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Example sentences for "begged"

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beggarly; beggarman; beggars; beggary; begge; begger; beggerly; beggers; begging; begin
  1. While waiting there the cashier appeared and begged Dan to retract his assertions of the night before, declaring that otherwise he would be run out of town.

  2. After many fruitless efforts, she at length begged of him to state what he would require of Lord Melbourne to induce him to change his mind.

  3. In the present instance he followed his usual habit, and begged for a little time.

  4. And on going, he begged to be allowed to see them frequently--that was all.

  5. Shortly after this, Elgar would have risen to take his leave, but Mrs. Spence begged him to remain and lunch with them.

  6. She would have begged him to resume his seat.

  7. Miss Doran begged hard to come with me now, but I wouldn't allow it.

  8. Madame de la Logerie begged him to accompany her to the château.

  9. She almost flung herself at the young man's feet, and begged his pardon for having enticed him into this fatal position; and that night when she left the farmhouse she was in a state of pitiable agitation.

  10. But before leaving the marquis he begged him to tell Maître Jacques all the particulars of his adventure, feeling quite certain that the master of the warren would fraternally assist in his revenge.

  11. Questioned by the doctor as to the symptoms of the illness, Michel repeated faithfully all he had heard, and begged M.

  12. And Courtin held out to Maître Pascal the paper Michel had given him for Bertha, in which Petit-Pierre begged her to come to Nantes.

  13. My presentiment, which would not let me go away when you begged me, makes me sure of it.

  14. It will be readily understood that with such a nature Jean Oullier, on receiving the letter in which the marquis called him his old comrade and begged him to come to him, he did not delay his going.

  15. Each of her companions begged her to change places, but she would not consent to it.

  16. The widow, without telling her mother a word of what had happened, begged her not to let any one pass into the ruins; then, flinging her mantle over her shoulders, she prepared to go out.

  17. I begged him to stay; I had a presentiment that I should want him.

  18. Michel begged Bertha to leave the room, and the young girl consenting, they both went out after saying a last prayer at Tinguy's bedside.

  19. Thanking the king for agreeing to our proposal we begged that we might set out immediately.

  20. He made signs to Aboh that we wished to move on, and being anxious to find water, we begged that he would lead us to it as soon as possible.

  21. I then begged that she would let me have the paddle again, but she smiled and replied that her arms did not ache, and advised me to take my brother's paddle.

  22. After a short palaver we begged leave to retire, assuring his majesty that he would be quite well in the morning, and that we were very sure that none of his subjects had bewitched him, as would then be proved.

  23. As we wished to rejoin Prince Ombay as soon as possible, and put him out of suspense, we begged Tom to get ready to march at once.

  24. I then begged that he would speak to his companions, and advise them to be quiet, telling them that we would do everything in our power for their benefit.

  25. Caspar Caper, the man who seemed to be the most grateful to Harry and me, was quite himself again, and was certainly fit to return on board, but he begged hard that we would not inform the captain.

  26. The king in his generosity would have appropriated a house to each of us, but we begged that we might be allowed to live together in the one he had fixed on for me, which was amply large enough for all of us.

  27. Calling Aboh, I begged him to say everything civil he could think of; but, at the same time, not to commit me by making any promises on my part.

  28. We were not sorry to partake of them, as we had become very hungry; but as we had had but little rest the previous night, we begged our entertainers to leave us in quiet, which they did not appear disposed to do.

  29. We wished to be friends, and begged him to assist us with canoes, as we desired to prosecute our journey without delay.

  30. But as Hannibal held out no moderate terms and no assistance came to them from the Romans, they begged for a cessation of the assaults until they should deliberate a little about their position.

  31. The danger was manifest to all, and the tribunes and lieutenants begged him not to destroy them.

  32. I've begged and prayed you to stop, and you don't pay the least heed to me; I think you might have more kindness.

  33. Letty hurried her away, closed the door, and, whilst lighting two candles on the mantelpiece, begged her visitor to seat himself.

  34. Then Mr. Mutimer begged them to remain in the house.

  35. Adela, foreseeing his main danger, begged him to address the people without anger, assured him that a dignified self-possession would go much farther than any amount of blustering.

  36. He said he wanted to see you, that he must see you, and begged me to tell you that.

  37. This was not wanting, but the mother begged for time.

  38. Stella did not write; she had ceased to do so since receiving a certain lengthy letter from Adela, in which the latter begged that their friendship might feed on silence for a while.

  39. Mr. Wyvern called, but even him she begged through a servant to excuse her; her mother likewise came, and her she talked with for a few minutes, then pleaded headache.

  40. Receiving an affirmative reply, he begged that Miss Mutimer might be informed of Mr. Keene's desire to see her.

  41. She spoke of it, and, in surprise that he had never read it, begged him to take it to Oxford.

  42. Adela encountered a constable before she had gone very far, and begged for his assistance.

  43. Meeting Richard on the stairs she begged him to come to her room.

  44. He drew an easy-chair near to the fire and begged her to rest.

  45. He appealed to Alfred, who naturally laughed the scruple to scorn, and accordingly Mrs. and Miss Waltham were begged to honour Mr. Mutimer with their company.

  46. When it was nearly ten o'clock, she begged me to go home and not to drink any more.

  47. But it didn't matter, for two years later he repaid his nomination by writing the Song of the Bell, in which he expressed his thanks and begged the revolutionaries to keep quiet!

  48. And he begged me, as an experiment, to believe his good intentions.

  49. My theatre manager addressed me as Dear Master; journalists strove to interview me, the photographer begged to be allowed to sell my portrait.

  50. She soon noticed that when I drank I looked uglier than usual; so she begged me not to.

  51. This young lady did me the honour to take more notice of me than I deserved, and proposed to her uncle to convert me, and afterwards begged his consent to marry me.

  52. He no sooner heard that there were four English prisoners arrived in that country, than he waited upon the president, and begged they might be lodged at his house.

  53. At the same time they had sent us twenty loaves of fine sugar, and as many pounds of tea, being articles they understood we were in great want of, which they begged to be indulged in presenting to the officers.

  54. He likewise gave him a letter for the Bishop of Adran, together with a telescope, which he begged might be presented to him as a compliment for the services he had received, through his means, at Condore.

  55. About seven o'clock the commander, conceiving we might be fatigued with our journey, and desirous of taking some repose, begged he might conduct us to our lodgings.

  56. The poor fellow fell on his knees before me, begged my pardon amid tears and groans, and held his right leg towards me that I might feel how his heart beat.

  57. I begged her with tears in my eyes to intercede for me.

  58. When I heard this, I became terrified, and begged them, with tears in my eyes, not to forget the fidelity and duty they owed to the imperial family.

  59. As I approached them and spoke, they all took to flight, except one old man: him I addressed, and begged of him to give me lodging at his house.

  60. When I demanded the reason of this rough salutation, he begged my pardon in the most polite and elegant expressions.

  61. Then, joking still at his grim countenance, He begged him just to dance the Cyclop dance: No buskin, mask, nor other aid of art Would be required to make him look his part.

  62. Then calling Pulcheria, she begged her to tend her patient, too, for a short time.

  63. However, before the messenger had mounted his mule, she begged him to wait yet a few minutes and returned to the two men; for she had forgotten in her eagerness to speak to them of Orion's plans.

  64. I again begged his pardon for being betrayed into interruptions.

  65. Later on in life, when my father asked her for the story, she begged him to talk upon a pleasanter subject; and being unluckily a man of much courtesy and little curiosity, he complied with her request.

  66. In the morning of that day, from strong affection--having known her from an infant--I begged permission to see the corpse.

  67. A low voice with a good turn of expression and sweet cadence at the end of it, begged for a twelve-sous piece between them for the love of heaven.

  68. He freely withdrew all the charges he had made against me the night before; forgave me all the share that I had had in his misfortunes; and then begged that I would never come near him, or let him hear from me again.

  69. He again begged to remark that he had not finished.

  70. Fleury expressed unwillingness to stay with these good people, lest she should expose them to danger; but they begged most earnestly that she would remain with them without scruple.

  71. To avoid disputing with her, I gave up every point--I acquiesced in all she said--and only begged to have peace.

  72. As her absence appeared to him long, and as he had begged his friend to postpone an excellent story till her return, he went to her apartment and called "Griselda!

  73. With seeming politeness, he begged ten thousand pardons for his conscientious interference.

  74. The very day of his arrival at Halloran Castle, the count was going to Oranmore; he was dressed, and his carriage was waiting: therefore Lord Colambre begged that he might not detain him, and the count requested his lordship to accompany him.

  75. Lady Clonbrony begged a thousand pardons, fixed her eyes, and endeavoured to fix her mind on the cards; but there was something said at the other end of the room, about an estate in Cambridgeshire, which soon distracted her attention again.

  76. Lord Colambre poured out a glass of wine, and begged the innkeeper to drink the good agent's health, in which he was heartily pledged.

  77. Fleury's kindness the day when the arm was broken: dismounting immediately, she threw herself upon her knees in the midst of the crowd of young spectators, and begged pardon of Sister Frances.

  78. She embraced her children by turns with wild transport; and with tears begged Mad.

  79. Victoire begged her friend Annette to do the business of the shop, and stayed at work in the back parlour.

  80. And Hannah begged to be forgiven, and Ralph laughed at the idea that she had done anything wrong.

  81. So vivid was the impression that Johnson begged Bud to return to the office with him.

  82. When first he came to her bedside Maude had begged of him to leave her and not risk his life in her behalf; but he silenced her objections then, and now when he bade her adieu he would not listen to her protestations of gratitude.

  83. With a most winning smile upon her lip and a bewitching glance in her black eyes, Maude Glendower took his hand in hers and begged for a little longer freedom.

  84. Kennedy might console himself as best he could, and she begged so hard to defer their marriage until the autumn that the or gave up the contest, and with a heavy heart prepared to turn his face homeward.

  85. She answered me in her Austrian jargon, That she did not well understand that language, and begged I would speak to her in German.

  86. But she begged so hard to be allowed to go for only one term that she saw signs of relenting in her mother's face.

  87. Then I told her my secret, and begged her that she would let me use my art upon her.

  88. When we came to the base of this promontory, the men halted, but I begged them to continue to the extreme end of it, that we might have the satisfaction of knowing that no possible chance had been neglected.

  89. Addressing myself to the ventero, I begged he would furnish me with a slice of bread, some oil, vinegar, and the other ingredients requisite for making a gazpacho.

  90. His excellency took a pinch of snuff with unequivocal satisfaction, and begged me to proceed with what I was going to state when he interrupted me.

  91. Wilson and Kelly begged leave to inter poor McNabb’s stiffened body and to mark the spot.

  92. So begged the hunter and scout Gill, the big tears rolling down his cheeks, though his features were grim with determination.

  93. He uttered an apology for his awkwardness, but the peasant only smiled and, in a gentle voice, begged pardon for being in the way.

  94. The morning succeeding Vampa's trial a messenger arrived at the Hôtel de France from the Count Massetti, bearing a brief note in which the aged nobleman begged his son to come to him at once.

  95. Then Maria begged for a slide, and you know what any sort of monotonous bodily motion is to her; there is no getting her to leave off, and I never saw anything like the spirit and good-nature with which he complied.

  96. He had begged Mr. Currie to write to his sister or to Miss Charlecote, but the engineer had preferred to devolve the communication upon Mr. Fulmort.

  97. Lucilla, always eager for novelty, and ardent for her new friendship, begged to accompany her.

  98. Phoebe consoled her by ordering the carriage, and explaining that her sisters were at hand with some other girls, then begged leave to go home with Miss Charlecote for the night.

  99. Honor, however, was very happy, and presently begged her to come and see Owen.

  100. He begged for a prohibition of the study, but Miss Fennimore thought this would only lend it additional charms, and added that it was a field which the intellect must explore for itself, and not take on the authority of others.

  101. They begged the sisters to accompany her.

  102. He begged me to do him the justice to acquit him of all participation in this rash step, and said he had only met Bertha with a view to replacing her in the hands of her family.

  103. While the next evening she was wondering whether to volunteer it, Mervyn begged for it, and as she finished, asked, 'What does old Gay say of my mother now?

  104. He first alarmed, then delighted Honor; begged for crutches, and made such good use of them, that Dr.

  105. No, let me say it," begged Paul quickly, as Porter turned and faced them.

  106. Don't make too much of a fuss about it," begged Dick.

  107. Uncle Ezra begged and pleaded, but the driver was firm.

  108. Please don't get excited," begged the doctor, with a regard for Dick's nerves.

  109. Let me go along if you do," begged Paul eagerly.

  110. Dick begged and pleaded, but it is likely that not all the urging in the world could have prevented a touchdown, only that the whistle blew, ending the half, and the tired players rushed from the field.

  111. She begged me to tell her why, and as I knew that she'd have to be told the next day, I told her that Sir Horace Fewbanks had been murdered.

  112. I told him what had happened, and begged him to give up the idea of the burglary.

  113. Later, however, the chief inspector came to see me; he spoke to me kindly and begged me to behave quietly and he would see that I was not maltreated in any way.

  114. Sobry hastened to the lady, disclaiming all idea of doing her injury, but begged her to invite him and his companions to dinner, as the table was reputed to be the best in Hungary.

  115. After being detained till the end of January, he begged to be brought before a magistrate and requested to be set at liberty.

  116. I begged him civilly to allow me to keep on my shirt, whereupon he replied that I was well protected from cold by my shoes.

  117. One day when her judge visited her in prison, she begged him not to infer what she had been from what she was; that she was “once beautiful, exceedingly beautiful.

  118. The Jew, in despair, begged and implored for mercy, crying bitterly and shaking in every limb.

  119. I begged for an increase, but prayers and entreaties were of no avail.

  120. The tax-collector fell on his knees and begged the tyrant to lend him the money only and let him but pawn the ring; but Würger drove him to distraction by ordering a pint of beer which he slowly consumed before the drunkard.

  121. He begged piteously for more precise information,--were his parents, his brothers and sisters all alive?

  122. Upon perceiving this Sand begged the governor of the prison to call upon him by name should he manifest any sign of weakness.

  123. Here I first begged and then worked for a small farmer in the neighbourhood.

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