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Example sentences for "crush"

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crusader; crusaders; crusading; crusadoes; cruse; crushed; crusher; crushers; crushes; crushing
  1. Lutherans, which you would like to crush to earth, is waiting for the battle and cannot refuse it.

  2. Poverty, stern discipline, and unsatisfied desire left their lifelong marks upon a physical constitution none too strong, but could not crush the inherent cheerfulness and courage which proved his dominant characteristics.

  3. And when he despaired of doing this by his actions (laboribus) he sought to crush me with his tongue steeped in the poison of hell, and he did it, too, as far as he could.

  4. Ground which is reached through narrow gorges, and from which we can only retire by tortuous paths, so that a small number of the enemy would suffice to crush a large body of our men: this is hemmed in ground.

  5. Those El-Mann dogs had heard of it, and so had the Beni Aroun; therefore I planned to crush them first before dealing with Abu Lissan.

  6. You, who found it easier to crush the smaller first, tell me why the aeroplanes should not come first to Petra!

  7. And I have seen her stand all unaware Pressing her spread hands over her breasts, as she Would crush their mounds on her heart, to kill in there The pain that is her simple ache for me.

  8. She said her teacher was a lady very grand, Who, when she first went in, most kindly took her hand, And led her to a seat where she herself sat down, Nor seemed afraid to crush her beautiful silk gown.

  9. One more slight move would surely crush his head; In one short moment more he might be dead!

  10. These ne'er felt the glow Of pure Philanthropy move them aright Or they would rise and aim to crush this demon's might.

  11. He rushes forth to die on Europe's plains, or crush the Bear.

  12. He said Yea to the hanging of Saint-Pol and Limoges, and made ready a host which must infallibly crush Chaluz were it twenty times prepared.

  13. At Rouen she did her best to crush the young girl to the pavement with her intolerable flat-lidded eyes.

  14. The Duke Leave the burden to me; it would crush you.

  15. Such men I would crush as I would a worm, without thinking that I had committed homicide!

  16. There are two lives in peril, that of a man I am interested in, and that of a musketeer which I consider useless: we are going to crush him.

  17. Moreover, to ask the protection of a world whose laws you have trampled under foot is like returning to a house which you have burnt and whose roof would fall and crush you.

  18. Our sympathy with Cuba, with the Armenians, with Ireland, with Poland, rises up to refute Machiavelli and his right of the State to crush for mere pleasure of power.

  19. They can crush anyone who ventures to oppose their desires.

  20. With the three-fold monopoly of oil lands, pipe line, and railroad abolished, the Standard Oil trust would find no wall against which to crush weaker concerns.

  21. I have not a doubt but, with the blessing of Providence, his majesty's arms will be successful and finally crush this unnatural rebellion.

  22. Day by day you grapple with it, day by day you hammer it, day by day you crush it.

  23. But this man they drive; they pinch him and burn him and tear him; they crush his limbs, they break his bones, they grind his flesh, they make his brain a living fire of anguish.

  24. Hateful tyrant of the commonplace--so you will lay your cold hand over me and crush out all the fire from my heart.

  25. But he could not crush her; he could not strike her even with his contempt; but a fierce laugh escaped his throat as he felt how good and kind fate had been to him in giving him the opportunity for taking ample revenge.

  26. The passer-by has thought it a meritorious deed to crush beneath his heel the chance-met Adder; and a gust of wind has thrown a tiny unfledged bird from its nest.

  27. If I happen by accident to crush a female big with germs that have reached maturity, a shiny streak runs along my fingers, as though I had broken some vessel filled with a phosphorescent fluid.

  28. In addition an immense rock, hung over his head, threatened every moment to crush him.

  29. How can I crush the oil out of all this mustard seed in one day?

  30. So if you cannot crush all the oil out of this mustard seed you will die.

  31. The Prince showed him the mustard seed, and said to him, "How can I crush the oil out of all this mustard seed in one day?

  32. There the King gave him eighty pounds of mustard seed, and told him to crush all the oil out of it that day, and bring it next morning to him to the court-house.

  33. Just when the dragon was about to crush the lion Guy drew his sword, and setting spurs to his horse, sprang upon the dragon.

  34. In vain his men begged him not to provoke a monster so mighty that he could crush their heads and the timbers of their ship with one cast of a stone.

  35. I will give him eighty pounds weight of mustard seed, and out of this he must crush the oil in one day.

  36. When I have finished this war," he said, "it will be time enough to crush these Swiss rebels.

  37. With these he proposed to march at once to the west, and crush the rebellion before it gained strength.

  38. I am a loyal subject of King George, and I wish him every success in battle, and am confident that he will crush out this rebellion without difficulty, but I cannot go as far as some.

  39. A tall broad-shouldered figure with a brown beard elbowed his way through the crush and smote the Junior Watch-keeper on the breast-bone.

  40. An old woman forced her way through the crush towards the Lieutenant of the Patrol, who with knotted brows was trying to grasp the gist of a signal handed to him by a coastguard.

  41. Two centuries ago, after the brilliant victories of Marlborough, it was proposed to crush permanently the Militarism of France.

  42. The French Government soon made an endeavor to crush Paoli and do away with Corsican privileges, and the islanders rallied round the patriot.

  43. Napoleon's object was to separate Bl├╝cher from Wellington, then to deal with each singly, and thus to crush them forever.

  44. How to crush Balthazar and have the sole privilege of plundering the people was the thought with him by day and night.

  45. She plows, or rather digs, for on these steep mountain sides plowing is an impossibility, for so steep are they that should the team be plowing transversely the upper horse would fall and crush his mate on the lower side.

  46. But first he demanded that he should have fair play shewn him, that none in that assembly should aid his opponent, or take part against him, for being an old man they might easily crush him with their strengths.

  47. Dispatches had just been received by the duke from England relating to American affairs--the resistance of the Colonists, and the strong measures adopted by the ministers to crush the rebellion.

  48. The British fleet," replied the First Lord of the Admiralty, "is strong enough to crush the fleets of our enemies should they dare to show themselves on the open seas.

  49. It was in Kordofan that Hicks Pasha and his army, sent to crush the revolt, were annihilated (Nov.

  50. This black saw all Europe marshalled to crush him, and gave to his people the same heroic example of defiance.

  51. We have been challenged to the defence of our country, and in this sacred cause, to crush Slavery.

  52. He longed for heavy sleep to crush his thoughts.

  53. Then he lost all energy, relapsing beneath the weight of implacable fatality that bound his limbs so as to more surely crush him.

  54. In rage and despair, he wanted, at last, to take his wife in his arms, and crush the spectre of his victim rather than leave her to it.

  55. He was going to crush his face at one blow.

  56. When he could crush his paw or tail, he did so in affrighted joy, the mewing of the poor creature giving him vague terror, as though he heard a human cry of pain.

  57. When they could press the hands of one another behind a door, without speaking, they did so, fit to crush them, in a short rough clasp.

  58. Had the young fellow, after all, seen and managed to get close to her in the crush at the paddock gateway?

  59. But he could not--paralyzed, made drunk by that insensate longing to take her in his arms and crush her to him as he had those few hours back.

  60. In the crush there he was separated from her a little, but she was soon beside him again; and more than ever he congratulated himself that nothing had occurred to upset her and spoil the day.

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