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affaires; affairs; affayres; affeccion; affeccioun; affectation; affectations; affecte; affected; affectedly
  1. You may be sure you will never affect my children by any thought suggestions while my brain is clear and in normal condition.

  2. After you reach your apartments put your whole power of science upon me and my children; you will not affect one of us three.

  3. She does not like their odor--they affect her unpleasantly.

  4. If there was no substance or substantiality in the atmosphere, it could not affect and destroy substance, for, without tangibility, it would pass through substances, creating no visible disturbance.

  5. The subject suffers greatly from excessive blood to the head, mental hysteria, sleeplessness, and all things that affect the brain.

  6. If the Moon can affect vegetables, eggs, and the growth of chickens, as it is proved to do, how much more easily and wonderfully it must affect the grey matter of the human brain, which is the most subtle and mysterious essence of all.

  7. We will now consider the difference of these two positions, how distinctly they affect the mind and temperament, and also their relation as to health and tendency towards disease.

  8. These people are like the preceding type in almost all things, except that the same things appear to affect them more mentally than physically.

  9. I affect do not shock him in the least; he even praises and exalts them.

  10. For divers reasons which, believe me, do not affect you in the least, I am very desirous, solely on Mlle.

  11. But you can hardly imagine that this visit would affect Ernestine in any way.

  12. I sometimes purposely reply to these English-speaking youths in Marathi, because they rather affect not to know it.

  13. The old countries do not affect to deny death a part of experience, as younger countries do.

  14. This does not, however, affect the central fact that Nationality is the best salve for existing wounds, and that its application will enormously reduce the infected area.

  15. B) Such territorial changes as have been outlined above would vitally affect the position of Greece, who is also fully entitled to claim compensation for any serious disturbance of the balance of power.

  16. This suggestion is, of course, valuable, but will not greatly affect the industrial situation.

  17. But on the return of peace there will be new influences at work, the immediate and ultimate effects of which will powerfully affect the course of future development.

  18. Then Julien turned to her, expecting her to side with him, as the loss of the money would affect her also.

  19. But the doubt required by the law must be consonant with reason and of such a nature that in analogous circumstances it would affect the action of a reasonable creature concerning his own affairs.

  20. But the greatest question of all is, How will that decision affect the country as a whole?

  21. The things that we value do deeply affect us, and some motions will be in the heart according to our estimation of them.

  22. But how that decision may affect the fortunes of those parties, is not certain; and there is the chief difficulty.

  23. He was not at all like the majority of his kind, who, in Rome at least, usually affect a scrupulous dandyism of attire and an uncommon refinement of manner.

  24. You are very severe, Madame," answered Orsino, deeming it wiser to affect humility, though a dozen sharp answers suggested themselves to his ready wit.

  25. But had she known how the news she now conveyed would affect the old man who was to learn it, her heart might have softened a little towards him, even after all she had suffered.

  26. The fact that on that memorable night she had bravely resisted a very great temptation did not affect the difficulty of the present case in any way.

  27. The loss in that direction will not affect your credit as a contractor.

  28. But neither of them were under any illusion, and neither cared to affect that peculiar form of self-forgiveness which finds good reasons always for doing what is always pleasant.

  29. Barometric pressure, owing to the comparatively low latitude, is not exposed to sudden and marked changes, except during hurricane conditions, which usually affect the central coast-line in February and March.

  30. It is true that the number of persons whose consciences affect to be governed by such a law [that is the law of Natural Morality and Religion], is very small.

  31. As a judge, he did not consider the decencies of his post, nor did he so much as affect to be impartial, as became a judge.

  32. They must come up before the posterity which they affect to scorn.

  33. But that does not affect the system; the grandson of the best man may be the worst, but his one-man power remains the same.

  34. But," he resumed, speaking steadily again, "I ought to warn you that such considerations as these will not affect my judgment of this particular case.

  35. How would that affect his chances with Betty?

  36. No, sir; it does not affect where I live at all.

  37. Few of the notes, perhaps, were written exactly at the period of time to which they relate; but this can little affect their accuracy, as the impressions were such that they can never fade from my mind.

  38. Second, in its gum state it is exceedingly slow of digestion, and unlike opium not seeming to affect the system at all by direct absorption through the walls of the stomach, it is very slow in its action; the dose you give at 4 P.

  39. From this bodily slavery (for it was bodily) to a baneful drug he was never entirely free, though the quantity was so greatly reduced as not materially to affect his health or spirits.

  40. This decision was reached on account of the decision of the State Supreme Court to the effect that the participation of an incompetent juror does not affect the validity of an indictment.

  41. That this would not affect the chansons themselves is true enough; for there are no relics of any alliterative prosody in French, and its accentual scanning is only the naturally "crumbled" quantity of Latin.

  42. They sometimes sway the election of Members of the Legislature, and may even affect the election of the President of the Republic.

  43. Gentleman said: 'I hope I may be permitted to express in respectful terms my opinion, even though it should affect so great a potentate as the Emperor of the French.

  44. The Church may be said to affect the soul and sentiment of the country, and the land question may be said to affect the means of life and the comforts of the people.

  45. They might easily be multiplied, but as argued in the text they do not affect in the least the value of the information.

  46. The questions how the condition of the natives, and how the method of observation can affect the final statements have been discussed at length.

  47. A discussion of the concept of consanguinity has shown that the variations go so far as to affect the main question of paternal kinship: "Who is the father (in the social sense) of a child, and how is he determined?

  48. The lack of sexual exclusiveness found in Australia does not affect the structure of the individual family, of which kinship is the index.

  49. The variations in the general social conditions obviously also affect the purely sociological side of kinship.

  50. The scout, who by this time was seated, examining into the state of his rifle with a species of parental assiduity, now looked up at the other in a displeasure that he did not affect to conceal, roughly interrupting further speech.

  51. But it was not the policy of Hawkeye to affect the least concealment.

  52. It seemed as if fatigue could not affect him.

  53. There was even a chance of being saved, if the doomed one could find the right expression, some little sentence that would affect the brutal (?

  54. Art does not affect me, as this kind of grand simplicity in life does.

  55. There are circumstances in my situation, which I have explained to Mr. Ross, which may affect my honour--almost strike at my life.

  56. I think," replied Ross, "I may venture to assure you she will not even affect a hesitation which her heart disclaims.

  57. Man or angel can affect that, but from without.

  58. The divine Witness in our spirits is subject to the ordinary influences which affect our spirits.

  59. And now, lastly, this divine Witness in our spirits is subject to the ordinary influences which affect our spirits.

  60. But that fact does not affect what I am saying now, and what I beg you to take for what you find it to be worth, that unless we believe that Jesus Christ died for all, I do not know what claim He has on the love of the world.

  61. If each man is a unity, the poison must run through all his veins and affect his whole nature.

  62. And in all three things appears its distinctive glory, apart from and above all other systems that have ever tried to affect the conduct or to mould the character of man.

  63. Of course, these principles do not affect the eternal distinctions of right and wrong.

  64. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "affect" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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