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Example sentences for "crushingly"

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crushed; crusher; crushers; crushes; crushing; crusht; crust; crusta; crustacean; crustaceans
  1. Napoleon had been crushingly defeated at Leipzig in October, 1813, and the British, Prussian, and other armies which Great Britain had combined against him, were already invading France.

  2. Because of this fact; because of Kent's eminence as a jurist; and because Marshall so crushingly answered his arguments, a precis of them must be given.

  3. The beauty of it ravished my senses, but it savored crushingly of the virtue that is far above and beyond me, and I felt a certain sore, despairing grief.

  4. The sight of these tooth-brushes day after day, week after week, and always, is one of the most crushingly maddening circumstances in my fool's life.

  5. Battles at sea are very rare because, when fought out, they are so crushingly decisive.

  6. The Jutland Battle was indecisive in one sense, crushingly decisive in another.

  7. She seemed to have wept her tears away, and the blow which had fallen so crushingly upon her, had benumbed her heart, so that she now did not feel as acutely as the weeping man before her.

  8. It was only after many glorious victories that they yielded to a crushingly superior force.

  9. The very bravest army must succumb if led against a crushingly superior force under most unfavourable conditions.

  10. Recent history shows us the victory of the numerically weaker Japanese army over a crushingly superior opponent.

  11. Now of a sudden it recurred to him, cumulatively, crushingly and, as before, his head instinctively sought refuge.

  12. McGuire's feet drove crushingly upward as their pilot pulled a lever to the full.

  13. The possibility of a rescue now seemed hopelessly and crushingly vague and distant.

  14. On the 3rd of February he was crushingly defeated in the battle of Caseros, fought within a few miles of the city.

  15. Many farms and villages were sacked, but soon the Indians were finally and crushingly defeated.

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