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Example sentences for "anguish"

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  1. Mental anguish and days in the icy Wabash told now on his robust frame, and inflammatory rheumatism set in from which he never recovered.

  2. Ellery, with hot thrusts of mingled anguish and exultation stabbing through his bosom.

  3. It matters little how much anguish skulks about the outside of life, so long as it finds no lodgment in the sacred shrines of the heart.

  4. He looked so like her mother, that he gave her a spasm of anguish which she tried to forget, as they were whirled down the road with its fringe of straight-limbed trees.

  5. He himself bowed before them with an adoration that was framed in anguish because these things were, and were not for him.

  6. O Thou who gavest me being, against whom I have fought, whom I fight to the end, shall there never be anything but anguish in the sound of Thy great name?

  7. Our eyes met, and his were surrounded by curves and lines of anguish which were terrible to see.

  8. He fell in a heap, from which his arms shot forth wildly as he reached the bottom, and his cry was half anguish yet half desire.

  9. I had no desire to go back and grope among the mysteries and anguish so suddenly revealed.

  10. The thought that I must share the anguish did not restrain me from my revenge.

  11. Yet though she had not joy but only anguish in her faith, and though her eyes were darkened that she could not see, yet the woman ceased not to call upon God, God, and to hold by Him who had smitten her.

  12. And He is just; He will not neglect the little one because of those prayers which the father and the mother pour forth to Him, although they cry with anguish and with tears.

  13. There was nothing said that even they could hear, nor done that they could see; but for a moment the throbbing was stilled, and the anguish calmed, and there came a great peace.

  14. He had not fallen like me, but his face was drawn with anguish and sorrow like the face of my friend who had been with me in the lazar-house, who had disappeared on the dark mountains.

  15. She had known pain, and privation, and trouble and anxiety, but actual anguish never.

  16. There was such terrible anguish in her tearless eyes that little Ninette shrunk away from her in alarm.

  17. Erica would hardly look at the thing; she had suffered too much to be able to endure any jokes on the subject, and she felt hurt and angry that what had given her such anguish should be turned into a foolish jest.

  18. But the words had scarcely passed his lips when a look of anguish swept over Erica's face; she snatched away her hands.

  19. She watched his face as he read, lost her last hope, and with the look of such anguish as he had never before seen, drew the paper from him, and caught his hand in hers in wild entreaty.

  20. Then exhausted, nerveless, powerless, she could no longer cope with that anguish of remembrance which was her nightly torment.

  21. To watch beside the dying must be anguish, and yet surely not such keen anguish as to have missed the last moments, the last farewells, the last chance of serving.

  22. She would not have believed the human mind to be capable of bearing so acute a stage of anguish as that which filled hers when the party returned, without--him.

  23. With a gasp of anguish this fellow staggered back, then doubling up, toppled down the shaft behind him.

  24. If his attendants made such noise as to break in on it, or if it ceased for a moment, the anguish returned, but was charmed away by the weakest, faintest resumption of the song.

  25. Still less had he anticipated the serene blessedness that sat on the wasted features of the dying girl, and all the anguish of labouring breath.

  26. There was a sort of sweet anguish in the disappointment which he liked so much that he was almost put out when she came.

  27. Upon the earth there were singers born of sorrowful women left in anguish by the evils of war and peace, not knowing which was the worse.

  28. It was a very faint gleam that came out of him, but it was enough to serve and to imprint the picture on his mind, give him possession of it, and deliver him from the anguish which attended all his dark contemplations.

  29. It evoked in him an anguish of commiseration, and even of remorse.

  30. But, as the anguish of the shock subsided, he found nothing left but softened thought, and the beginnings of a sad pathetic gratitude.

  31. A wild anguish would she have experienced at that moment, could she have divined what was passing in Herbert's mind.

  32. A sigh of deep anguish succeeded the thought.

  33. In her anguish the young Creole pronounced the last words aloud.

  34. No curious eye would venture there, to mark her grief or probe the anguish of her heart--the spot was haunted ground.

  35. Yes, I have felt the deep anguish of offering up a bleeding heart upon the altar of duty.

  36. I did love him with my whole heart and soul, and it caused me the greatest anguish of mind I ever experienced, to try and forget him.

  37. I laid my poor broken heart in the dust at His feet, and poured the anguish of my soul before Him.

  38. She could not bear that Mr. Rushmere, whose stern eye was fixed upon her, should read all the anguish of her heart.

  39. Boy as I was, I felt a sad presentiment that Alice and I were never destined to be so happy again, but the actual parting, so full of anguish to us, was not without its gleams of joy.

  40. Maisie, at the dentist's, had been heroically still, but just when she felt most anguish had become aware of an audible shriek on the part of her companion, a spasm of stifled sympathy.

  41. The sweet face turned with a smile of anguish at her voice, the dark eyes opened on her lovely countenance with a far away look already in their depths.

  42. Yes, letters had reached the army, and many a poor fellow that night forgot the anguish of his wounds and the gloom of his prospects in glad perusal of his loved one's words of affection.

  43. She turned her tranced eye from its shocked scrutiny of the boy, and lifted it in mute anguish to the colonel's.

  44. Yes, queen, I know this passage; and I once wended it in anguish and tears.

  45. Naught was heard but the beating of their hearts, and the sighs of anguish that burst from Geraldine's trembling lips.

  46. It was not the anguish of a loving heart which made her tremble; it was the wounded pride of the woman.

  47. After days of secret torture and hidden tears, after nights of sobbing anguish and wailing sorrow, Catharine had at last attained to inward peace; she had at last taken a firm and decisive resolution.

  48. They know not that in anguish of heart I besought the king not to bestow his hand upon me, and thereby rouse all the ladies of his kingdom as foes against me.

  49. Once or twice as the cloud wisped before the wind, we seemed to catch a brief glimpse of some agitated mortal, holding up his hands in supplication, or wringing them, and applying them in anguish to his nose.

  50. No one can tell what it cost me to drag out these words to her arch enemy, who was taking them in, like a draught of nectar, not only for the fact—which she had known when it occurred—but for the anguish they were costing me.

  51. After having, in the anguish of our souls, supplicated the Prophet, we ventured to move forward.

  52. Mollie thought of the anguish which would fill hearts at home for the gallant and the brave who had given up their lives for their country.

  53. She was feeling faint after a night of great anguish and terror.

  54. Like thee, my father, I adore my country, Yet weep with anguish o'er thy cruel chains.

  55. Thou little know'st the anguish of my soul, If thou believ'st I ever can again, So long the wretched sport of angry Fortune, Admit delusive hope to my sad bosom.

  56. When thou wouldst humble human vanity, By singling out a wretch to bear thy wrath, Thou crushest him with anguish to excess: If thou wouldst bless, thou mak'st the happiness Too poignant for his giddy sense to bear.

  57. I come to breathe the voice of mourning to him, I come to crave his mercy, to conjure him To whisper peace to my afflicted bosom, And heal the anguish of a wounded spirit.

  58. From the inside of the barn came a groan of anguish and terror that was human in its appeal.

  59. She could still see the old maid wringing her hands and gazing in anguish at her cherished garden.

  60. In a thousand homes, with tears and the anguish of breaking hearts, those who had sent them forth were that day fulfilling theirs.

  61. With rage and anguish she heard Garth say that when he "went West" (no longer in the sad vernacular of soldiers) his wife would go with him.

  62. Mary confessed that, if she were in her daughter's place, it would be anguish to give up such a wonderful, gorgeous young man.

  63. I caught my breath in anguish at the thought, and then, fearing that my courage would fail me, I spoke hastily: "What do you offer me?

  64. Miss Walton," I burst out, "you see before you the most miserable being conceivable, and you can save me from the worst anguish I am suffering!

  65. And the weeping Bhadra clasped in her arms the corpse in anguish of heart.

  66. In very anguish of mind, he sank down in the boat, burying his hands in his hair, whilst the boat, impelled by the exertions of the merry sailors, flew over the waves.

  67. Don't speak of profits to me, if you wish to save me the bitterest anguish of mind.

  68. I am utterly ignorant of everything about him," said Madame de Belliere, with the poignant anguish that suspends thought and speech, and even life itself.

  69. And all that day there was a persuasion in the back of Vincey's mind that Mr. Bessel sought his attention, and all through the night Mr. Bessel with a tear-stained face of anguish pursued him through his dreams.

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