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Example sentences for "affront"

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affright; affrighted; affrightedly; affrighting; affrights; affronted; affronting; affronts; affter; affusion
  1. Noureddin, replied I, without any manner of passion, though I had some reason to be a little warm, you do not consider that in talking at this rate you affront the king, who has raised your father and me to the honours we have enjoyed.

  2. Neither will the king be satisfied with thy blood nor mine, but will revenge himself after a more severe manner for the affront offered to his royal person.

  3. But why insult the poor, affront the great?

  4. When truth or virtue an affront endures, The affront is mine, my friend, and should be yours.

  5. This is at the instance of that Government, made on the assumption that the original capture was an act of violence constituting an affront to the British flag, and a violation of International Law.

  6. Of course, it is not an affront; for an accident can never be an affront to an individual or to a nation.

  7. Isabel was much hurt, since she had always been friendly to the Barons' party; and when she found that even her uncle of Lancaster stood by the Badlesmeres, she persuaded the King to raise an army to revenge the affront offered to her.

  8. But, unchecked by this rebuke, he gave offence to John by foolishly trying to vie with the King in the richness of the raiment given at Christmas to his retainers--an affront to John which a sumptuous feast at Easter could not efface.

  9. Why, you don't seriously want to affront me, I hope, for I flatter myself that a more perfect carriage for two people cannot be built.

  10. He corrected the confusion and disorder with which the spectators took their seats at the public games, after an affront which was offered to a senator at Puteoli, for whom, in a crowded theatre, no one would make room.

  11. To this extraordinary mark of contempt for the senate, he added another affront still more outrageous.

  12. The gentleman on whom you exercise Your thin wit, was a nephew to the Lady Whose guest you are, and though her modesty Looke calme on the abuse of one so neare Her bloud, the affront was impious.

  13. One step without the boundaries was to affront death.

  14. His autocratic nature rears at the affront of opposition.

  15. Those awful tidings told how ill-gotten, carnal wealth is mortgaged under woe, and to the uttermost farthing must be released; how offending men affront the Lord; and how all offenses must be avenged.

  16. Now, you shall not forbid me to make an appeal to her generosity; to do so would be to put an affront on her far more gross than you perceived in my first intention!

  17. I call the Powers above to witness, that in all the Course of our unhappy Friendship, I to my knowledg never did receive the least Affront or Injury from him.

  18. But you affront the wild man by mistaking his clan for a lower one.

  19. Here it springs from a morbid sense of honour, and arose, it is popularly said, from an affront taken by a Sharif against his daughter’s husband.

  20. At school he attempted to kill a companion--the one act of violence which sullies a strangely gentle career; and outraged at the affront of a flogging, he fled with twelve guineas and a gold repeater watch.

  21. Her girlhood, if the word be not an affront to her mannish character, was as tempestuous as a wind-blown petticoat.

  22. The recitative is an affront to common sense, and if there be any spectacle more than another opposed to the genius of the English character and unsuited to its taste it is the ballet of the opera house.

  23. Many an affront was given to the taste and intelligence of the audiences, and dreadful was the choral cacophony which filled some of the evenings.

  24. To treat Persons of Condition like the Mob, is to degrade their Birth, and affront their Breeding.

  25. It seems in those Days 'twas very infamous to affront a Holy Character, and break in upon the Guards of Religion!

  26. To expose a Priest much more to burlesque his Function, is an Affront to the Diety.

  27. Monsieur, father of Mademoiselle, declared that such an alliance would be an affront to the memory of his daughter's illustrious grandfather, Henry the Great.

  28. Remember, Louvois may resign, if you affront him," continued she, fixing her bright eyes on Louis.

  29. But he does care very much for an affront offered to the Duchesse de Montbazon, of whom he is desperately enamoured.

  30. The town was, however, at no loss to pitch upon Rochester as the employer of the bravos; with whom the public suspicion joined the Duchess of Portsmouth, equally concerned in the supposed affront thus revenged.

  31. No one knew how to apologize for an affront with better grace, or with more delicacy, than Lord Byron.

  32. This was a great affront to his dignity and, though he was treated very handsomely, he assumed such a supercillious bearing that the king had to curtail his retinue and his income.

  33. Ko-gu-ryŭ had often taken up arms for a less affront than this.

  34. His Conquest of France, in Revenge for the Affront offered by the French King, in sending him (instead of the Tribute) a Ton of Tennis-balls.

  35. Damn your morals; I must revenge the affront done to my honour.

  36. Bless me, cousin; why would you affront anybody so?

  37. Was it not enough to affront me with your saucy passion?

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