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Example sentences for "aggressor"

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  1. Is there any question in your mind who was the aggressor up to Beverly Park?

  2. That night Thompson and others came up to Everett--who was the aggressor then?

  3. In determining who the aggressor was, you are entitled--not only entitled but must take into account the past behavior of all parties.

  4. Who was the aggressor on July 31st when James Rowan was arrested and brought into the city court?

  5. One of the questions in this case is the question--Which side was the aggressor on that occasion?

  6. But I cannot at this time anticipate wherein and how this literature presented by the State helps you to decide the question of who was the aggressor on November 5th.

  7. Who was the aggressor at the time of the 'Wanderer' outrage?

  8. Was James Rowan the aggressor when he was railroaded out of town and beaten?

  9. In determining who was the aggressor it is your duty to consider all the facts and circumstances surrounding the situation, the relations of the parties to each other, their intentions toward each other, and all the things they did.

  10. But the aggressor has the positive object, the defender merely a negative one.

  11. What's my Aggressor then--a peevish Fool!

  12. French Government had been the aggressor in 1870.

  13. The rude jurisprudence of the decemvirs had confounded all hasty insults, which did not amount to the fracture of a limb, by condemning the aggressor to the common penalty of twenty-five asses.

  14. Blood-revenge in broad daylight was justice; and slaying in a quarrel was not murder, once the aggressor showed his willingness to repent and to repair the wrong he had done.

  15. The Member resented this unparliamentary treatment by jumping up from his chair and giving the small aggressor a good shaking, at the same time seizing the implement which had caused his wrath and breaking it into splinters.

  16. Let the proof rest on the aggressor on national law and the violator of the rules of war.

  17. It was recognized that ironclads were needed for this, since the aggressor would have them at his disposal.

  18. Clarence pressed forward: the face of the rash aggressor was turned towards him; the features were Lord Borodaile's.

  19. The followers of the unjust aggressor burned and destroyed the village, convent, and church, and withdrew to the general asylum and refuge of the woods.

  20. I have been the aggressor and transgressor from the start.

  21. And so I was led to perceive that I was not to be the only aggressor in the struggle that was to come.

  22. For therein the aggressor is charged with having neither given, paid, nor done what was due.

  23. Still it is better for the party assaulted, if he can safely do it, to repel or disable the aggressor than to shed his blood.

  24. The first step, which an aggressor ought to take, should be an offer of indemnity to the injured party, by the arbitration of some independent and disinterested state.

  25. Indeed, it may some times happen that there is no other way for a person to save himself, than by designedly doing an act, by which the death of an aggressor must inevitably ensue.

  26. On the other hand it may happen, that the aggressor may be one whose person is rendered sacred and inviolable by all divine, human, and natural laws; which is the case with respect to the person of the Sovereign.

  27. Some think this distinction arises from the difficulty of discerning by night, whether an aggressor comes with an intent to murder or steal, and therefore he ought to be treated as an assassin.

  28. In civil cases, the party aggrieved may recover damages for the injuries sustained; and in crimes, which are offences against the public, the aggressor must submit to actual punishment.

  29. Plato approves of war conducted so far, as to compel the aggressor to indemnify the injured and the innocent.

  30. Polybius saw this in its proper light, observing, that vengeance in war should not be carried to its extreme, nor extend any further than was necessary to make an aggressor atone justly for his offence.

  31. He himself had been the aggressor and he also had been the victor.

  32. Gus Svenstrom had been drunk; he had been heard to make threats; he had been the aggressor in the trouble at the dance; and the Pilgrim, in the search men had made immediately after the shooting, had been found unarmed.

  33. Council decides which party is the aggressor and calls upon the signatory States to apply the sanctions.

  34. Plans of action for the application of the economic and financial sanctions against an aggressor State; 2.

  35. They pointed out that it was unjust that in such cases the League, while refusing pacific means of settlement to an injured State, should denounce that State as an aggressor if it took steps to defend its legitimate interests by force.

  36. One is the question: Who was the aggressor in the Armistice Day affray?

  37. In my opening statement, I said I would stand or fall on the issue of: Who was the aggressor on Armistice Day?

  38. To be sure, the first phase of a crisis may be the most difficult-if an aggressor has attacked and U.

  39. But though our Army and Navy were placed in a position to defend our own and the rights of Texas, they were ordered to commit no act of hostility against Mexico unless she declared war or was herself the aggressor by striking the first blow.

  40. A treaty of peace which would terminate the existing war without providing for indemnity would enable Mexico, the acknowledged debtor and herself the aggressor in the war, to relieve herself from her just liabilities.

  41. The aggressor lay writhing in his death-throes.

  42. In open Space battles of this kind, where there was no constricting lattice of energy fields to hinder movement (as at the Battle of Athena), the aggressor held the decided advantage.

  43. Though tantalizingly close, the aggressor and all his forces were just out of range, and they knew it.

  44. The rude jurisprudence of the decemvirs had confounded all hasty insults, which did not amount to the fracture of a limb, by condemning the aggressor to the common penalty of twenty-five asses.

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