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Example sentences for "affronted"

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affrighted; affrightedly; affrighting; affrights; affront; affronting; affronts; affter; affusion; afghani
  1. This folly had in some degree taken possession of Harold; and though he could not be as bad as were some of the others, he was fast growing impatient of restraint, and worried and angry, as if any word of good advice affronted him.

  2. Let us first determine that they knowingly affronted us before we take measures for punishment.

  3. And the mighty ruler of the Haihaya tribe placing himself on his celestial car, affronted Indra, while that deity was enjoying himself with Sachi, his queen.

  4. For having affronted the Brahmanas I, by (virtue of) Agastya's malediction, have come by this condition.

  5. He has too much good sense to be affronted at insults, he is too well employed to remember injuries, and too indolent to bear malice.

  6. And he came back the pertest little ape That ever affronted human shape; Full of his travel, struck at himself.

  7. You know nothing about it," he returned in an affronted tone.

  8. Last summer they chose to be affronted because the band in the Colonna played Wagner oftener than pleased their patriotism, so they just fell on the poor chaps, wrecked the stand, and tore the music into atoms.

  9. Then, sir, you will not be affronted at, or ascribe to unworthy motives, a remark which I wish to make.

  10. And yet there is nothing particularly to be affronted about.

  11. She ended, however, in being affronted by her cousin's success.

  12. For none of the affronted delegates credited with a knowledge of the subject either Mr. Lloyd George, who had never heard of Teschen, or Mr. Wilson, whose survey of Corsican politics was said to be so defective.

  13. But the affronted nations did not stop at this mild criticism.

  14. The islanders feel quite affronted if you call them EspaƱoles; and a native of Old Spain would feel even more affronted if you called him a Cubano or an Havanero.

  15. You are not going to be Missish, I hope, and pretend to be affronted at an idle report.

  16. She turned slowly away with everything of affronted dignity except its essence, exactly as I had expected her to do.

  17. I knew then, as I had confirmed later, that the commonest feeling in the American mind was a quiet but affronted indignation at British ingratitude.

  18. I was afraid you'd be left behind," she said, as he dropped his bag on the seat and the affronted stationmaster himself shut the door.

  19. These thoughts inflamed and rendered more beautiful the apprehensive pity for the real victim--now affronted by a new danger, the menace of the law.

  20. Were it superstition Never by such suspicion to have affronted The human form, oh, may the time ne'er come In which I shame me of the infirmity.

  21. I have been mortally affronted by the duke's nephew in the face of the whole senate.

  22. No, without doubt, they, having found themselves Affronted both, have both conspir'd my death.

  23. And, having been affronted by the sword, To pray the aid of the long robe, and take An advocate for second?

  24. Is sitting away in corners, talking in low voices and looking personally affronted if any unlucky outsider comes within earshot, flirting?

  25. But this is only between the degraded and perverted priesthood of the Senecas and our Oneidas and Mohicans, whose Sachems and Sagamores have been outraged and affronted by the blasphemous mockeries of Amochol.

  26. And this you must allow to be very candid, when I tell you that, but yesterday, he affronted me so much by a Piece Of impertinence that I had a very serious quarrel with im.

  27. Wedded," she whispered, "to one who hath denied me, affronted me and cast me out of his house!

  28. At the old pagan name with which he had affronted her that morning in the hills, Laodice drew back sharply.

  29. I heard of Jenny's worth and kindness from the Englishman who had been so grievously affronted by Captain N, and sent for her to come to me.

  30. Deeply affronted by the Captain's foolish conduct, he now took a malignant pleasure in watching his arrogant neighbour's progress to ruin.

  31. Sir, you never affronted them before:--if you had, you should have known them sooner.

  32. There was comfort in writing with such associates as were his little band of Scribblers, some gone away, some affronted away, and I am left as the solitary widow looking for water cresses.

  33. I know I ought to hate this woman, because she has affronted me thus grossly; but yet, I cannot help it, I must love her.

  34. Sidenote: The lady of the castle is affronted at the maiden.

  35. For Sir Launcelot was still very bitterly affronted at his kinsmen because that they had chid him so greatly for the manner in which he had ridden in a cart upon that adventure to rescue Queen Guinevere as aforetold of.

  36. To this the Lady Layonnesse said: "This is very strange, and I am much affronted that King Arthur should have sent to me from his court a knight without a name and without any credit at arms for to serve as my champion.

  37. Then the lady when she heard how that the damsel had poured all of that balm at one time upon Sir Ewaine, was much affronted and very angry with her, and she said: "What is this that thou hast done?

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