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  1. Pope Urban gave all his strength to the crusading mania and made little progress with the Hildebrandine reform.

  2. His reformation, however, was lost in the crusading zeal and he himself helped to preach the Fourth Crusade.

  3. He took advantage of the crusading spirit already abroad in Europe and called the Council of Piacenza (Italy), which was attended by four thousand clergy, thirty thousand laity, and envoys from the Eastern Emperor.

  4. His fiery addresses, kindling a crusading mania in France and Germany, were supplemented by a letter from Pope Eugenius III.

  5. There had come about a gradual decline of fanatical crusading zeal--"The flame of fanaticism had slowly burned out.

  6. Although all the characters are fictitious the period is evidently in the early crusading days.

  7. This important Liburnian city sent forth many cruisers in crusading days; hence the Arabs came to know its name.

  8. The Crescent is a charge which has to answer for many idle tales concerning the crusading ancestors of families who bear it.

  9. Spain, the one part of the Western Church and State, which was still living in the crusading fervour of the twelfth century, was alone ready for action.

  10. In 1192 he was offered the patronage of the Crusading princes, and Richard Coeur de Lion begged for the favour of an interview, and begged in vain.

  11. Lastly, the renaissance of Europe in the crusading age was not only practical but spiritual.

  12. But it was not the crusading movement itself which brought so much new light, so much new knowledge of the world, to Europe, as the results of that impulse in trade, in travel, and in colonisation.

  13. The children's expedition marked at once the culmination and the decline of the crusading movement.

  14. At the same time, the cities also gained many political advantages at the expense of the crusading barons and princes.

  15. But although he thus dealt in language as furious as that of the Pope, the thought of breaking definitely with him and of casting aside his crusading vow as worthless mockery never seems to have entered his mind.

  16. Amid all the distractions of western politics, Innocent III ardently strove to revive the crusading spirit.

  17. John himself, one of the last specimens of the great crusading heroes, was titular King of Jerusalem, having married Constance, daughter of Isabelle and granddaughter of Amaury.

  18. The reign of Andrew began in a time of great confusion in state and church, when the crusading spirit was still a power which both religious and secular rulers found it convenient to turn to the advancement of their own designs.

  19. The first two produced no considerable advantage for the Christians; while Frederick, involved in the Hohenstaufen struggle with the papacy, evaded his crusading vows made long before.

  20. In this status the Jews remained without eventful history until the latter part of the twelfth century, when the crusading spirit had aroused a more intense hatred of the race.

  21. The German soldiers suffered great miseries from sickness and from their wounds, and as their language was not understood by the French and other European contingents of the crusading army, they were left untended and friendless.

  22. So, in 1147, another vast crusading army set out to the rescue.

  23. A more excusable direction given by Innocent to the crusading enthusiasm was against the Saracens in Spain.

  24. If no expedition against the Saracens of Syria marked the result of his efforts, his pontificate saw the extension of the crusading movement to other lands.

  25. This is constantly revealed by its opposition to Prohibition, vice-crusading and other such crazes of the disinherited and unhappy.

  26. The incessant movements of the crusading hosts, the intermingling of so many different races had broken down many barriers and set many unifying influences at work.

  27. After the first enthusiasm had worn off, a short crusading trip became part of the liberal education of every well-bred young man, and there never was any lack of candidates for service in Palestine.

  28. The soldiers of Alexander who had settled in the East, wandering merchants of many nations and climes, crusading knights and hermits brought these Buddha Stories from the East to the West.

  29. Stories from the old French and English chronicles showing the romantic glamour surrounding the great Charlemagne and his crusading knights.

  30. But crusading was a costly business, and of course there was a good deal of rivalry between these crusading knights as to who could raise the best-furnished troop of men.

  31. Now and again the crusading "fever" took hold of some of these Norman barons, and many wanted to go to fight the Turk--especially when there was not much fighting going on at home.

  32. It was a joy to find in Anna the same devotion to the cause that she herself felt, the same crusading fervor and reliability.

  33. Only the crusading spirit of the "antislavery apostles"[77] and what to them seemed the desperate state of the nation made the hard campaigning bearable.

  34. Having struggled against the odds for so long, Susan had no intention of being stifled now by Mrs. Stowe's more conservative views, nor would she give her crusading sheet an innocuous name.

  35. The first stage in this transatlantic field of service which those crusading for the Cause of Bahá’u’lláh in the Western Hemisphere are now entering is a step fraught with possibilities such as no mind can adequately envisage.

  36. The crusading spirit spread like circles from a stone thrown into the water, as the clergy of the council carried their own excitement to their homes, and the hosts who took the Cross were beyond all reckoning.

  37. Death had been busy in England as in the crusading host, and the tidings met Edward in Sicily that his home was desolate.

  38. This is the way that so many crusading princes have been served by them.

  39. The crusading spirit had not yet died away, but it was often diverted by the Popes, who sent the champions of the Cross to make war on European heretics instead of the Moslems of Palestine.

  40. Nicaea, Robert the Magnificent dies at; the crusading army at.

  41. Called defensive at first, they quickly became aggressive, and many a Crusading band hacked at the Jews before carving a path through to Mohammedans.

  42. Late May found the Crusading army in the field.

  43. Sidenote: Crusaders Practice on Jews] [Sidenote: Commerce in Jewish Hands] Incidentally the Jews suffered from the Crusading craze.

  44. The Turks were routed; twenty thousand fell on the field, and the enemy's camp fell into Crusading hands.

  45. Sidenote: Spring Revives Enthusiasm] The warmth of spring rekindled the fires of crusading zeal, if indeed they anywhere burned more slowly during the winter cold.

  46. But that which peculiarly characterises the military orders, is their adoption of the chivalrous crusading spirit of the age in which they arose: they were half friars, half crusaders.

  47. And though many eminent churchmen held out for a broader and more tolerant policy, the ultramontanes, by reason of their crusading zeal, steadily gained the ascendancy.

  48. Nor was it likely that Ivan, saddled with his own subjection to the sword of the Prophet, was going crusading against the Ottoman power in South Europe.

  49. The crusading zeal of his brother Henry had wedded him to the idea of French conquests, without giving him the intellectual force to organise or help such a project.

  50. However, the defeat of the English at Patay on the same day that the permission to Beaufort was given could not be overlooked, and the Cardinal was induced to lead his forces to the help of Bedford, and to postpone his crusading zeal.

  51. During the crusading period a check was placed to the tide of Mahommedan conquest, while to the caliphate the Crusades proved a perpetual drain upon its material resources.

  52. The crusading spirit was dead; the European powers stirred no finger to save the imperial city; and in 1453 Sultan Mahommed II.

  53. Between the opening and close of the crusading movement Europe underwent a complete revolution.

  54. The decay of the crusading spirit was a necessary result of the growth of the consolidation of the European nations, but the price paid was the fall of Constantinople and the establishment of the Turks in eastern Europe.

  55. During the early years of the contest the influence of the papacy reached a high pitch and made itself felt in the crusading movement, which received its first impetus from Pope Urban II.

  56. The effects of the crusading movement were felt in France as early as the reign of Louis VI.

  57. The Order of St George, said to have been founded in the 12th century as a crusading order and revived by the emperor Maximilian I.

  58. They were all originally founded as military religious orders, like the crusading Templars and the Hospitallers, but to fight for the true faith against the Moors in Spain.

  59. Soon after the greater crusading societies had been formed similar orders, such as those of St James of Compostella, Calatrava and Alcantara, were established to fight the Moors in Spain instead of the Saracens in the Holy Land.

  60. The slave question was not at the time a burning issue between North and South; for no Northerner thought of crusading to destroy the evil, while most enlightened Southerners were fond of planning how to do away with it.

  61. He sank to the level of a lieutenant of Alva, Guise, or Tilly, to the level of a crusading noble of the middle ages.

  62. They were in part Crusading and in part Saracenic.

  63. We first inspect the Crusading church of St. John the Baptist, which must have been a beautiful edifice in its day.

  64. Under the house of the Sisters of Nazareth and the neighbouring houses extend vast vaulted cellars which are now divided by walls of separation, and belong to different proprietors; they are doubtless of crusading origin.

  65. Then for one hundred and fifty years it remained a Crusading stronghold, while its final and complete destruction by the Sultan Bibars took place in 1265 A.

  66. This had evidently been in turn a Saracen and a Crusading construction.

  67. Perhaps it owed its more dilapidated condition to the largeness of its entry, and its proximity to another huge cave which had evidently in crusading times been converted into a Christian place of worship.

  68. The whole hill-top is covered with the traces of remains far anterior to the ruins of crusading times.

  69. In 1336, he vetoed the crusading scheme until happier times had dawned.

  70. Perhaps the most solid advantage Henry gained by the treaty was financial, for he spent the sums granted to enable him to redeem his crusading vow in preparing for war against his own subjects.

  71. The galleys, purchased from the crusading tenths of the Church, were transferred from the Mediterranean to the Channel.

  72. In deep disgust Bishop Peter left the court to carry out his long-deferred crusading vows.

  73. Bishop Peter, disgusted with his declining influence, welcomed his appointment as archbishop of the crusading Church at Damietta.

  74. The laity, disgusted to find that the king was negotiating for the transference of a crusading tenth to himself, associated themselves with their protest.

  75. The pope fell in with the scheme as an indirect way of realising his crusading ambition.

  76. The history of those years must be sought not so much in the relations of the king and his English subjects as in Gascony, in Wales, in the crusading revival, and in the culmination of the struggle of papacy and empire.

  77. In return the English and Scottish proceeds of the crusading tenth, imposed on the clergy at Lyons, were to be paid to Henry.

  78. A year later Boniface could do no more than appeal to the crusading zeal of Edward not to allow his claim on a patch of French soil to stand between him and his vow.

  79. The crusading fleet, equipped with the money of the Roman Church, threatened the English coast, and the curia was even more French in its sympathies than the temporising pontiff.

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