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  1. The same reasons that have been urged why a mixture of the Venetian style cannot improve the great style will hold good in regard to the Flemish and Dutch schools.

  2. After the death of Bonaparte, at St. Helena, reasons of a different nature retarded the execution of my plan.

  3. For these reasons I did not then accept his friendly invitation, notwithstanding that I was very desirous of seeing my young college friend in the midst of his astonishing triumphs.

  4. And gave a dozen reasons besides the paramount one that I wouldn't go, because Prince George wanted me.

  5. To my mind that is one of the reasons why English kings and princes are so far superior to the Continental kind.

  6. The children's health called for country air and I was quasi-forced to retire to Loschwitz, though I have a thousand and one reasons for remaining in Dresden.

  7. And wasn't that one of the reasons why the government was more hard on them than happened to be politic?

  8. All the officials and servants love me, but I have very good reasons for treating the Tisch as I do.

  9. And having made his election, what reasons has he to give for his choice?

  10. The reasons which compel my doubts about the compatibility of the Roman doctrine, or any other form {481} of Catholicism, with history, arise out of exactly the same line of argument as that adopted by Dr.

  11. An ecclesiastical dignitary may have respectable reasons for declining a fencing match "in sight of Gethsemane and Calvary"; but an ecclesiastical "Infidel"!

  12. I need not repeat my reasons for doubting whether man came "last of all.

  13. But Assyriologists agree that it is only a copy of a much more ancient work; and there are weighty reasons for believing that the story of Hasisadra's flood was well known in Mesopotamia before the year 2000 B.

  14. I refer those who wish to know the reasons which lead me to take up this position to the works of Reuss and Wellhausen, [and especially to Stade's Geschichte des Volkes Israel.

  15. But all this I heartily disbelieve; and at the risk of being charged with wearisome repetition of an old story, I will briefly give my reasons for persisting in my infidelity.

  16. In 1764 the Charleston school was closed for reasons which it is difficult to determine.

  17. The opposition here seemed to be for the reasons that Negroes were being generally enlightened in the towns of the State and that white persons as teachers in these institutions were largely instrumental in accomplishing this result.

  18. In fact, the prohibition of the education of the free people of color in the South was one of the reasons they could so readily leave their native homes.

  19. It was further provided that a child excluded from school for any of these reasons might bring suit for damages against the offending town.

  20. He was never able to see any force in the reasons for the change of policy; but believed that Mrs. Stowe acted conscientiously, although her action was decidedly embarrassing to him both at home and abroad.

  21. I own, however, that I dislike slavery and among other reasons because as it is here conducted it has pernicious effects on the social state, by being unfavorable to education.

  22. For many reasons Miss Crandall hesitated to admit her but finally yielded.

  23. Timorous southerners, however, soon had other reasons for their uncharitable attitude.

  24. The site of the Cathedral was chosen from strategic reasons by St. Eugene, who built there his first Episcopal Church.

  25. These are my reasons for affirming that Love is the eldest and noblest and mightiest of the gods; and the chiefest author and giver of virtue in life, and of happiness after death.

  26. I was reminded once more that grandparents were nearby for relatively few children, the reasons include circumstances as well as geography.

  27. On the other hand, families are more widely dispersed, successful interaction by grandparents with their distant grandchildren, whether for geographic reasons or barriers of circumstance, increasingly calls for innovation and improvisation.

  28. Will give no reasons for this strange conduct, simply states that he was justified, even compelled, by circumstances.

  29. It did not occur to the dazed mind of her worshipper that Mrs. Ewing might have very simple and ordinary reasons for not talking--that she might be tired or ill, or preoccupied.

  30. She has told me that she informed you of the fact that she was my wife, but not of our reasons for concealing it.

  31. Hoes catalogue mentioned above, which we annex, without alteration, for reasons heretofore assigned, and to which we can add nothing beyond the expression of our sincere and earnest admiration.

  32. As I told you about her, I want you to take a look at her--she's worth seeing for more reasons than one.

  33. One of the great reasons of separation is colour.

  34. For these reasons the choleric Pedrarias, when he received the royal order, fumed and raved, declaring to this wife that never should that rebel and assassin, Vasco Nunez, be so highly honored at cost to himself.

  35. He was no coward--that Balboa knew; but he had his own reasons for serving Pedrarias, as already narrated.

  36. He quite understood that such a man as Sergius Zamoyski would have very good reasons indeed.

  37. Had he told the whole truth, revealed the secrets of his work during the last three years, Alban would have understood very well what those reasons were.

  38. Alban had some glimmering of this, but he could not have set down his reasons in so many words.

  39. Some of the best people in England have been obliged to cross the water for the same reasons that render your residence here unpleasant.

  40. For these reasons I hastened on, and therefore did not wait for you, to try if I could get the start of the enemy before the pass was seized; and the guides whom we have say that there is no other road.

  41. Since it is necessary, as stated, for boiler manufacturers to adopt a standard for reasons of convenience in selling, the horse power for which a boiler is sold is known as its normal rated capacity.

  42. A thousand spots with which I was enraptured he rejected without hesitation, for reasons which satisfied me, in the end, that he was right.

  43. Spirit of Love reigneth and ruleth, and, in taking to thy passionate heart her who is Ermengarde, thou art absolved, for reasons which shall be made known to thee in Heaven, of thy vows unto Eleonora.

  44. The reasons for this state of things are to be found in the number and the small size of the Irish holdings, but more than this in the fact that from the first landlords came there in a business capacity.

  45. When the arguments and reasons in favour of alterations are unknown to the public such changes almost invariably meet with opposition at the hands of those who have to effect them.

  46. Lord Lansdowne, on the second reading, gave three reasons why the Bill should not be incontinently rejected by the Peers.

  47. The advantages of the present proposal over a reorganised Royal University are that the size and poverty of the country are strong reasons against the creation of two universities when one would be equally efficient.

  48. Under this Act the reasons which I have tried to outline have brought it to pass that twenty-five years of second term rents are being paid in cash, which, with the bonus, makes the total purchase price amount to twenty-eight years.

  49. The reasons for the larger consumption of what may be roughly called stimulants by the Irishman is undoubtedly to be found in climatic conditions, and also in the smaller amount of nourishing food which he is able to afford.

  50. After spending six months in Ireland, the envoy was obliged, for reasons of health, to move to Devonshire in January, 1888.

  51. The reasons for this are not difficult to find.

  52. And they offered their reasons opposed to his, and among which they mentioned the operations of the sun, which are manifest and which appear to be seen throughout the universe.

  53. In their narrations and ancient contentions you will know their reasons and opinions.

  54. He had political reasons for marrying his cousin "Claude" without delay, but he was stopped by an obstacle which did not emanate from his bishopric.

  55. The deputy's discourse was a clear statement of ugly facts and their consequences; it gave Mademoiselle an insight into the reasons and the secret views of the magistrates.

  56. All the reasons why man should love are given, with all the reasons why he should not love.

  57. All who aspired to elegance wore their rebellion as a badge, unless they had private reasons for appearing as the friends of Mazarin.

  58. The Fronde was La Grande Mademoiselle's heroic period, and her reasons for embracing the cause were fit for the fabric of a romance.

  59. All the reasons for fidelity and all the reasons for inconstancy are openly dissected.

  60. Nor will it do us any good to search her memoirs for reasons making it clear why Louis XIII.

  61. The object of the great army France maintains is not to be found in reasons of self-defence, but may be found, like that of Russia in hopes of armed expansion.

  62. Although, probably, the military aggressor from reasons of strategy, she will be acting in obedience to an economic policy of defence and not of attack.

  63. For reasons intimated already, we cannot adopt the automatic theory.

  64. We must look at the views and opinions of others, and at the reasons for those opinions.

  65. It remains with those, then, who question and deny the validity of sense-perception, to show reasons for such denial.

  66. Reasons for regarding Consciousness as not a distinct Faculty.

  67. It were better to say, therefore, that motives are the reasons why we act thus and thus.

  68. For reasons now stated, we must conclude that the intelligence of the brute differs in kind, and not in degree merely, from that of man.

  69. The child burning his fingers, reasons thus: "That fire burnt me, therefore this will.

  70. It is quite true I am deeply interested in this subject," she said, "but I should be sorry to bore you all with my views, or the reasons for my holding those views.

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