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elbowed; elbowing; elbows; elde; elded; elderberries; elderberry; elderly; eldern; elders
  1. It was not long before I made friends with her husband and her two daughters, the elder of whom, nicknamed "Cotenfau," married M.

  2. Popeliniere was going to marry the elder daughter.

  3. The Lambertini introduced me to him, and he asked if I were the artist; but on being informed that I was his elder brother, he congratulated me on my lottery and the esteem in which M.

  4. We are very grateful," said the elder of the two sisters, "but how are these pretty balls used?

  5. But somehow it came to be decided that the younger claimant of that vast property must have all,--and the elder be strangely left out in the cold.

  6. I remember well how interested my elder brothers were in this news; I was admitted to their deliberations, and we all eagerly accepted the theory as something particularly attractive and possibly quite true.

  7. They are recorded on the unimpeachable evidence of his elder brother, and some of them were even narrated by Gordon himself to his niece nearly thirty years after they happened.

  8. They are the elder brothers of the movement, a fact which the movement occasionally resents by treating them as though they were its elder sisters.

  9. In his place Pitt put his own elder brother Chatham, a favourite with the king, but, as it proved, an indolent and inefficient minister, and also appointed Hood to a seat on the new admiralty board.

  10. It was, therefore, with the greatest joy that Prince Charles turned from these sordid affairs and devoted himself for a time to his elder brother Leopold.

  11. II King Charles of Roumania is the second son of the late Prince Charles Anthony[2] of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen: the elder South German Roman Catholic branch of the House of Hohenzollern, of which the German Emperor is the chief.

  12. But the Earl has other intentions regarding the disposal of the hand of his heir, which for family and political reasons he designs to confer upon the Colonel's elder brother, a colourless man-of-affairs.

  13. Cyril Thornton is the scion of an old county family, who, at a very early age, has the misfortune accidentally to kill his elder brother.

  14. I was converted under Elder Drayton--come from Georgia at St. Luke Methodist Church on de Blake Plantation.

  15. She used branch elder twigs and dogwood berries for chills.

  16. About ten minutes afterwards, one of the elder captains composing the court called me into the cabin.

  17. The death of my elder brother Tom had brought me next in succession.

  18. My two uncles, his elder brothers, had died, the third was married and had two daughters.

  19. His two elder brothers sat in the gallery.

  20. Pastor and the elder Frohman were great pals.

  21. It will be recalled that in one way or another a great many passes for the theater found their way into the hands of the elder Frohman, who, in his great generosity of heart, frequently took many of the neighboring children along.

  22. He proposed a marriage between Richemont and another of the sisters of the Duke of Burgundy, the widow of the dauphin Lewis, the elder brother of Charles.

  23. After the battle of Dunbar, the elder Bruce reminded Edward of his promise to place him on the Scottish throne.

  24. When Eleanor arrived on the frontier of France, she received a hospitable welcome from the queen dowager, and her son, who a short time previously had married an elder sister of the bride.

  25. The king, distrusting the untamed disposition of his elder sons, appears to have extended his chief favour and affection towards John.

  26. He was the sole surviving son of the popular Black Prince, his elder brother having died before his father left Guienne.

  27. The elder monks took alarm, went to the king and agreed to elect John de Grey, Bishop of Norwich, who was one of John's ministers.

  28. Peace had been concluded between the two elder sons of the Conqueror; but it only produced war between Robert and Rufus, on the one side, and Henry on the other.

  29. Won over to what appeared so desirable an attempt, he also won over his elder brother, the Earl of Norfolk.

  30. Before long, however, the Prince Alphonso, the elder brother, died, and it became evident that such hopes were illusory.

  31. The elder Spenser was left in Bristol as governor of the castle; but the garrison mutinied against him, and on the approach of the queen he was delivered up to her.

  32. This degenerate son of the house of Plantagenet recovered his courage when he had only a child to oppose his ambitious schemes--for the young Arthur, son of his elder brother Geoffrey, was not yet twelve years old.

  33. The elder brother thus succeeds in giving peace to the ghost.

  34. The elder two lose their all by gambling with a maiden in a palace by the way.

  35. The two elder brothers go to England, and there meet jolly companions, but find no trace of the bird.

  36. The two elder enter the castle of a beautiful maiden, and are lost; but the youngest resists the temptation, and takes lodging at an inn.

  37. The sou'east has taken hold," announced the elder Chapdelaine.

  38. The elder Chapdelaine sank deeper and deeper into his chair, and ended by falling asleep; the others smoked and chatted about their work.

  39. We accept; and, in our turn, we offer to our elder brother and Captain our love and our kinship.

  40. I listen, my elder brother," said the little maid of Askalege.

  41. Remain very silent and still, my elder brother," he said gravely.

  42. My elder brother," said he, "shall we two strip and set our knives between our teeth, and swim out to scalp those muskrats yonder?

  43. Shall we rush upon them thus, O my elder brother?

  44. Because you are my elder brother, And you speak to the Oneidas Very gently.

  45. Brother: we Oneida, of the Allied Clan of the Little Red Foot, are now of one mind with our elder brother.

  46. You had better be in a hurry then," said the elder speaker.

  47. If I were you, I would not call upon God in such a case," said Captain Vance, whose coolness and self-possession afforded a complete contrast to the excitement and alarm conspicuous in the bearing of his elder companion.

  48. Even the wounded men ate nobly; all except poor Jeremy, who was forced to have a young elder shoot, with the pith drawn, for to feed him.

  49. The elder was smoothing its wrinkled leaves, being at least two months behind time; and among them this calm cruel face appeared; and she knew it was the face of Carver Doone.

  50. Taking care not to disturb her elder sister, Ida, whose heavy breathing showed that she was sound asleep, the little girl slipped out of bed, and crept softly over to the window.

  51. Illustration: IDA] The elder sister responded readily, but Elsie hung back, made some excuse, and went off in another direction.

  52. On my saluting them in English the elder returned my salutation in that tongue, but in rather a gruff tone.

  53. He then assisted his elder brother, and on his elder brother’s death, lived with his son.

  54. The elder had a sharp, keen look; the younger a lumpy and a stupid one.

  55. The woman curtseyed to me, and I thought I recognised the elder of the two Irish females whom I had seen in the tent on the green meadow near Chester.

  56. The service was in English, and the elder gentleman preached; there was good singing and chanting.

  57. The younger was a rude, stupid-looking creature, with red cheeks and redder hair, but there was a dash of intelligence and likewise of wildness in the countenance of the elder female, whose complexion and hair were rather dark.

  58. Therefore this people chose their favourites and heroes in a semi-savage freebooter; never in a craftsman of gigantic merit, like the elder Berruguete, or Juan de Arfe, or Alonso Cano.

  59. Guibert then moves forward in time, to the generation before the First Crusade, to describe a complaint about Muslim lust made by the Greek Emperor to the elder Count Robert of Flanders.

  60. They carried the poor man into the cottage, and tried every means in their power to revive him; but Amy had nothing better than a little elder wine to give him.

  61. On the poem, meanwhile, the elder Newbery had consented to speculate, and this circumstance may have made it hopeless to appeal to him with a second work of fancy.

  62. He did not indeed think it a happiness to bury his elder brother, though he had one, who wanted some of those good qualities which yours possessed.

  63. To these the elder Colman added L10 worth of law books which had been given to him in his own Lincoln's Inn days by Lord Bath; then enjoining the son to work hard, the father left town upon a party of pleasure.

  64. That same day the elder Craggs died of apoplexy.

  65. But if strong adverse reasons had not existed, Johnson would surely have carried it to the elder Newbery.

  66. Three of the elder girls, who had been several years in the house, were taken back to their relatives and not suffered to remain any longer, because of improper behaviour towards their teacher.

  67. Arthur spent most of his time at the store, selling goods and talking to the trade; but the elder Kendall seldom went there.

  68. He had conceived a boyish adoration for the elder daughter, four years his senior, which had aided her materially in her influence over him for good.

  69. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "elder" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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