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Example sentences for "aggrieved"

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  1. In plain English, the aggrieved parties were made practically responsible for oppression in the production of which they had no hand, and for which, therefore, they could in no legitimate sense be held responsible.

  2. The coldness of his uncle's reception of himself was due entirely to his hatred of Paul, and Leo had no right to be aggrieved by it,--he had reason to be grateful to the old man for the kindness shown in the provisions made for his comfort.

  3. The emperor's awful severity bespoke not merely the aggrieved father but the disappointed statesman.

  4. Jimmy's worse if anything," the aggrieved wife went on.

  5. Yes, sir," he added with aggrieved reflection, "I reckon he drove me hard.

  6. The Duke of Chatelhérault, as the aggrieved person, was the first to speak.

  7. If you felt yourself aggrieved by any remark, you should have called on the Court for protection.

  8. Eames, when he had got so far, felt himself rather aggrieved by this rebuke, knowing that he had abstained from writing to his patron simply from an unwillingness to intrude upon him with his letters.

  9. Nevertheless, the nephew immediately felt himself aggrieved by this allusion to his private life, and resolved at once that he would not submit to such surveillance.

  10. The intrigue might in that way become more mysterious, and more life-enveloping; whereas it would not become more dangerous, seeing that Mr Lupex could hardly find himself to be aggrieved by such a proceeding.

  11. First, you are aggrieved because I have not gone to Hungary to be crowned, and to take the constitutional oath.

  12. The commoner himself felt aggrieved at the monarch who had treated a nobleman no better than he would have done a serf.

  13. Having decided the matter among themselves, they appear before the chief of the council of the aggrieved party to offer compensation.

  14. If the gens of the offender fail to settle the matter with the gens of the aggrieved party, it is the duty of his nearest relative to avenge the wrong.

  15. Leaning over the rail of the bridge I looked at Almayer, who looked down at the wharf in aggrieved thought.

  16. He invited the aggrieved husband inside, going off himself alone, to return in half an hour with the news that the road was now clear.

  17. Further, the person aggrieved must prove that the offender made the representation with the intention that he should act on it, though not necessarily directly to him, and that he did in fact act in reliance on it.

  18. To succeed in such an action, the person aggrieved must first prove a representation of fact, made either by words, by writing or by conduct, which is in fact untrue.

  19. Dancers are generally hungry people, and feel themselves much aggrieved if the supply of sandwiches proves unequal to the demand.

  20. The most trivial observer will soon discover that it is only when something is to be gained that the aggrieved citizen wishes to disturb a covenant.

  21. If they tax the incomes of the landlords under the durable rent system, why would not the parties aggrieved have the same right to take up arms to resist such an act of oppression as our fathers had in 1776?

  22. It is a law that would justify the aggrieved parties in taking up arms to resist it, unless the law would give 'em relief, as I rather think it would.

  23. On Huggo's face only a look sullen and aggrieved; and sullen and aggrieved his mutter, "Well, perhaps it was different for you.

  24. To sulk and looked aggrieved was not the way to increase a man's admiration.

  25. She watched her hostess' face for a brightening of interest, and felt aggrieved when it failed to appear.

  26. That in every ill administration in inferior societies the parties aggrieved should have liberty to appeal from them to superior societies, that equity may take place; and why not from inferior to superior church assemblies?

  27. Tis of especial right, that the party unjustly aggrieved should have redress, that the adverse party should not be sole judge and party too, that judgment ought not to be rashly or partially passed upon any.

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