easier not to steal than to run after the man who has robbed us, in order to offer him what he has not taken.

  24. It is easier to honor our parents than to love our enemies.

  25. But fluency is, to most (it would seem) the easier course.

  26. It was difficult to argue with my father in those days; it's easier now, though not really easy.

  27. It's a good sight easier to git a fishhook in 'n 'tis to git it out.

  28. You'll have to ask me an easier one," said John, smiling.

  29. I'll allow you've earned it, if it'll set any easier on your stomach.

  30. It seemed to him that the russets were more appropriate anyway, but the blacks were easier to lace.

  31. The victory had been easier than their monitor had expected.

  32. And nothing would be easier or nicer, only there are children and property.

  33. Ah, it is much easier to know and talk of what is right than to do it," replied Louis, sighing very deeply.

  34. You know it would be of no use my speaking about them, though I try sometimes; it is so much easier to do right when the great boys support you.

  35. Roquefort Cheese Salad Dressing No cheese sauce is easier to make than the American favorite of Roquefort cheese mashed with a fork and mixed with French dressing.

  36. Cream cheese such as the first listed above is easier to make than cottage cheese or any other.

  37. In accordance with this prudent counsel, the aspirant to literary eminence bade adieu to Pliny the Elder, and looked about him for an easier way of winning the distinction for which he hungered.

  38. It is easier to discover laxity and indifference than the vexatious indiscretions of an excessive zeal in the measures employed by those authorities for the maintenance and preservation of religious uniformity.

  39. It is also conceivable that the Duke approved the pecuniary arrangement as a compact, that would render it easier for him to induce Mr. Timothy Shelley to renew the yearly allowance to his son.

  40. It is easier to believe that in a mood of unusual irritability and dullness Dr.

  41. In the easier circumstances of domestication, animals which are irregularly pigmented are able to survive, so that, among them, the almost universal tendency to the massing of pigment can be followed without let or hindrance.

  42. Again, plants are far easier to control than animals; as a rule they can be transplanted without any impairment of their capacity for breeding.

  43. As inheritance is so much easier to observe in the former, it is but natural that we should begin with them.

  44. It is easier for me to ask here in the free open country, where the space seems to give us breathing room for our cramped lungs and minds!

  45. Since you have talked to me, Little Brick, everything has become easier to me!

  46. Nothing is easier than to make fun of others," she said fiercely.

  47. When I first discovered that, the days became easier to me.

  48. He was like a man who lets himself roll down a hill because it is easier to keep on rolling than to stop.

  49. Each looked for an easier triumph, and a result less fundamental and astounding.

  50. For every art the great safeguard and vivifying influence is a popular practice of its easier forms.

  51. An easier toleration marks their conjugal relations and the Hindu character at its worst is commonly free from the extremer modes of brutality.

  52. He suggested taking the row boat, as it would be easier than walking.

  53. Do this and I'll promise you that, when the authorities descend upon you, I will do what I can to make things easier for you.

  54. His testimony was, that the estate was better cultivated since abolition than before, and that it is far easier to control the laborers, and secure uniformity of labor under the present system.

  55. He declared it most unreservedly as his opinion, that the negroes would not work after 1810--they were naturally so indolent, that they would prefer gaining a livelihood in some easier way than by digging cane holes.

  56. It is easier to be wise for others, than to be so for one's self.

  57. It is easier to get money than to keep it.

  58. It was easier to take so dangerous a weapon as the divine right of kings from weak hands than from strong ones.

  59. But, while it is difficult to say what the place of the Bible actually is in our own times, the place it ought to have is easier to point out.

  60. We next saw the dark and handsome features of a young man who, with easier gallantry than might have been expected in the heart of Yankee-land, was assisting her into the wagon.

  61. It is easier to conceive that such gloomy phantoms were sent into the world as withered and decrepit as we behold them now, with sympathies only for pain and grief, to watch at death-beds and weep at funerals.

  62. At the minister's first visit, therefore, she entered upon the subject with a direct simplicity which made the task easier both for him and her.

  63. There was no movement in the limp form, which made it easier for his preserver.

  64. Of course it would be easier to get over the bow, but we'd have to go pretty close inshore for that, and I don't know just how deep it is there.

  65. I know easier paths than you do about these mountings an' I'm a goin' to show 'em to you.

  66. You, Doctor, have had less experience than the rest of us, in this business, and perhaps you'd best practice on the easier part of it first.

  67. Ed Parmly, "where they would be easier to get at and get out.

  68. Yes," answered Harry, "but light snow like that will be easier to handle than if it had settled and frozen.

  69. For my own part, no language seemed easier to acquire than this; every harsh and sibilant consonant being banished from it, and almost every word ending in a vowel.

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