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  1. Whether the pleasure-loving king organized the projected preaching crusade we do not know, but he was sufficiently impressed to promise that he would honor with his presence the coming auto de fe, which was fixed for November 7th.

  2. Gentlemen, I now appeal to you, if it is not evident from what I have advanced in the preceding pages, that the late crusade against Catholics, has been most unjust, and most cruel.

  3. Protestant Ministers, and you know also, that most of their fellow labourers in the vineyard, of the Protestant Church, have been most active, and zealous in the late crusade against the Catholics.

  4. The prime organizer of this most unrighteous crusade is believed to have been the Reverend Dr.

  5. Then he instituted a crusade against the management of the Bank of Upper Canada, of which institution Attorney-General Boulton was solicitor.

  6. The records of the same Abbey credit its liberal founder with having sent large presents to the Emperor Lothaire, in aid of the second crusade for the recovery of the Holy Land.

  7. Saint Bernard preached the crusade which was decided on in the year 1144, of which Louis VII, King of France, had first formed the plan, and of which Pope Eugenius III, and the bishops of France approved.

  8. Therefore the first concern of the leader in a health crusade is the human kind he has to work for and work with.

  9. A popular book is The Crusade against Tuberculosis, by Lawrence F.

  10. The moral crusade spent itself in forcing compulsory laws upon the statute books of every state and territory.

  11. These failures are due not to any lack of desire for good government, not to any fundamental evils of cities, but to the fact that municipal reform, like the crusade against alcohol, has been based upon emotionalism, not upon definite proof.

  12. Hartley because he began and prosecuted his pure-milk crusade in a way that can be duplicated in any country town or small city.

  13. One examination of this kind will organize a family crusade against carelessness.

  14. St. Louis," and that the issue was connected with the Sixth Crusade which he had headed five years before.

  15. The last stage in the development of the crusade movement was thereby reached: originally begun to recover [78] the Holy Sepulchre, it had been extended to other countries against the avowed enemies of Christianity.

  16. It is not to be supposed that the troubadours turned to religious poetry simply because the Albigeois crusade had raised the religious question.

  17. Toulouse, against the crusaders and Simon de Montfort during the Albigeois crusade and was killed near Toulouse in the battle of Muret.

  18. At the close of the Albigeois crusade the Virgin Mary becomes the theme of an increasing number of lyric poems.

  19. There is no trace on this side of any sense of patriotism; they hated the crusade because it destroyed the comforts of their happy existence.

  20. The crusade sirventes[14] are important in this connection, and there were often eloquent exhortations to the leaders of Christianity to come to the rescue of Palestine and the Holy Sepulchre.

  21. Several crusade songs are attributed to Thibaut among some thirty poems of the kind that remain to us from the output of this school.

  22. In 1202 he followed his master upon the crusade which practically ended at Constantinople.

  23. The boy was recognized by an officer who had been in the late crusade with Leopold's troops.

  24. De Lusignan joined a crusade after the death of his wife, and was killed at one of the battles in 1249.

  25. All the hardships and dangers attendant upon a crusade were laid before Eleanora in graphic colors, but she was willing to brave them all rather than let her husband go without her.

  26. I think it was a Crusade that Read saw--but that it was right, relatively to the year 1851, to say that it was only seeds in the wind, whether the wind blew from the sea or not.

  27. If a Crusade or outpouring of celestial vandals is seen from this earth in the spring--"ice crystals.

  28. A remarkable state of affairs followed, justifying us in speaking of this crusade as a comedy, in contrast with the tragic character of those which had preceded it.

  29. The crusade thus entered upon proved, however, to be simply a farce.

  30. In his old age, having put an end to the wars in Germany and Italy, he headed a crusade to the Holy Land, from which he was never to return.

  31. The pope preached a crusade against them, but the army of invasion was defeated, and Silesia and Austria were invaded in reprisal by Procop Holy.

  32. The Cardinal Julian, who had preached a crusade against Bohemia, succeeded for a time in rallying the fugitives, but at the first onset of the Hussites they again took to flight, suffering themselves to be slaughtered without resistance.

  33. Sir Bartle Frere was once asked by a member of Miss Nightingale's family to what her influence in India was due, and what had set the sanitary crusade in motion?

  34. It was a subject of recurring self-reproach to Miss Nightingale in subsequent years that she had not found time to follow up this latter opening and organize a new crusade for the spiritual and moral welfare of the soldiers.

  35. In our crusade for the poor we worked for the dockers.

  36. The various pontiffs had from time to time regranted to the Spanish monarchs the revenues arising from the sale of the so-called Crusade bulls granting certain indulgences.

  37. At last Philip threatened to withdraw his ambassador, and the now angry pope defied him, threatening above all to withdraw from him the right of selling the Crusade bulls of indulgence, which produced a large revenue.

  38. Spanish king the much-desired privilege of selling the Crusade bulls, and other financial concessions.

  39. To the Savoy he returned when his son, the Duke of Anjou, broke his parole and fled to Paris, desirous to exculpate himself of this dishonour, and to arrange for a crusade to recover Cyprus from the Turk.

  40. In the Crusade of the Emperor Frederick the Templars refused to join an excommunicated man.

  41. Great pains have been taken, by the North, to make it appear to the world, that the war was a sort of moral, and religious crusade against slavery.

  42. It was affirmed, for example, that the Mikado's people would be overjoyed if the Allied governments vouchsafed them the honor of participating in the great civilizing crusade against the Central Empires.

  43. To this bloody expedition Hung Sew Tseuen, a master of modern euphemism, gave the name of Crusade of the Great Peace.

  44. Indeed, their stings Convincing plea do ever make that we Should quick return to paths trodden before And wage crusade against the swarming pests Until their songs are legends of the past.

  45. But he, in flawless mental armor robed, Did crusade make where Science hath her home, And from her vaults where Truth was close entombed He raped their locks and brought the treasure forth.

  46. The Ten-Year Crusade is making most remarkable progress in all fields except the teaching on the home front.

  47. The Guardian has set up a new map, showing the supplementary goals won, so far,—outside the Crusade goals.

  48. I turn to the speech which Mr. Asquith delivered on Friday evening, September 25, in Dublin, as part of the crusade which he and others are undertaking for the general enlightenment of the country.

  49. He retained various nebulous thinkers around his throne; he also derived much of his crusade from the inspiration of a woman--Baroness von Krüdener, who is supposed to have owed her own conversion to the teaching of a pious cobbler.

  50. The second crusade had been a failure, and its history a series of disasters.

  51. In brief the history of the Third Crusade is that of a house divided against itself.

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