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Example sentences for "silent"

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silencer; silencers; silences; silencing; silencio; silentia; silentio; silently; silex; silf
  1. Much of the scenery along the river is lovely in the extreme, and at dark we cast anchor in a smooth, silent reach of the river just within the frowning gateway of a rocky canon.

  2. As the golden dome of Imam Riza's sanctuary glimmers upon my retreating figure yet a fourth time as I reach the summit of the hill whence we first beheld it, I breathe a silent hope that I may never set eyes on it again.

  3. When fairly inside and away from danger the pent-up feelings of the advance-guard escape in silent tears, and his superior of the jade-stone pipe sits down and mournfully bemoans his wounded arm.

  4. If men are silent concerning objects and principles, it is said they have none, and it is impatiently asked 'where is their bond of union?

  5. There was a period of silent waiting on the part of the three who stood so close together, and then they heard their immediate commanding officer say: "Pass on.

  6. It gives me bad dreams," and he looked toward the kitchen where the silent occupant had acted as sentry for them.

  7. Jimmy was silent a moment, as he gazed out amid the trees in the direction of the German searching party and the officer seated, looking over some papers.

  8. And yet it was far from silent in that hideous storm, for the very ground shook and trembled with the intensity of the gun-fire--the gun-fire not only of the Germans but the Allies as well.

  9. It's the safest spot for us with the old man as a silent sentry.

  10. They packed up what food remained, filled their canteen from a little stream not far from the cottage, and then, bidding a silent farewell to the dead Frenchman, they started off once more.

  11. It was now as silent as death in the trench, and all about it.

  12. If the great struggle for the Ohio Valley now became a silent one, it was none the less earnest.

  13. The workshop, the manufactory, the shipyard were silent as the grave.

  14. The mysterious messenger laid the summons of his cold silent hand upon one who had immeasurably endeared himself to all whose good fortune it had been to know him.

  15. Can honor's voice provoke the silent dust, Or flatt'ry soothe the dull, cold ear of death?

  16. So we must end our questioning and mourning concerning them with a silent acquiescence in what was to be.

  17. He elaborated his assumption that the universe was conducted for his benefit, in order to see my silent revolt at the suggestion.

  18. The room was silent while the rural policeman was gone.

  19. You will be silent while I speak," Ahmad Din went on.

  20. Through all the turmoil and pandemonium he crouched at the end of the stockade wing, tense, and silent and alone.

  21. Langur grew silent as commanded, but his thoughts were flowing backward twenty years, to days at the elephant lines in distant hills.

  22. They were silent men--for they had lived long on the elephant trails--and curiously scarred and sombre.

  23. There are great dark forests, unknown, slow-moving rivers, and jungles silent and dark and impenetrable.

  24. The music of the dog running, the sound of the shots, and his own triumphant yells started many an echo among the silent frosted hills that day.

  25. He lay in his bunk with his face to the wall, silent save for long, shuddering sighs.

  26. If she cannot give it, I must release her from her silent pledge.

  27. Then his glance fell upon Gudrun who stood silent and ashamed of what she had done.

  28. Irene bowed a silent "yes" and then burst into tears, clinging to her brother's hand.

  29. He knew not what it was, but stood silent and amazed waiting to discover what it could be.

  30. Scarcely were the last notes silent when a pilgrim drew near.

  31. Then the victor, unmindful of his deed, hastily gathered up all the wealth and departed, while the gods stood around silent and amazed that the curse should descend so swiftly.

  32. While the song was being sung he had sat silent as one in a dream.

  33. He was silent and moody, and almost gruff on some occasions.

  34. Only one person gave him any attention; it was a silent old copying clerk named Boivin, nicknamed Boileau.

  35. They kept silent for a long time, tortured, hesitating.

  36. Again and again have I been besought to tell my story, but long ago I determined to remain silent until after the death of Mr. McDonald.

  37. The penitentiary for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, in 1907, was the only prison in America conducted on what is known as the "silent system.

  38. And so the "silent system" is not entirely silent.

  39. Men are unfitted for after-life under the "silent system.

  40. De Busigny, the dragoon, the Swiss, and their silent companion forming a group apart.

  41. As we have said, the silent and resolute Athos loved D'Artagnan like his own son, and showed every now and then all the anxiety of a father.

  42. There are no frowning crags on our green mountains, No dark, forbidding cliffs where gorges yawn; The streams flow gently seaward from their fountains, As through the silent valley steals the dawn.

  43. A few days later when his body passed through the streets of our little village, all the townspeople left their houses and shops, and stood in silent rows along the sidewalks, with their heads uncovered to the falling snow.

  44. The town had gone to sleep, and the hotel was as silent as a church.

  45. There in that lone and lofty dell Keeps silent watch the sentinel.

  46. Then too from cold and weary ways A traveller's eyes had caught the rays: And wandering on to the silent door He knocked aloud--he knew no more; But the lights went out like winking.

  47. A silent solitary place; and such solitude heightens social enjoyment, as much as it conduces to lonely meditation.

  48. And she walks forth in silent sorrow, Who was so blest to-day, And thinks on many a lone to-morrow In those old towers of grey.

  49. The horizontal position of the figures rendered them peculiarly liable to injuries, from the silent and irresistible ravages of time.

  50. When the minstrels struck their harps, and sung the wild traditions and fierce conflicts of their tribes and the guests followed with boisterous jest in their uncouth ballads, Caedmon sat silent and gloomy.

  51. Thus had he seen his brothers toss Like crows transfixed upon great prongs, Till death crept up each silent cross.

  52. Martin was silent for a moment, and then he said: "And how must one live for God?

  53. It was long since she had received such silent but expressive homage.

  54. He bowed his head in silent submission to the laws of his country, and requested the good missionary to come to him that evening, when he should be glad to impart his last wishes to him.

  55. They could not read them, but they knew that, like the Kafir watch-fires, they were silent messengers.

  56. Nevertheless, he knew that letters were, as he called them, "silent words.

  57. While he was halting between two opinions, a familiar face suddenly carried him back to the old parsonage, and its dim and silent groves.

  58. Suddenly the similarly silent Indians on the exterior awoke.

  59. Certainly, the sentries were removed, and the building was silent as a mausoleum.

  60. Above him, too, when he rose on his knees by an effort, the two silent witnesses of his miraculous deliverance were still recumbent.

  61. When it was explained, he sat silent for several minutes, looking at Glen with such a peculiar expression that the boy grew uneasy beneath the fixed gaze.

  62. Here was another good reason why Glen was glad he had remained silent on the subject of his birthday.

  63. When I awoke, he slept in the waters, and I went on my silent path beneath a round silvery moon.

  64. I wandered long, up and down the silent space: no songs came.

  65. One evening, as a great silent flood of western gold flowed through an avenue in the woods, down the stream, just as when I saw him first, came the sad knight, riding on his chestnut steed.

  66. I walked through the red glimmer of the silent hall; but lonely as there I walked, as lonely trod my soul up and down the halls of the brain.

  67. In a lofty, silent chamber, in another part of the city, lay a form more like marble than a living woman.

  68. A few hours after this, at the dead of night, a second boat, with the same men, pursued its silent and almost solitary course up the river towards the scene of the previous misfortune.

  69. An annuity and assurance office, stimulated by the success of the Equitable, was commenced under the title of “the Universal,” but history is silent as to its results.

  70. A silent breathlessness followed, while he remained still motionless, his chin sunk upon his breast.

  71. Her father, inveterate smoker that he was, lit his cigarette and sat silent and self-absorbed for a long time.

  72. The ancient room, lined from floor to ceiling with the books of past generations, seemed in that calm silent hour aglow with many colours.

  73. To this she assented, and the Captain went indoors and sat alone, silent and wondering, while they crossed the deserted esplanade together and walked in the moonlight by the shore.

  74. There arose before his vision the blanched upturned face of the girl prostrate in the dust, the fallen cycle, and the white, deserted English lane, silent and gloomy in the evening mist.

  75. The satyrs in the wood were, no doubt, holding their sides in hilarious, silent laughter.

  76. At six he had viewed the frivolous gambols of the lambs on his father's ranch with silent disapproval.

  77. The most fearful heart and the boldest one in all the Rio Bravo country exchanged a silent and inscrutable communication.

  78. In the nearest corral a flock of sheep lay silent until a groundless panic would send a squad of them huddling together with a drumming rush.

  79. Still the man to whom she spoke gazed above her head, contemplating the silent son of the old mother.

  80. He stopped and waited in the silent depths of the pear until half an hour had passed.

  81. Respecting the stricture laid by Judge Menefee against comments upon the stories, all were silent when the passenger who was nobody in particular had concluded.

  82. The foliage seemed to rustle in the wind, A silent murmur, carved in still, gray stone.

  83. Dreams I do not care to talk to you although Your speech evokes a thousand sympathies, And all my being's silent harmonies Wake trembling into music.

  84. To me alone it is a time of pause, A void and silent space between two worlds, When inspiration lags, and feeling sleeps, Gathering strength for efforts yet to come.

  85. Dawn fills the room, and penetrating, bright, The silent sunbeams through the window pour.

  86. Silent and winter-killed I stand, No carol hymns my debt to you; But take this frozen thought in lieu, And thaw its music in your hand.

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