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Example sentences for "grieve"

Lexicographically close words:
grieued; grieuous; grieuously; grievance; grievances; grieved; grieves; grieveth; grieving; grievous
  1. He would not grieve the nuns by a hurried farewell.

  2. Then said one, "Sire, grieve not overmuch.

  3. She spoke to her distracted husband and bade him grieve no more.

  4. Mavis will be the one who will grieve for me.

  5. She would grieve long and sincerely--and then she would be quite happy.

  6. All her arts would not grieve me as much as one word against Brother.

  7. I would not grieve her; indeed, I love her too well.

  8. His trust was so perfect, that he did not even grieve at having to die for a faithless friend who had left him to the fate to which he had unwarily pledged himself.

  9. I have often seen death, and I do not fear it I go to heaven with a sure trust, I grieve but for you; I hoped to have made you happy; if I ever have given you any reason to complain, forgive me.

  10. There Konrad's den and merry men Will safely hold the boys-- The Prince shall grieve long ere we leave Our hold upon his joys.

  11. We grieve to be obliged to record that on the following night there was a repetition of this painful scene, and the night after that, too.

  12. Sweetest, grieve no more Now all is over, but take courage from Old nurse Rodriguez, who was ever wont To smooth its pillow, and to share its griefs.

  13. I grant that rainbows, being lulled asleep, Snort like a woodknife in a lady's eyes; Which makes her grieve to see a pudding creep; For creeping puddings only please the wise.

  14. It was a whim of veterans who grieve over their lost youth--old men's words, censuring pleasures that their age can no longer taste.

  15. They would greatly grieve me, sister, if the unjust doubt that they express could blind you to the truth.

  16. He ventured not, however, to grieve the king by disclosing it, or increasing his suspicion of his brother, which evidently pained him, and which he seemed desirous to exert himself to the utmost to shake off.

  17. He paused suddenly, as though he would not grieve his bride by uttering what clouded his happiness, even in this moment of bliss.

  18. Yea, I grieve that he too was recalled, and now we have no one that seemeth suitable.

  19. For myself I never could see much in this acorn diet, for I grieve to say that all my life I have had a most unpriestly appetite.

  20. That you did not find him sensible must doubtless grieve you; his disposition towards you was undoubtedly that of a kind, though not of a fond father.

  21. And if I were to lament about sic matters, this would grieve me mair than its passing from my immediate possession, whilk, by the course of nature, must have happened in a few years.

  22. I would have kept it secret from you; for I think it will grieve you, and yet you can administer no consolation.

  23. The charge, Mr. Waverley, I grieve to say, is of a very high nature, and affects your character both as a soldier and a subject.

  24. Nature resists intrusion into her arcana, and I grieve to say, that we have not yet been able to bring about a definite result.

  25. The elder boy before unnoticed advanced as if in doubt, whether to grieve or frown.

  26. I grieve that he so little valued the lives of thy brave companions.

  27. Adieu, holy father, I grieve that thy conscience stands in the way of thy advancement,' and springing upon the restive beast, he was away with the swiftness of the wind.

  28. Grieve not," said the alchemist, with an air of superior wisdom, "Science will achieve new wonders with these dull atoms.

  29. The Mullah will grieve for her, and will grind his teeth with rage when he learns that the freight of guns and ammunition is lost to him," laughed Captain Humphreys.

  30. Since grief but aggravates thy loss, Grieve not for what is past.

  31. Or grieve for friendship unreturned, Or unregarded love?

  32. Though other's purses be more fat, Why should we pine or grieve at that?

  33. I grieve to tell: before yon sun Does from the welkin fly, He hath upon his honour sworn, That thou shalt surely die.

  34. My spirit's feeble and my pains are strong: This I may say I only grieve to die, Because I lose my charming Emily.

  35. Maggie did not only grieve for her friend when she mourned for Annabel.

  36. I grieve to say that neither the genius of Kean nor the charms of Miss O'Neill could bring me from the hillside and the sweet society of Tom Purdie.

  37. The great Cameron was chaplain in the house of my great something grandfather, and so I hope Mr. Grieve will be mine.

  38. If we are not to weep for the dead, how much less ought we to grieve for absent friends!

  39. She must act alone and very cautiously, in order neither to offend nor to grieve him.

  40. Of course my grandmother's action and the indirect malevolence of Pasotti grieve me deeply, but your too violent indignation is far more painful to me.

  41. Grieve not, gentle traveller, to let Madame de Rambouliet p-ss on.

  42. And this have I said because it must grieve thee.

  43. My lord," said Phineas, after a while, "I can assure you that I grieve that you should be grieved.

  44. If there be any pang in this to you, be sure that I will grieve for you.

  45. No, dear love, I do not grieve for myself.

  46. I have something to tell you, something that will grieve you.

  47. The upshot of it all was, that at the end of the week she wrote to George, declaring that, grieved as she was to grieve him, she felt herself obliged to adhere to her former resolution.

  48. I write this with great grief," she continued, "as I know that what I write will grieve you.

  49. It would grieve me to hear men speak lightly of your name.

  50. I grieve to hurt your feelings for a day even; but I am sure you will ultimately approve of what I am doing.

  51. Now I do believe this of you, that you are an honest lad; and though you are so fond of your own way, I don't think you'd wish to grieve me if you could help it.

  52. That would grieve me full sore, When I should come to that fearful answer: Up, and let us go thither together.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grieve" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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