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Example sentences for "expose"

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  1. We wanted to expose trickery, if we found any.

  2. Neither am I going to have any trickery, or if there is any I'm going to expose it.

  3. Now, are you ready to pay, or shall I expose you?

  4. Under its influence, mothers will not trust the souls of their children to the guardianship of irreligious nurses, nor expose them to the perils of a corrupted and heartless fashion.

  5. But provosts and bailies, not being men of war, should not expose themselves to such adversities.

  6. His life was hurrying to its end; hour by hour he felt the fever wasting what little strength remained to him; and when he was gone who would protect her against the enmities to which religion and avarice would expose her?

  7. As for the danger to which our marriage might expose us, our love would dare that--ay, and things much worse.

  8. Neither eat nor drink for three days and three nights: and I with my handmaids will fast in like manner, and then I will go in to the king, against the law, not being called, and expose myself to death and to danger.

  9. Then Machabeus himself first taking his arms, exhorted the rest to expose themselves together with him, to the danger, and to succour their brethren.

  10. This man, for a long time, had held fast his purpose of keeping himself pure in the Jews' religion, and was ready to expose his body and life, that he might persevere therein.

  11. Whereupon Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing publicly to expose her, was minded to put her away privately.

  12. Is liable to expose us to dangers of uncleanness.

  13. This same, dealing craftily with our race, afflicted our fathers, that they should expose their children, to the end they might not be kept alive.

  14. I asked him privately how he could expose me so.

  15. A delusion for a time might expose a public man to popular injustice; but however misjudged, either during his life-time or after death, his character would require no other vindication than truth would afford.

  16. The Confederates, deceived into the belief that an attack was coming, would spring up and expose themselves to the well-directed volley which thinned their ranks.

  17. Stuart's raid, however, so alarmed General Halleck that he immediately telegraphed Pope from Washington: "By no means expose your railroad communication with Alexandria.

  18. I know my health, at best, is too precarious a thing to expose his Majesty's affairs in Parliament to suffer delay, perhaps in the middle of a session by being in such improper hands.

  19. Or by refusing, expose myself to the hazard of being robbed or slain?

  20. I guessed that your friends consulted your interest less than their own inclination to expose Rousseau; and I think their omission of what I said on that subject proves I was not mistaken in my guess.

  21. Labouring under the misfortune of deafness, his friends should consider to what unhappiness they may expose him.

  22. In a book published to expose Rousseau, and which confirms by serious proofs what I had hinted at in jest.

  23. I do not find it so uncomfortable to grow old, when One is not obliged to expose oneself in public.

  24. I wish you would let me have it to correct; I should be very sorry to have you expose yourself to censure; we painters must know more of those things than other people.

  25. But gambling does not, in that way, expose its victims.

  26. Shall we who have enlisted in the cause of God and humanity expose our plans to the enemy?

  27. Was it right to expose the plot of Guy Fawkes, by which he would have destroyed the Parliament of England?

  28. To explain would have been to expose her father to blame.

  29. Let it not be objected, that the introduction of the young to the sick room will expose them, unnecessarily, either to contagion or the breathing of bad air.

  30. He thinks it very unfit to expose any man's conversation and familiarity with his wife, but especially that king's; for it was apparently his blind side, and his enemies gained great advantage by showing it.

  31. Nothing could expose them more to Laud's ill-will.

  32. It was quite legal also to expose a child, and leave it either to perish or to be taken up by whosoever chose.

  33. Nevertheless, to return to the point which called for this explanation, it is quite in the power of Silius to expose or sell little Publius or little Silia.

  34. Horses that are transported in cars should be protected against injuries during transit by the use of proper care and such arrangement of the animals in the car as may expose them to the least injury.

  35. It is unsafe to expose castrated animals to cold, damp, chilly weather.

  36. Its votaries resemble the Gymnosophists of old, and while they profess to make their chief end pleasure, we can only learn that they expose themselves to every torture and every pain!

  37. We expose our life to a quotidian ague of frigid impertinences, which would make a wise man tremble to think of.

  38. Why expose yourself now that the flames are so bright?

  39. You may, perhaps, meet me, and if you please, you may expose me.

  40. In this state it is bought by the plaiters, who in their turn expose for sale yards of plaited straw to the hatters.

  41. These tales are all poetical, though the edge of the bank may here and there give way and expose the ribs of some vessel long since sucked in.

  42. No wonder that, as we are informed by more than one of the witnesses before the Smithfield Inquiry Commission, there is often not sufficient space to expose the meat for sale, and it becomes putrid in consequence.

  43. Send back a courier at once, but advance cautiously, careful not to expose yourselves.

  44. To come to the summit again would surely expose them to those keen Indian eyes.

  45. Expose to the sun and breeze until perfectly dry, then, put in a cool, dry place until you are ready to arrange them in the glass dish for table.

  46. I shall not expose you to the uncongenial associations or unwholesome atmosphere of the crowded shop or work-room.

  47. If common sense will teach us not to dance a bolero upon a sprained ancle, so might it also convey the equally important lesson, not to expose our more vital and inflammatory organ to the fire the day after its being singed.

  48. So that while I was imaging myself squeezing the hand and winning the heart of the fair Mary Anne, I was merely making a case of strong evidence for a jury, that might expose me to the world, and half ruin me in damages.

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