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Example sentences for "bowed"

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bovine; bovril; bow; bowd; bowe; bowel; bowels; bower; bowered; bowering
  1. His bowed form seemed to be bent more as he listened to her words.

  2. His head was bowed down on his breast; his eyes were fixed on the floor; and he walked with a slow and weary pace out of the room.

  3. Once or twice a perceptible shudder passed through his frame; his bent head bowed lower; he covered his face with his hands; and at her last words there came from him a low moan that seemed to indicate suffering.

  4. Dudleigh; and as he bowed his head there came over his face a very singular smile, which Edith, however, did not see.

  5. She bowed slightly, but said nothing, and Wiggins bowed in return, after which he entered and seated himself, fixing his solemn eyes upon her in his usual way.

  6. The lady bowed her head, and said, in a low voice, "Fortescue is my real name.

  7. To her orders, which were somewhat positive, Mrs. Dunbar listened in silence, and merely bowed in reply.

  8. Edith bowed without a word, and Dudleigh withdrew.

  9. Saying this, in the same dry, business-like tone that he had used all along, Barber bowed himself out.

  10. Edith said nothing, but bowed her head slightly.

  11. The porter came at once to the door, and bowed as respectfully as possible.

  12. After he had bowed respectfully to Uncle Paul from where he stood, he vanished behind a side-door of the castle, at the chief entrance of which we had drawn up.

  13. The bearded stalks stand motionless with bowed heads, as if overtaken by sleep.

  14. Then, while he remained bowed to the ground pressing the hem of her skirt to his lips, she made a slight movement.

  15. The Editor made a step forward, bowed with creditable steadiness.

  16. He flung his hat far away, and his suddenly lowered eyelids brought out startlingly his resemblance to antique bronze, the profile of Pallas, still, austere, bowed a little in the shadow of the rock.

  17. He bowed his head; and shortly afterwards arranged for her to go back to her parents.

  18. I bowed my acknowledgments to the mate for his good opinion, and said something I cannot tell what, to the effect that I would endeavor to justify it.

  19. This morning when we arrived, we met on the way a slight young man, with a fair mustache, he was riding a black horse, and bowed to us as we passed.

  20. Bettina cried: "Who is that gentleman who has just bowed to us?

  21. Sperver bowed without replying, and the young man and his servant, together with Offenloch, having saluted us, silently withdrew.

  22. Sperver bowed again, and going over to a window, threw it wide open.

  23. Odile, much agitated, moved with me to the door, and as I bowed myself out of the chamber, I fancied that I detected in her lovely face an expression of increased hope.

  24. She turned, put her arms on the king's shoulders, and bowed her head, while mighty salvos of huzzas rent the skies.

  25. When I smiled and bowed to her as Christopher and I were passing out, she was standing where I left her, looking blankly at me.

  26. The shock stunned me, and my head was bowed in reverence.

  27. All these young heads appeared to droop, oppressed by the storm, like the poplars in the garden, which bowed their tops at the will of the wind.

  28. She bowed slightly, and re-entered her brother-in-law's apartment.

  29. I bowed over the hand of Eva Meredith; and I departed, deeply moved.

  30. He bowed down and worshiped," said Paul, in a shocked, frightened voice.

  31. He conformed to their taste; he flattered their foibles, and obsequiously bowed to the minutia of female volatility.

  32. Gustave bowed as if he had really received a compliment.

  33. He bowed slightly, but seemed surprised to see his brother accompanied by a perfect stranger.

  34. With thanks to Agatha for her kindness, Captain Skinner bowed low in farewell.

  35. Baillie rose, nerving himself for the effort, bowed to the lieutenant, and walked out of the house.

  36. He in his turn nodded and bowed in acknowledgment, and now and then called out a cheery word of greeting.

  37. Baillie touched his hat, bowed low, and said: "At least you are a courteous enemy.

  38. He bowed to the company, and apologised to Miss Tippet for intruding, but he had wished to ask his brother Willie to call at the fire station on his way home to convey a letter to his mother, and merely meant to see him at the door.

  39. David Boone bowed them out, and then re-entered the back-shop, shaking his head slowly from side to side.

  40. Agamemnon bowed over, and from his wheel.

  41. Though Richard was his stay, and Norman his pride, there was something in Harry more congenial to his own temper, and he could not but be bowed down by the ruin of such bright hopes.

  42. Spencer bowed his head, and looked at him anxiously, saying, "I do not think there will be much acute suffering.

  43. Flora sat for a minute or two, her hands locked together round her knees, her head bowed down, her lips compressed.

  44. I have been bowed and broken; but there is a spark of my former nature yet left.

  45. The baronet bowed his head; Squire Jollivet concurred in the same opinion; and, though one or two of the others hesitated, they were ultimately overruled, and the room was cleared of all persons but the magistrates and the culprit.

  46. The man bowed with a stolid look, and withdrew; and after he had left the room, the officer remained silent for a moment or two, looking out of the window till he saw him mount his horse and depart.

  47. Edith bowed her head quietly, and leaned upon her sister, but answered not a word; and Zara gave a glance to Sir Edward Digby which he read aright.

  48. He, himself, was one of the old race of natural philosophers who bowed the knee to a sort of pantheistic Divinity, and shrank from the catholic conception of a God with bourgeois instincts, Jesuitical wrath, and tyrannical revenge.

  49. He bowed and said, smiling: "Well, comrade, are you ready?

  50. Being well bred, he respected, outwardly at least, the laws of artificiality and conventionality, and bowed before the idols of the cave he had entered.

  51. Father Simon, the coachman, with head bowed and back bent in the pouring rain, was completely covered by his box coat with its triple cape.

  52. He stepped to the side of the road to let them pass, and bowed without their eyes meeting.

  53. Rather taken aback by her imperious manner, Desmond bowed again but said nothing.

  54. She stood with bowed head, trembling violently, in a cowering, almost a crouching posture.

  55. Desmond bowed and handed the paper back to its owner.

  56. Desmond bowed and stepping out into the hall, called the housekeeper.

  57. The barber stared, drew back, salaamed, bowed his head, and put a hand upon his turban as a slave to his master.

  58. By his influence with Ismail he had even more power at last than the Chief Eunuch or the valet-de-chambre, before whom the highest officials bowed low.

  59. They bowed to the master and led him into the hall.

  60. At that time, like grass before the wind, the world bowed at his coming; no one dared utter a word of remonstrance.

  61. The young man, not knowing what to think, bowed and was silent.

  62. At last awaking to the fact that he was possessor of some wonderful magic, they all with one accord came and bowed before him, asking his name and his place of residence.

  63. Immediately five or six multi-coloured demons appeared and bowed before him, in front of the open space.

  64. The official then led the way, and the young man bowed as he left the room.

  65. He repeated this over and urged his proposals, while the snake with bowed head seemed to listen intently.

  66. After thus stating it, he bowed and took his departure.

  67. To-jong bowed to the "holy man" and asked that he might become his disciple.

  68. The scholar bowed before the archer, thanked him, asked his place of residence and name.

  69. Her face, all but the white curve of her cheek and forehead, was hidden from him, but he could see the ivory bistre at the nape of her bowed neck, with the delicate black tendrils of her curls clustering above it.

  70. Ricky," he would say in the voice of a man bowed and broken on the wheel of life, "you needn't envy me my thousands.

  71. He knelt there a long time with his head bowed upon his arms.

  72. He sat feebly on the edge of his bed, and with many sad, weak blasphemies bowed himself to a miserable, ignominious struggle.

  73. She could see that now his spirit bowed basely before the possibility of the great poet's material success.

  74. He bowed his head as it were in an attitude as humble and reverent as her own.

  75. It seemed to him that he heard Lucia's soft footfall about his bed, that she came and sat beside his pillow, that she bowed her head upon his breast, and that her long hair drifted over him.

  76. He bowed to Miss Harden; an extraordinary bow.

  77. He bowed with the stiffness of a back unaccustomed to that form of salutation.

  78. There was something pathetic in his attitude, in his bowed head and spread elbows, the whole assiduous and devoted figure.

  79. They bowed over him, swaying hideously from their foundations.

  80. Javert received the blow right in his chest like a Russian soldier; he bowed down to the ground to the Mayor, and went out.

  81. The Bishop bowed his head, and answered, "I am a worm.

  82. Madeleine; he took off his hat, and bowed with a sort of vexed awkwardness.

  83. The Mayor gave her 50 francs because he was kind, and discharged her because he was just; and she bowed her head to the sentence.

  84. It was the same usher who had turned his back on him just before, and who now bowed to the ground.

  85. The man doffed his cap and bowed humbly to the gendarme; the latter, without returning his salute, looked at him attentively, and then entered the office.

  86. And through this stupor he felt that quivering which precedes great storms; he bowed like an oak at the approach of a storm, like a soldier before a coming assault.

  87. Javert bowed respectfully to the Mayor, who had his back turned to him; the Mayor did not look at him, but continued to make his notes.

  88. She met her father from time to time, and he bowed to her.

  89. Then he bowed deeply and walked to the door.

  90. Every one stared at her, and no one bowed to her; the cold bitter contempt of the passers-by passed through her flesh and her mind like an east wind.

  91. The German officer bowed his head in assent.

  92. The Russian bowed gravely, and replied: "I know it.

  93. Not another word of this," he said sternly, and Frank and the prisoner bowed to this command.

  94. While we are speaking, the woman approaches the little shrine, opens it, arranges the objects in it, lights the tiny lamp, and with joined hands and bowed head begins to pray.

  95. A tall, full-bearded German, in a too-short frock coat, bowed awkwardly.

  96. With marked disapproval she bowed to Judge Gaylor.

  97. Vera bowed her shoulders and shivered as though the boy had cursed at her.

  98. But the captain of the mercenaries bent low, shook his head with a significant gesture, and, handing over the fatal missive, bowed himself away.

  99. Messer Gambera bowed low, and kissed the hem of her gown.

  100. Giannotto bowed his head over again and studied the scrip in silence.

  101. Truly, the honor is more, I think, than she can bear," and Agnolo bowed to the ground.

  102. She was riding the streets of Milan as her brother's trophy, as his prisoner; every one of those who bowed so humbly to her as she passed, every peasant her guards thrust back from her path, was freer than she.

  103. D'Orleans rose and bowed low to the lady, yet in a way that was not respectful.

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