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Example sentences for "crushers"

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crusadoes; cruse; crush; crushed; crusher; crushes; crushing; crushingly; crusht; crust
  1. He at once proposed to discard both timbers and rubber, and rear new crushers directly on a vast block of solid iron.

  2. At the Tamarac Copper Mine, in Northern Michigan, some new ore-crushers were needed in 1891.

  3. That he might see ore-crushers at work for the first time in his life, he visited the Tamarac mine.

  4. In certain communities heavy farm tractors are made to earn dividends by running threshing machines after harvest, silo fillers in the fall and limestone crushers in the winter.

  5. Clod crushers and land floats belong to the same tribe.

  6. Unfortunately, clod crushers often are depended on to remedy faulty work on ordinary land that should receive better treatment.

  7. Though you set in Vestminster surrounded by your crushers Harrogint and habsolute like the Hortacrat of hall the Rushers, Yet there is a better vurld I'd have you for to know Likewise a place vere the henimies of horgin-boys will go.

  8. The crushers and conveyors were driven from a countershaft, in turn driven from the engine by an 18-in.

  9. B] Assuming that the scrap value of derricks and engines is one-half the cost, crushers one-third the cost, and other items nothing.

  10. From early morning they had breathed the dust-laden air, and in cramped positions had sorted the shallow streams of coal that constantly flowed down from the crushers and screens above.

  11. It still rose in clouds from the crushers and screens, but there was none above the chutes.

  12. In the same museum there are some remarkably interesting coffee crushers and mortars and pestles, several of these being illustrated in Fig.

  13. On June 30 he endured the torment of the thumb-screws and leg-crushers (Spanish boots) without confession.

  14. The best mechanical crushers consist of two-grooved revolving cylinders.

  15. Tramping has been superseded by mechanical crushers which break the skin but do not crush the seeds.

  16. So intense has been the pressure of the crushers upon the canes, that after they have come out from between the revolving stones, not a particle of moisture is left in any of them, and they are no longer of any use except for firewood.

  17. Underneath the crushers is a drain into which the juice from the canes drops and which conveys it into a large vat that stands ready to receive it.

  18. The small crushers are belted to a shaft driven by a separate motor from that driving the baby crusher.

  19. The draft in this stack draws all the dust from the crushers directly through the hoods to the main pipe, where most of it is deposited.

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