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Example sentences for "bury"

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burthen; burthened; burthening; burthens; burthensome; buryas; buryed; burying; buryingplace; bus
  1. He proceeded, the trail turning almost at right angles from the ash tree, as if about to bury itself in the deeper forest.

  2. At this point the thick spruce formed a roof over-head that had shut out the fresh snow, and Philip lost several minutes before he found the place where Lang had left the trail to bury himself again in the unblazed forest.

  3. I did not like to bury my husband so soon," began the woman at last, "but I dared not wait to ask any one to come.

  4. At the urgent request of Peleg the white Shawnee was permitted to return with his newly found friend to bury the body of his foster-father, after his brother also had received decent burial at his hands.

  5. If you don't mind, I'm going to my room, set all the Gunther blocks it has, and bury my head under a pillow.

  6. No matter how we got the way we are, though, the fact is that you and I have got to fight our own battles and bury our own dead.

  7. Belle, are you willing to bury your hatchet for about five minutes--work with me like a partner ought to?

  8. But you," she tried to speak more lightly, "you and Cousin Ellen bury yourselves so completely in your country fastness, that you know nothing of the troublesome world in which we live.

  9. Isn't it better to take the good from them, and bury the rest?

  10. At night especially, when walking near a bury situate in the open field, beware of putting your foot into one of these holes, which will cause an awkward fall if nothing worse.

  11. Long after leaving the bury it is as well to look to your footsteps, because of solitary rabbit-holes hidden by the grass growing up round and even over them.

  12. To dig for him is hopeless in that catacomb of tunnels; there is nothing for it but to send a man day after day to watch, and if possible to seize him while passing along the upper ground from one bury to another.

  13. Prompted by gratitude, the monkeys made ready to bury him, and while carrying him to the place of burial, they came to the place in the way where the two roads met.

  14. A man who loved money said, "I will bury him.

  15. Weeping and wailing, she ran to the nearest neighbor, crying, "I want a man to come bury my husband.

  16. Lo, these many days have we eaten of his fruit, therefore it is but just that we should bury him in as choice a place as we can find.

  17. I just saw them bury Saunders," Good Indian remarked, by way of opening a conversation.

  18. You say you're willing to bury the tomahawk; do you mean it?

  19. You may bury it deep, and leave behind you The land, the people, that knew your slain; It will push the sods from its grave, and find you On wastes of water or desert plain.

  20. They float on its rhythmic measure Like leaves on a summer-stream; And here, in this scene of pleasure, I bury my sweet, dead dream.

  21. But this suggestion is so angrily rejected by Paris that Priam suggests they propose instead an armistice of sufficient length to enable both parties to bury their dead.

  22. Many people having died in the course of this action, a truce is agreed upon so that both sides may bury their dead, and so, many funerals are celebrated with all due pomp and ceremony.

  23. Both parties now bury their dead, a sight witnessed by the gods, who, gazing down from Olympus, become aware of the earthen ramparts .

  24. This sight prompts Neptune to express jealous fears lest these may eclipse the walls he built around Troy, but Jupiter pacifies him by assuring him he can easily bury them beneath the sand as soon as the war is over.

  25. Having made a trophy of the enemies' spoil, Aeneas, even before proceeding to bury his own comrades, adorns the body of Pallas and sends it back to Etruria.

  26. Sure his foes were all dead, Siggier ceased to watch his wife, who, stealing out into the forest to bury the remains of her kin, discovered Sigmund in a thicket, and promised to aid him to obtain his revenge.

  27. Then at last she found it, and, whirling about, she backed quickly at it and, tail first, began to bury herself before my staring eyes.

  28. Permission was usually given to the friends of one who had been executed to bury his body.

  29. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus embalm and bury the body of Jesus.

  30. Some of the slaves were then obliged to row to land to bury them there.

  31. A sudden disease carried off my sister yesterday, and our relations wished to bury her this morning.

  32. I'll be hanged if I bury her there," said the old man in great wrath.

  33. After offering his condolence on the loss of his wife, and proffering any aid he might be able to render at the funeral, the doctor said, "I understand you intend to bury your deceased wife in your garden.

  34. Item there is vii acres lond lying by the high weye toward the grendyll": Bury Wills, ed.

  35. Helm and byrnie were not necessarily unknown, or even very rare in England, simply because it was not the custom to bury them with the dead.

  36. For a long while the arriero walked along in silence, watching his toes bury themselves in dust at each step.

  37. These generations, my generation, my son's generation, are working to bury with infinite tenderness the gorgeously dressed corpse of the old Spain.

  38. Let the dead take the trouble to bury the dead.

  39. He's going; it seems he means to bury it.

  40. It was winter, and he went in his sledge to bury that dog.

  41. See if you don't bury him before the spring.

  42. It may be well to say here that an Irish woman, who accompanied the First New York cavalry was noticed helping tenderly to bury some of the killed "my (her) boys" of that regiment that morning.

  43. His comrades attempted to carry him, but they could not do so, and they were compelled to bury him on the lonely mountain, using their bayonets to dig his grave.

  44. Why should such a woman as you describe, talented and accomplished, desire to bury herself in the solitude of Castle Hohenwald?

  45. Bury cites an account of a child that had a second imperfectly developed fetus in its face and scalp.

  46. Cecily took the wishbone in her trembling little hands and began her backward pacing, repeating solemnly, "I wish that we may find Paddy alive, or else his body, so that we can bury him decently.

  47. It was agreed that we should bury him in the orchard at sunset that evening, and Sara Ray, who had to go home, declared she would be back for it, and implored us to wait for her if she didn't come exactly on time.

  48. Then bury the pertater and never tell a living soul where you buried it.

  49. Bury that cat and get off to your apple picking.

  50. Yet what nobler thing could I have done than to bury my own mother's son?

  51. Wilt thou bury him when the King hath forbidden it?

  52. And now let us bury the dead, doing such honor to them as we may, for indeed they have purchased a country for us with their own blood.

  53. But thee, O Patroclus, I will not bury till I bring hither the head and the arms of Hector, and twelve men of Troy to slay at thy funeral pile.

  54. And now there came ambassadors from the city, having olive branches about their heads, praying for a truce, that they might bury their dead.

  55. First must thou bury him, and after offer due sacrifice, even black sheep.

  56. But if this please you not, grant us a truce that we may bury our dead.

  57. But know that I will bury my brother, nor could I better die than for doing such a deed.

  58. It may be that many of them die in the winter dens, which cave in and bury the remains.

  59. Grizzlies will bury an elk in the earth or cover the carcass of a cow with numbers of logs.

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