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Example sentences for "ill"

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  1. I speak not this (saith he) out of any ill affection to the men, for I have found them very kind & loving to me.

  2. And what ill consequences may follow, on both sids, wise men may fear, & would rather prevente then hope to redress.

  3. When the men came hear, and mette with ill counsell from M^r.

  4. Therefore all the men, whom Moses had sent to view the land, and who at their return had made the whole multitude to murmur against him, speaking ill of the land that it was naught, 14:37.

  5. Whosoever speaketh ill of any thing, bindeth himself for the time to come: but he that feareth the commandment, shall dwell in peace.

  6. Against whom, when the accusers stood up, they brought no accusation of this which I thought ill of: 25:19.

  7. God sheweth by a sign from heaven that they had done ill in asking for a king.

  8. For there is no man that doth a miracle in my name and can soon speak ill of me.

  9. And when it was evening, after sunset, they brought to him all that were ill and that were possessed with devils.

  10. And she was a prudent and very comely woman: but her husband was churlish, and very bad and ill natured: and he was of the house of Caleb.

  11. Even so destroy this army in our sight today and let the rest know that he hath spoken ill against thy sanctuary: and judge thou him according to his wickedness.

  12. And they spoke ill of God: they said: Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?

  13. Why then were you not afraid to speak ill of my servant Moses?

  14. She has been ill so long," said Mrs Brandon.

  15. In a few days Frederica was very ill, much more ill than either of the boys had been, and helpless, and miserable, she was entirely given up to the care of Miss Agnace; for neither her mother nor Selina was permitted to enter her room.

  16. They had taken cold, it was supposed, and little Hubert, from his persistent refusal to take his medicine, seemed to be becoming very ill indeed.

  17. Their mother had been ill and Mrs Ascot had been cross, and there was to be no other visit till holiday time.

  18. Lena, is it that I am going to be ill again?

  19. But he has been very ill this winter, and they would not let us in.

  20. How many times have I said that I would not permit myself to care for her children as I have cared for her, to have my heart torn by ingratitude, or by indifference, which is as ill to bear.

  21. The Times may change as often as the winds, but it will be an ill wind indeed that blows nobody any good.

  22. Yet sometimes good from ill may spring,-- One spree may prove satiety: If Daisy Cutters wisdom bring, Rejoice in the variety.

  23. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good.

  24. I did as you advised, and it was the best cold water cure that ever was effected: I have never been ill since.

  25. John, I am very ill myself, and have been so for some time.

  26. He was a very bitter Whig, and, therefore, ill disposed towards Scott.

  27. The book was not at all ill received, but Lockhart is apologetic about it, and it has been the habit of criticism since to share the opinions of 'Aldiborontiphoscophormio.

  28. The ill success of his brother Thomas, with the writer's business inherited from their father, perhaps inconvenienced and no doubt frightened him.

  29. If they smile And say 'twill do, I know within a while All the best men are ours; for 'tis ill hap If they hold when their ladies bid 'em clap.

  30. You have scarce time To steal from spiritual leisure a brief span To keep your earthly audit; sure, in that I deem you an ill husband, and am glad To have you therein my companion.

  31. Of his own body he was ill, and gave The clergy ill example.

  32. In him Sparing would show a worse sin than ill doctrine: Men of his way should be most liberal, They are set here for examples.

  33. Her father had been taken seriously ill the day after the critical episode in the but at Vadrome Mountain, and she had gone with him to the hospital at Quebec, for an operation.

  34. At first she was ill disposed to answer any questions, but she soon felt that attitude would only do harm.

  35. When the four met again, Billy had nothing to communicate, as he had been taken ill during the night before, and had been unable to go secretly into Chaudiere village.

  36. Rosalie's constant cry in these weeks wherein she lay ill and prostrate after her father's burial.

  37. I want to give myself to justice; but he has been ill, and he may be ill again, and he needs me.

  38. Ensued watchful hours, and then from Jo Portugais she had learned that M'sieu' had been ill and near to death.

  39. The mission had come to naught; the baron had fallen ill in London and died there a few months after his arrival.

  40. Pray let me be compensated for my ill fortune, by learning all about you now, Citizen Petitsou.

  41. Then in the same breath, she went on hurriedly to say: "The poor woman was taken quite ill this afternoon, so ill that she had to be put to bed.

  42. I did not ill improve this able Minister's Confidence, when he tells us, that I had wholly devoted my self to him.

  43. However, this I am certain, that no man alive who has read the rest of de Cros's Letter, but will allow him to be one, that if he knew any thing ill of Sir W.

  44. And indeed, tho it may be ill for Sir W.

  45. It is not uncommon for people who are really ill of fever to go about for some days until they can struggle with the feelings of illness no longer.

  46. It was only after papa got so ill that Mrs. Rogers would bring up her work and sit with us.

  47. He looks ill enough for us to nurse and take care of him.

  48. And as Richard looked doubtfully at Mildred, he continued, decidedly, 'You need not fear that my presence will harass or excite him, if he be as ill as you describe.

  49. She looks wretchedly ill over it; but what can one expect from such a shock?

  50. We shall know in a few hours for certain--she is ill, very ill I should say.

  51. And Chrissy was even worse; she clattered about the room in her thick boots, and talked loudly in the crossest possible key about people being stupid enough to have feelings and make themselves ill about nothing.

  52. It is an ill wind that blows no one any good,' laughed Dr.

  53. Play when Roy was ill or in some dreadful trouble--was that their love for him?

  54. I have been thinking that we have none of us appreciated Olive as we ought; since she has been ill a hundred instances of her unselfishness have occurred to me; in our trouble, Cardie, she thought for others, not for herself.

  55. He could ill brook interruption, and disliked the importunity of visitors.

  56. A score of modern dandies and sentimentalists could ill supply the place of this one honest man.

  57. Of the great mass of his writings, more voluminous than those of any author of his time, it would ill become us to speak with confidence.

  58. I did not fall ill when my flounce was passed over at the exhibition.

  59. I would not be ill again, if I were you, till it's all over," said Mr Centum.

  60. He was more ill as he became enveloped in the damps of the spring; and he grew more and more sensible of the comfort of being alone.

  61. The ill success of the invaders was, no doubt, partly owing to the distress which overtook their soldiery whenever they had been a few days absent from their camp and their ships.

  62. Does he mean to speak ill of Christmas--to stab it?

  63. If you are well fed, you can perhaps afford to be ill lodged; whereas, I doubt whether enjoyment of the most commodious apartments is compatible with inanition and dyspepsia.

  64. Alma began to feel ill at ease, and Lawrence Belford indulged in a muttered curse under his black moustache.

  65. Every one saw that she was physically a very ill woman; and it was commonly believed that she had received some sudden shock which had unhinged her mind.

  66. His ill treatment at the hands of their enemies did not reassure the suspicious Illinois, who ordered Tontz to immediately evacuate the fort and return with his forces to the country whence he had come.

  67. Fortunately I had an alibi," said the other, "I was violently ill of mal de mer.

  68. Pauline had been ill advised enough to disobey the count.

  69. The time he took to select a cigarette from his case and the meticulous manner in which he lighted it added to the other man's ill temper just as Anthony Trent intended it should.

  70. Therefore, it would ill become me to reveal his secret," was her cold rebuke.

  71. He will have seen the Princess and told her how ill I have been, and how I am gradually growing better," he laughed.

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