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Example sentences for "crazes"

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  1. There is almost a hint in the last sentence that he thought du Maurier's genius helped to nurse the crazes it made fun of.

  2. No breed or variety of dog has suffered more from the injudicious fads and crazes of those showmen who are not sportsmen also.

  3. Do you not see, senor, that the gain by Don Quixote's sanity can never equal the enjoyment his crazes give?

  4. We have here already repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that unbalanced minds always adapt their crazes to the prevailing views, and usurp by predilection the most recent discoveries of science to explain them.

  5. His crazes hinge on the exhalations of his skin and the functions of his stomach.

  6. We need go back no further than a generation to find abundant examples of eccentricities of style and expression, of crazes over some author or some book, as unaccountable on principles of art as many of the fashions in social life.

  7. Since the great diffusion of printing, these literary crazes have been more frequent and of shorter duration.

  8. This is constantly revealed by its opposition to Prohibition, vice-crusading and other such crazes of the disinherited and unhappy.

  9. Nothing, in fact, could be more commonplace than the observation that the crazes which periodically ravage the proletariat today are, in the main, no more than distorted echoes of delusions cherished centuries ago.

  10. Nevertheless, it must be obvious that the conclusions that a man comes to, the emotions that he harbours and the crazes that sway him are of much less significance than the fundamental assumptions upon which they are all based.

  11. To begin with, he had plenty of money; and next, he was as full of crazes as of learning.

  12. Sidenote: The Chief Æsthete] But of all the Society crazes of this period the Æsthetic movement created the most resounding stir.

  13. It was an age of strange crazes and pets and favourites.

  14. All the subtler, vital and inspiring impulses of natural womanhood have been rudely smothered in tussles of big muscles, in sensational crazes for making hockey-goals, and similar crude aims, quite alien to natural girlhood.

  15. Then there are social and literary fads, crazes in musical airs, fashions in dress, furniture, houses and carriages, without number.

  16. Sporadic social reform movements take the form of crazes and illustrate the same laws.

  17. The psychology of crazes is clearly seen in certain of its aspects in the homicidal manias that have swept over communities or whole countries at frequent intervals in the world's history.

  18. The following study of crazes and epidemics is offered as a slight contribution to this science.

  19. Among crazes of a different kind, we may notice financial crazes as an interesting type, falling under the same laws as those mentioned.

  20. Crazes of all kinds have found a prolific soil in America.

  21. All these moral traits were well illustrated in the Revolution crazes in France and in the persecution of witches in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

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