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Example sentences for "conceal"

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concatenations; concave; concaved; concavities; concavity; conceale; concealed; concealer; concealers; concealeth
  1. The carpet upon the daïs and the red curtains before it ill conceal the paltry substructure.

  2. They completely conceal it, except just at the edge.

  3. As the day declined, Bolko found it impossible to conceal his disquietude; and Emma, when she perceived his anxiety, attributed it at once to conscious guilt.

  4. He could no longer conceal from himself that the daughter of Hunniades exercised an influence over his feelings which he was unwilling to encourage.

  5. The movement, it appears to me, must be made now or never, and I cannot conceal from myself, that it never could have been prosecuted under less auspicious circumstances.

  6. Baffled, and dark with rage and passion, the Prince of Athens quitted Iduna, and strolled towards the upper part of the glen, to conceal his anger and disappointment.

  7. Without this fulfilment, the Christian hero could not conceal from himself that the day must be decided against the Cross.

  8. I have no desire to conceal his name from thee.

  9. Joan, wiping her face with her apron to conceal its expression.

  10. He was kept sufficiently "shady," however, during the winter to enable his owner to make some advantageous bets upon him, though it required careful management to conceal his extraordinary powers.

  11. He laughed aloud, to conceal the vehemence of his hatred.

  12. An alarmed expression came into the old woman's face, though she endeavoured to conceal it.

  13. Her mother was intensely annoyed and made not the least effort to conceal her annoyance.

  14. The fair creatures, however much in defiance of their wishes, are obliged to conceal their white arms and shoulders in thick warm coverings.

  15. Twas all a feint on Dick's part, to conceal his love till he was sure of hers,--all would come round right in time.

  16. I was also anxious to conceal the peril I had encountered from my wife; and it was not till I had left the police force that she was informed of it.

  17. The interest was caused by the struggle of man against man; and the uncertainty as to which would ultimately be successful in his object; the unrelenting pursuer, or the ingenious Caleb, who seeks by every device to conceal himself.

  18. In this way Mr. Cameron was "let down easy," and while he did not conceal his disappointment and chagrin, he kept his temper and conducted himself in so dignified a manner that Lincoln was greatly impressed.

  19. Nothing was discovered in neither garments of the man that would show that he had attempted to conceal any papers or other evidence after his arrest.

  20. When it became apparent that she could not much longer conceal her shame, she told her parents she was going to Indianapolis to visit a friend.

  21. Dear sir, nothing but the dread of your authority could induce us to conceal it from you.

  22. And then she would bid the girls hold up their heads; who, to conceal nothing, were certainly very handsome.

  23. Nay, do not attempt to conceal an action that adds to your honour.

  24. Lord Byron was in reality a good-natured man, and it was a violence to his nature, which he seldom practised, either to conceal what he thought or to harbour revenge.

  25. Although Byron took, as we shall see presently, great pains to conceal that fact from the public, he did not attempt to deceive either Moore, Hobhouse, or Hodgson.

  26. He agreed that an author wishing to conceal his authorship had a right to give any answer whatever that succeeded in convincing an inquirer that he was wrong in his suppositions.

  27. There is a gaucherie in his movements, which evidently proceeds from the perpetual consciousness of his lameness, that appears to haunt him; for he tries to conceal his foot when seated, and when walking has a nervous rapidity in his manner.

  28. A voice warns them that night approaches, and, hearing her friends returning, Sakuntala urges the king to conceal himself in the bushes.

  29. Compliance with this mandate is compulsory, but should the woman conceal it from her husband, she would be severely punished" (147).

  30. This esprit de corps demands that every woman, whether she loves her husband or not, must conceal her love and treat him contemptuously.

  31. It is better to conceal this; and lest dogs should prowl after it, and it should be found out, when you have read this letter, tear it up.

  32. When a girl is in love she tries to conceal her heart in the innermost recesses of her bosom, lest the lover discover her feelings prematurely.

  33. As she looked at you, filled with the might of her self-betraying love, so she then, in order to conceal it, looked also at the other persons.

  34. They conceal the fact that the most important items of their faith are not revealed to the Jews, but simply taken up and accepted from elsewhere!

  35. He felt a longing to see her, he could not conceal the fact.

  36. They triumph in externals (which conceal Man's real glory), proud of an eclipse.

  37. We could not conceal our feelings and when Benson found his speech he said, "You think you are mighty cunning; if you got a bear why didn't you say so and not act like two dumb idiots.

  38. Here was a fine place to conceal the trap and I said, "Old fellow, here I will surely outwit you.

  39. No doubt, the Varin brothers were aware of that fact and utilized one of Lacombe's safes in which to conceal the letters.

  40. Was that to conceal his agitation or, simply, to arrange himself for sleep?

  41. Lysimachus could not conceal his preference of the more refined and luxurious dainties, or his dislike of the Scythian diet.

  42. I cannot conceal from you, my little friend, that you have acted very ill indeed in this affair.

  43. Mrs Merton could not conceal her disappointment; for, as she had always been used to a great degree of finery herself, she had expected it should make the same impression upon everybody else.

  44. But Harry, whose temper was not quite so pliable, could not conceal the intolerable weariness that overpowered his senses during this long exhibition.

  45. I hesitated some time whether I should again conceal myself in the woods or deliver myself up to their mercy.

  46. Upon his talking to me about the affair, I confirmed him in his opinion, and furnished him with a small magnet to put into the bread, and a large needle to conceal in the body of the bird.

  47. I should ill deserve the favours you have shown me if I attempted to conceal anything from such worthy benefactors.

  48. He wept, indeed, but the effort that he made to conceal his tears concurred with them to do him honour.

  49. Sewell's story, so graphically outlined, filled him with horror, made it a struggle for him to conceal his feelings.

  50. Nor did he, either in the news columns or on the editorial page, conceal the connection of his three friends with the conspiracy.

  51. She would not and could not see that that love had long disappeared, leaving a mask of forms, of phrases and of impulses of passion to conceal its departure.

  52. He smiled gently in answer to it, and full of her own young emotions, and of the effort to conceal it from all the world, she noticed none of that change which had struck Agnes.

  53. She does her best, I know, poor child, to conceal it and to feel as she ought about mamma, but I can see that the idea of an indefinite time at Burwood is intolerable to her.

  54. Another way of hanging window-curtains in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was to place them inside the architrave, so that they did not conceal it.

  55. Half-way remedies are a waste of money and serve rather to call attention to the defects of the room than to conceal them.

  56. The mediaeval bed was always enclosed in curtains hanging from a wooden framework, and the lambrequin was used as a kind of cornice to conceal it.

  57. Ever since his first sight of him he had been trying to conceal the fact that Kenwick's altered appearance was a shock to him.

  58. How well that word had been chosen to describe and conceal the living death which this man had suffered!

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "conceal" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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