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Example sentences for "dig"

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diffusible; diffusing; diffusion; diffusive; dificultad; diga; digamma; digastric; dige; diger
  1. When I got a little bigger, I had to take a little hoe and dig weeds out of de crop.

  2. He had de slaves dig trenches 'cross de road and tie grape vines over it.

  3. Bout all we did on Sunday was to dig ginseng and fish.

  4. Therefore we have begun to bestow our righteous labor upon it, and we shall trust the Spirit for a blessing upon our labor, resolving not to dig up any man's propriety until they freely give us it.

  5. See A Declaration of the Bloody and Unchristian Acting of William Star and John Taylor of Walton, with divers men in women's apparell, in opposition to those that dig upon St. Georges Hill.

  6. We deny that we have trespassed against those three men, or Mr. Drake either, or that we should trespass against any, if we should dig up and plough for a livelihood upon any of the waste land in England.

  7. A Declaration of the Bloody and Unchristian Acting of William Star and John Taylor of Walton, with diverse men in women's apparel, in opposition to those that dig upon St. Georges Hill.

  8. Can clouds give buboes, ulcers, blotches, Or from your noses dig out notches?

  9. For this purpose they dig a square pit capable of containing seven or eight hundred carcasses.

  10. In order to destroy them, the natives dig long trenches, into which they are driven, when, unable to leap out, they are easily buried and destroyed.

  11. He can also, with them, dig into the ground; and when the weight of his body is not too great, they enable him to climb trees, although not with the speed of his black brother of the plains.

  12. The armadillo, without fur or wool or bristles, has in their stead a movable shell placed on his back, so formed that he can roll himself up in a ball, while with his sharp claws he can dig rapidly into the earth to escape his foes.

  13. When the frames are placed, dig out the alleys one foot deep to receive linings of hot dung, which may be banked op against both the back and front of the frame.

  14. I'll never dig in Quarry of an heart 25 to have no part, Nor roast in fiery eyes, which alwayes are Canicular.

  15. According to the Sicilian belief, when one dreams of brood-hens with chickens in uninhabited and deserted houses, it is a sign that there are treasures hidden in these houses, and one must go to dig them up.

  16. Notwithstanding the fact that his medical services had been declined, Dave began almost at once to search for herbs, dig for roots, and gather certain pungent leaves and twigs.

  17. Well, we'll dig out a basin in the hard clean sand and wash them in that.

  18. They live in clefts of rocks, hollow trees, or deep holes which they dig for themselves in the earth, and are much esteemed by Creoles for the sweetness of their meat.

  19. Another practice of these Obeah people is to dig a hole before the door of a house where the resident is obnoxious to them, and in it place their favourite commodities--old rags and pieces of glass bottle.

  20. But Dig had his line fastened to the fork of the saddle and the yearling could not pull Poke over.

  21. He said he might have dropped them back where they camped," Dig said reflectively.

  22. Then he wouldn't have caved in this shaft," Dig said slowly.

  23. Wait till father comes," Dig said, almost sobbing, and seeing how badly his chum felt.

  24. Let's get down and cinch up," said Dig nervously.

  25. Chet, glancing at the smear of blood that had oozed through the handkerchief Dig had bound about his brow.

  26. As Dig said, they did not leave a leaf unturned.

  27. The creature had evidently been lying in the mud and Dig had fallen over him.

  28. Even Dig was tempted to take no risks in approaching the villains.

  29. They had come west a long way since first seeing the herd of buffaloes that had toled them off the trail and caused Dig to abandon his friend, the maverick.

  30. Chet had drawn open his shirt and turned it so that Dig could easily feel the empty pocket inside.

  31. Poke gave his master a two-mile chase, and then Dig roped him and brought the black horse back with him at the end of the lariat.

  32. There was still milk for the coffee, and as Dig said, they fairly "wolfed" the venison steaks.

  33. It was at the western end of the pool that Dig had seen the one in the saddle waiting for his comrade.

  34. And then Dig had seen a man afoot running up from the camp.

  35. But I am telling you nothing but the truth, and I wish I may never draw another breath if that chimney didn't smoke so that the smoke actually got caked in it and I had to dig it out with a pickaxe!

  36. He would dig out after me an' Jim when we went over the hills prospect'n', and he would trot along behind us for as much as five mile, if we went so fur.

  37. He felt strangely indifferent to beginning the search now that he was really here, and might dig as long as he liked without anyone to say him nay.

  38. Jack never failed to repay him by a vicious dig at his hand, which was sometimes successful, but this the doctor never seemed to notice.

  39. Don't," said Ambrose, giving him a sharp dig with his elbow.

  40. I'd much rather dig potatoes, or make chairs and tables.

  41. We must dig, dig, dig; dig all day and dig all night.

  42. And now I want you to let me dig about here.

  43. From the way these men set to work you might have thought that they would dig away the whole bluff in about five minutes; but they didn't.

  44. Idiot," said he, "if that is your way of thinking you might as well say that if a well caves in you should never again dig for water, or that nobody should have a cellar under his house for fear that the house should fall into it.

  45. The foreman of the ice-men examined everything, and said they must dig down to you from above.

  46. This seemed to me like very good sense, and if I had had a man I should have ordered him to go down to the pit and dig up any lumps of ice he might find and bring them to the house.

  47. When they had dug a hole so deep that it became difficult to throw up the gravel from the bottom, I suggested that they should dig at some other place.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dig" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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