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Example sentences for "pray"

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pravitatis; pravity; prawn; prawns; praxis; prayd; praye; prayed; prayer; prayerbook
  1. I will pray and do penance until death releases me from my wretched life.

  2. She for whom you have drawn your swords, is now going to take the veil, and will beg God day and night to forgive you, Conrad, for your falseness, and will pray Him to bless you and your brother for ever.

  3. In early mediaeval times pious pilgrims went to this sacred place, in order to kneel on the holy steps of the old convent church so rich in memories of the martyrs, or to pray in the chapel.

  4. When he crossed the principal square of the town, where already at the time the magnificent Minster stood, he entered this church to pray once more, and to put another coin into the poor-box.

  5. When the choir was finished, crowds of pious pilgrims came from the surrounding suburbs and even from a distance to pray before the relics of the three holy kings which where enshrined there.

  6. Whoever wished could go there to slander or to pray for the repose of his soul, whenever they desired.

  7. Now, for the Book I something have to say (Pray mark Mee well, good Reader, while you may).

  8. A man like other men you see; Pray have you yet applied elsewhere?

  9. You tell us to pray for faith, but how shall we pray in earnest unless we first have the very faith we pray for?

  10. And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. We pray till we begin to ask, Is there one who hears, or am I whispering to myself?

  12. Now distinguish this, I pray you, from mere worldly morality.

  13. God ever is; and I pray you once more to observe, that this peace of God, this eternal rest in the Almighty Being, arises out of His unity.

  14. Remember, I pray you, the diversities of form through which, in so many ages and generations, this Church has passed.

  15. Now observe here, I pray you, the deep wisdom of this apostolic decision.

  16. We take then first of all for our consideration the triad in discord: "I pray God your whole body and soul and spirit be preserved blameless.

  17. But they were not destined to hope and pray in vain.

  18. He raised the handkerchief from his eyes, and said: 'I pray you to bear me witness, that I meet my fate like a brave man.

  19. He desired the governor would pray for him, that he might go to the Englishman's God.

  20. I pray that God may give each of you to see and to understand spiritual things.

  21. Pray believe, my dear poet, that I am none the less, for life, Your friend, Eleonore de M.

  22. Pray what would you think of me, Monsieur Butscha, if I allowed myself to make fun of those who do me the honor to wish to marry me?

  23. My father Is hard at study; pray now, rest yourself: He's safe for these three hours.

  24. Oh, sir, an Indian will pray to an arquebus not to shoot him; be sure their artillery is safe enough," said Yeo.

  25. Illustration: PRAY YOU, WORK NOT SO HARD] Ferd.

  26. Pray you, tread softly, that the blind mole may not Hear a foot fall: we now are near his cell.

  27. Now pray tell me, sir, your reason for raising this sea-storm?

  28. It is only with a certain reserve that we can venture to pray that the Lord will "take from our lives the strain and stress.

  29. To pray with people" is a well-known ministry of Christian service, and it involves this priestly function of presenting another's prayers to God.

  30. But times will also come when he himself will need the support of a priestly intercession in the Divine presence-chamber, when he will seek out some one of quick sympathy and strong faith and say, "Brother, pray for me.

  31. As His disciples we can only pray more earnestly that the kingdoms of the earth may in deed and truth become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.

  32. He asked for time to pray, and was told to pray from the cross-beam.

  33. He said, 'If you are determined to kill me, let me have time to pray before I die.

  34. He tried to pray and then--he crashed against the rafter.

  35. I pray that that iron beast has not destroyed it.

  36. Pray what Titles are those Gentry distinguished by?

  37. Yonder likewise seems to be a Monument[19] rising: Pray who is it intended to do Honour to?

  38. Pray what is your Opinion of checquered Marble's being made use of in Busts?

  39. Don't I know that you pray for a deliverer every night of your life?

  40. Pray don't think I am asking you to do anything of the sort!

  41. Nourish it, treasure it deep in your inner heart-- Think of it ever by night and by day; Pray for it!

  42. Who looks for pardon as the damned may look-- That ever pray, and know they pray in vain.

  43. Come, let us kneel around his bed, And pray unto his God and ours For mercy on his servant here: Oh, God be with the dying year!

  44. Pray that I may receive that Divine assistance, without which I cannot succeed, but with which success is certain.

  45. And pray how did you pass the rest of the time?

  46. Pray let him know that I await him at St. James's.

  47. Pray tell me the scandal, or I vow I shall have a fit of the vapours all the time you are painting my portrait.

  48. I pray you, friend Davy, let no men know that I was once your teacher, if you formulate such foolishness as this; otherwise, it would go hard with me in the world.

  49. These are dangerous days; pray remember that I am the queen's limner.

  50. III Pray what trick have you on your mind now?

  51. Pray be seated," I hastened to exclaim as I took the chair at my desk and faced the trio.

  52. Pray let me put you right on that point at once by placing that in your safe," he added.

  53. Yes; pray tell the constable to wait," returned Casteno, and the sergeant disappeared, and once more we were alone.

  54. As a matter of fact, he is a friend of yours--" "And pray who is that?

  55. Why, pray is it not a clear case, don't we see our tobacco burnt?

  56. They universally avow a most ardent desire to assist upon every occasion, but pray to be allowed to do it in consequence of requisition.

  57. The younger man was about to utter something, when his father said quickly to Lennox, 'I pray thee, my Lord Duke, may I speak with you a moment apart?

  58. Pray God we may find our Marjorie as safely!

  59. Pray think on me as you pass by, As you are now so once was I.

  60. If any desire to be me nigh, Pray let my bones in quiet ly, Till Christ shall come in cloudy sky, Who will us all both judge and try.

  61. Whoever treadeth on this stone, I pray you tread most neatly; For underneath the same doth lye, Your honest friend, William Wheatley.

  62. I pray that I may not hate them less as time goes on.

  63. I shall pray all my life that it will do you no harm in the end.

  64. Compose thy soul, and I pray only the Effendina to give thee that seemly death thou didst deny thy victims.

  65. I have touched, lightly, yet I trust sufficiently, upon the canker spots that I so fervently hope and pray may in time be eradicated from our system of home and foreign affairs.

  66. Cousin Nancy is better, she told me: pray Heaven it may be so.

  67. I expect to see Nancy to-morrow at Bushfield--pray send I may.

  68. Then, madame, I pray that you may change it yet again.

  69. Pray now, my child, for grace and strength," he exhorted.

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