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Example sentences for "concave"

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conative; conatus; concatenated; concatenation; concatenations; concaved; concavities; concavity; conceal; conceale
  1. These telescopes were all made with a convex object-glass and a concave eye-lens, and this type is spoken of as the Galilean telescope.

  2. The recess of each niche is arched with a concave shell.

  3. The concave roof of the tribune itself was decorated with a colossal Christ, enthroned between S.

  4. So on the shoreless air the intrepid Gaul Launch'd the vast concave of his buoyant ball.

  5. The pectoro-abdominal suture is anteriorly convex at the sides and concave at the midline.

  6. A marsh in which, from its concave and impermeable bottom, the waters remain stagnant, rendering the surface a quaking bog.

  7. A cylinder of hard wood, or metal, with a concave surface, revolving on an axis, used to lessen the friction of a rope which is passed over it.

  8. An iron ring with a concave outer surface to contain snugly in the cavity a rope, which is spliced about it.

  9. In iron vessels the keel is formed of one or more plates of iron, having a concave curve, or limber channel, along its upper surface.

  10. The breech is of solid metal, from the bottom of the concave cylinder or chamber to the cascable.

  11. The one kind consists of a parabolic reflector of stout metal, its concave surface being silvered and burnished.

  12. A small piece of magnetised steel watch spring, 3/8ths of an inch long, is fastened with shellac on the back of a little round concave mirror, and of about the size of a fourpenny piece.

  13. When the wind has passed, the balloon, which has been pressed into a concave form by the wind, suddenly resumes its globular form with a loud noise heard at a great distance.

  14. Each garment is a misfit, and exaggerates the miserable physique and the national defects of concave chests and bow legs.

  15. The barns in this district are very handsome, and many of their grand roofs have that concave sweep with which we are familiar in the pagoda.

  16. The one garment is only an apology for clothing, and displays lean concave chests and lean muscular limbs.

  17. From eastern hills a grisly troop descends, Whose war song wild the shuddering concave rends; Cloak'd in a tiger's hide their grim chief towers, And apes the brinded god his tribe adores.

  18. From realm to realm the smoky volumes bend, Reach round the bays and up the streams extend; Deep o'er the concave heavy wreaths are roll'd, And midland towns and distant groves infold.

  19. First, the most sacred fire was that which was drawn immediately from the sun himself by means of a concave mirror, which was usually made of gold or silver highly polished.

  20. Held to the sun the image from his breast Whose glowing concave all the god exprest; Book III.

  21. The Aurelia[12] was placed with its concave aspect uppermost, and an inch or two below the surface of the water.

  22. Leipsic; and, finally, it may become a natural formation to resist an enemy forming a concave line.

  23. As to the other orders of battle explained above, it cannot be denied that at Essling and Fleurus the general arrangement of the Austrians was a concave line, and that of the French a convex.

  24. It consists of a segment of bamboo, 7 or 8 centimeters long and 5 centimeters high, curved while still green and made to retain its shape by a slip of bamboo fastened into two holes on the concave side.

  25. The "horse" is set down upon some clean solid piece of wood or stone with its inner or concave side downwards, in such a way that it can not move.

  26. The Banuáon types of shield seen by the writer were circular in form, concave on the proximal side, and made of plaited rattan painted with tabon-tábon pulp.

  27. Sometimes the washer is made elliptical and slightly concave to fit the lips, so that it forms a convenient stop or steady when the blowpipe is held between the teeth without help from either hand.

  28. He used a small concave reflector about the size of a gold dollar, which he placed in the pile of chips before him, and which in dealing the cards enabled him to see every card, and where it went.

  29. Between the mouth and anus is a space, more or less concave according to the age of the embryo, interrupted by a ciliated ridge a little in front of the anus.

  30. The concave area between the arms forms the greater part of the ventral surface of the body.

  31. There is present a more or less concave surface extending from the mouth to near the anus, which will be spoken of as the ventral surface.

  32. The ventral surface of the permanent Ophiuroid is formed by the concave surface between the mouth and anus.

  33. Chromatophores laminate along the concave zone and the valves.

  34. Valve triangular with straight or concave sides and rounded angles.

  35. Surface concave with unequal punctiform and scattered markings with central dots.

  36. Valve quadrangular with more or less concave sides, sometimes cruciform.

  37. The brass pieces have the convex side bright, the concave black.

  38. When the Gitshee Kenabik and his associate, and the two Ininewugs turn up white side, and the other pieces red, it counts 58, irrespective of the concave or convex position of the brass pieces.

  39. Before bending the silver into shape take the wood peg, place the claws on the wood block, and with the wood peg drive down and slightly concave the centre of the claws.

  40. The depth of this concave should not exceed 1/4 in.

  41. In other words, what is concave on the firing pin itself, will be convex in the firing-pin impression.

  42. The curve AFE can be seen in smoke, or in flying dust, when a concave mirror is held opposite the sun.

  43. Remark on the curved line which is formed by reflexion in a spherical concave mirror.

  44. Similarly the waves that are folded back in reflexion by a concave spherical mirror can be found.

  45. OGEE A moulding or arch formed of a curve or curves somewhat like the letter S, the curve of contra-flexure, part being concave and part convex.

  46. They were capped with vaulted concave roofs said to be symbolical of the vast circuit and concave of the heavens.

  47. In the later windows the transoms at the top are often furnished with a small ornamental battlement, causing the mullions to present a concave outline.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "concave" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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