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Example sentences for "doubt that"

  • Now if you will wait here in the consulting-room, I have no doubt that I shall be able to send the doctor in to you.

  • She was very good over the matter, but every now and again HE would fetch a hollow groan, and I noticed that he held his right hand just under the sheet all the time, where I had no doubt that it was clasped by her left.

  • As to the hot-air pipes, there can, I think, be no doubt that to them is to be charged the murder of all rosy cheeks throughout the States.

  • There can be no doubt that, since the commencement of the war the American feeling against England has been very bitter.

  • Bearing such facts in mind, I can see no reason to doubt that an accidental deviation in the size and form of the body, or in the curvature and length of the proboscis, etc.

  • I have already written to my dear friend Mr. Cunningham on this subject, and have no doubt that he will promote the plan to the utmost of his ability.

  • I have no doubt that he would have acceded to my petition.

  • However this may be, there can be no doubt that Mr. Glen is a Persian scholar of the first water.

  • Now, however, intelligence, arriving from many quarters, left no doubt that an invasion would be almost immediately attempted.

  • Had the issue been tried by Holt and twelve plain men at the Old Bailey, there can be no doubt that a verdict of Guilty would have been returned.

  • Can we doubt that, together with this home trade in charters, a profitable foreign trade in secrets is carried on?

  • Those emissaries fully reckoned, if not on his entire cooperation, yet at least on his connivance; and there could be no doubt that, with his connivance, a French fleet might easily convoy an army to our shores.

  • Again I heard a groan, but this time there could be no doubt that it was above my head.

  • My beard had begun to grow also, and I have no doubt that I should have made as fine a sailor as I have a soldier had I chanced to be born to that branch of the service.

  • He had letters of introduction to two of our number, and there could be no doubt that he was devoted to the cause.

  • However, it is time to think of crossing the Vistula when you are over the Rhine, and I had no doubt that if chance and my own wits had carried me so far they would carry me farther.

  • He didn't even hear any murmurs, though he had no doubt that everybody on board the Emma was wide awake by now.

  • She had no doubt that he was looking in their direction and that he could see them much more plainly than she could see him.

  • D'Artagnan came the next day to Milady's, and finding her in a very ill-humor, had no doubt that it was lack of an answer from M.

  • We say Aramis, because the young man entertained no doubt that it was his friend who held this dialogue from the interior with the lady of the exterior.

  • I have no doubt that he did, monsieur, for all his wheedling manner.

  • I gave him two or three crowns, and added some words of comfort; assuring him I had no doubt that, if he abandoned drink, the Almighty God would take compassion on him and repair his loss.

  • I have no doubt that such an edition as you propose to print, would have a most beneficial influence on the minds of the people, who, between ourselves, know nothing of pure religion; how should they?

  • I shall not read them, it is true, but I have no doubt that I can sell them at a higher price than you demand.

  • Yet there is no doubt that at earlier periods he was wont often to exercise both his pleasantry and ingenuity in talking Jacobitism.

  • Sir, I have no doubt that I can do it in three years.

  • If, on the other hand, it is systematic, I have no doubt that we shall get to the bottom of it.

  • I have no doubt that I should have been arrested either at my City office or at my home.

  • However, I have no doubt that with a little delicacy and finesse the end may be attained.

  • Oh, yes; no doubt that is what I must have meant," said Holmes, with his enigmatical smile.

  • Thank you, if I might have a glass of milk and a biscuit I have no doubt that I should be better.

  • Of course Jem Temple Barholm is dead; but I've no doubt that if I saw this man of yours, I could swear he had remained dead--if I were asked.

  • There is no doubt that he wants to see people," said Lady Honora, with the pretty little nose and the dimples.

  • She had no doubt that it represented the ancient stronghold of the Fitzpiers family.

  • There was no doubt that he had lost his houses by an accident which might easily have been circumvented if he had known the true conditions of his holding.

  • There could be no doubt that, up to this last moment, he had nourished a feeble hope of regaining Grace in the event of this negotiation turning out a success.

  • The interpretation of the third line is obscure, but there is no doubt that it records the creation of something which is represented as having taken place between the creation of mankind and that of animals.

  • There is no doubt that at all periods myth played an important part in the ritual of feast-days.

  • Workmanship and material are Egyptian, and there is no doubt that it was sculptured in Egypt and transported to Sidon by sea.

  • The King of England," he wrote, and it is impossible to doubt that he wrote what he thought, "acts with good faith in every thing.

  • He had no doubt that a general election would give him a better House of Commons; but a general election would cause delay; and delay might cause much mischief.

  • But there could be no doubt that, graciously or ungraciously, he would submit.

  • There can be no doubt that a person who kills another in a duel is, according to law, guilty of murder.

  • This gentleman, Mr. Wilson, has been my partner and helper in many of my most successful cases, and I have no doubt that he will be of the utmost use to me in yours also.

  • I shall glance into the case for you," said Holmes, rising, "and I have no doubt that we shall reach some definite result.

  • And you have no doubt that it is your husband's hand, madam?

  • I wired to Gravesend and learned that she had passed some time ago, and as the wind is easterly I have no doubt that she is now past the Goodwins and not very far from the Isle of Wight.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    connected with; dead bodies; doubt about; doubt not; doubt that; doubt the; doubt they; doubt whatever; doubted whether; doubtful cases; doubtful value; doubtful whether; dramatic form; false belief; free and; fruit juice; legs short; letter received; live and; nothing very; other dialogues; other small; phonetic decay; removal from; rich milk; there would have been