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Example sentences for "hostile"

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hostesse; hostesses; hosti; hostia; hostibus; hostilely; hostiles; hostilitie; hostilities; hostility
  1. Georgiana; and one to whom the faces of the two had been displayed at that moment would have pronounced them a hostile couple.

  2. Hugh could detect no sign in the region of the hostile fort to indicate that suspicion had been aroused.

  3. As the commander had promised should be the case as a reward for their services in helping capture the hostile fort, Hugh and his mates were allowed to have possession of the wireless for a certain length of time almost every day.

  4. If they chucked you into a torpedo tube and shot you out headed for a hostile ship there'd sure be something doing right away.

  5. He knew only too well that the white suits of the Naval Reserve men would be instantly spotted by the glasses of those who were watching all through the livelong day for the first token of a hostile force in the vicinity.

  6. Its difficulty is obviously enhanced by the nearness of a hostile force.

  7. But the weight of the hostile fire fell on the main column, the baggage escort, and the rear-guard.

  8. There was an Afghan force still in arms at Istalif, a beautiful village of the inveterately hostile Kohistanees; a division marched to attack it, carried the place by assault, burnt part of it, and severely smote the garrison.

  9. But it must be remembered that Roberts had no assurance of exemption from hostile efforts to block his path, and that he marched ever ready to fight.

  10. The hostile Afghans we designated as rebels against his rule; and his authority was proclaimed as the justification of much of our conduct.

  11. Received with a heavy fire from a large body of men while swarms of hostile tribesmen showed themselves on the adjacent hills, the horsemen had to withdraw.

  12. The province during the early summer was fairly quiet, but it was known that Ayoub Khan was making hostile preparations at Herat, although the reports as to his intentions and movements were long uncertain and conflicting.

  13. The serious phase of the situation for England and India was that Russian influence was behind Persia in this hostile action against Herat.

  14. Steamers were frequently fired into by hostile Indians, whose camps and graves were met at frequent intervals.

  15. That harbor with its narrow entrance, is like a bottle, and the fleets of Spain might lie in there and never be seen, and never fear attack from hostile ships.

  16. If we fall in with the hostile fleet, there will be a general action, and I tell you, sir, that the Amurricans will win.

  17. The eye that watched for the gleams of lance or helmet from the hostile frontier, the ear that listened for the groaning of wheels, made the high road itself, with its relations to centres so remote, into a manual of patriotic enmity.

  18. Everybody seems to be reading or intending to read the book; and its success is already so far assured that no hostile criticism can gainsay or check it.

  19. True, she opposed every statement hostile to the old beliefs; but her extremely expressive features soon betrayed to him that he was stirring her to reflect, shaking her opinions, and winning her to his side.

  20. I soon discovered my mistake; finding a hostile appearance, I instantly turn'd myself about, and fled to alarm the shepherds.

  21. You will please accept the conditions for the hostile meeting exactly as they may be proposed by the other side; I have my own reasons for wishing to be particularly obliging in that respect.

  22. This was close to the very place chosen for the hostile meeting.

  23. The original hostile meeting was fixed for half-past.

  24. The great loss to civilization caused by the barbarian inroads and the hostile attitude of the early Church is evident.

  25. All the Colonies had made heavy sacrifices, many had been overrun by hostile armies, and the debt of the Union and of the States was so great that many thought it could never be paid.

  26. It was not a period of progress, but one of assimilation, so that a common western civilization might in time be developed out of the diverse and hostile elements mixed together by the rude force of circumstances.

  27. Although I do not positively pre-suppose a hostile feeling in London, it may be accepted as certain that on this question England's policy will not greatly differ from that of the Sultan.

  28. Although hostile to the Treaty of Berlin, I have nevertheless given it my complete adherence in my new position.

  29. The effect of the previous drains upon the country's resources, and the expense of keeping an army prepared to meet any emergency, caused by the hostile attitude of Turkey, were thus summed up by the Prince in July 1866.

  30. Presently all the canoes were got to land, and without any hostile sign the Indians filed out on the centre of the plateau, where were pitched a number of tents.

  31. Here they were upon a now hostile shore without food, fire, shelter, and weapons; their situation was desperate even yet.

  32. It was no light thing to confront even that solid mass of hostile judgment.

  33. Public opinion was bitterly and impatiently hostile and intractable.

  34. At her house there were daily meetings of Chilian emigrants who were hostile to O’Higgins.

  35. Of what use would Lima be to me, if the inhabitants were hostile in political sentiment?

  36. Its retreat was intercepted by a division of 800 men, but it forced its way on and reached Caracas with heavy loss, harassed on the way by a hostile population.

  37. Often Ethel opened that door and went in and tried to make friends with its grave shy little inmate and the hostile nurse.

  38. The voice had changed, and its hostile tone brought Ethel back with a sharp turn.

  39. A woman's voice with a hostile note had replied, "Yes, ma'am.

  40. Lebrun accused the Pitt Cabinet of raising difficulties of form and of discovering hostile intentions where none existed.

  41. He also dwells on the hostile conduct of Genoa and Tuscany.

  42. This declaration was to be published in order to discourage the plots of the Dutch "Patriots," and to warn the French Government and its general of the danger of a hostile advance.

  43. Pitt feared that the hostile league would include Denmark and Sweden; and, but for his foresight in gaining over Catharine, this would have been the issue of events.

  44. In fact nothing but a sense of public duty, in view of a hostile invasion, kept him at his post.

  45. Kaunitz, with his usual acerbity, gave out that England was secretly hostile to the House of Hapsburg; and Keith, finding his position increasingly awkward, begged for his recall.

  46. In his eyes the Spanish troops were "everything that is bad"; half of the Toulonese were hostile to the Allies; and the latter were heavily handicapped by having to defend their own fleets.

  47. The Speech was adopted by the House of Lords, amendments hostile to the proposed measure being rejected by large majorities.

  48. There were but two satisfactory ways of carrying the Act of Union through the hostile Parliament at Dublin.

  49. Pitt's rigorous neutrality was the best means of helping the advocates of Louis in their uphill fight with the hostile Convention.

  50. The invaders would win the heights in a given region, while around them in the plains and valleys, flourished hostile clans, often harassing and threatening their settlements.

  51. For forty years the Children of Israel wandered in the desert, loitering here and there, finding their way between hostile tribes.

  52. We are consequently forced to reconstruct their history from other sources--from writings of men of other lands, often hostile to them and so prejudiced in their point of view.

  53. The naval forces were wrecked in a storm and the land forces were routed by hostile tribes en route.

  54. They reveal the condition of the empire during the reign of the fanatical king who attempted to bring about a religious revolution at home, while hostile tribes assailed his empire on the east.

  55. In three days more if we have good luck we shall be out of the hostile Indian country.

  56. It was a wild Indian country the entire distance, but we knew where the hostile Indians were and also the friendly Indians.

  57. At this time the Utes were considered to be one of the most hostile tribes in the West.

  58. We were now in the Ute Indian country, and at this time they were considered one of the most hostile tribes in the west.

  59. When we struck the head of the Arkansas river we considered ourselves out of danger of all hostile Indians.

  60. We were now out of the hostile Indian country, and so we did not have to be so cautious in traveling days or camping at night.

  61. At this time the Sigh washes were a powerful tribe, but not hostile to the whites.

  62. But at the same time hostile elements had certainly begun to end it long before it could have done its work.

  63. If it is admitted, the Suffragists have not merely to awaken an indifferent, but to convert a hostile majority.

  64. I have no serious emotions, hostile or otherwise, about this particular habit: at the worst it is conventionality, and at the best flirtation.

  65. The stick is the sword, the umbrella is the shield, but it is a shield against another and more nameless enemy--the hostile but anonymous universe.

  66. The swords of the Rosses of Glencalvie did their part in protecting this little glen, as well as the broad lands of Pitcalnie, from the ravages and the clutches of hostile septs.

  67. The liberties of the Church of Scotland have been often assailed by the civil authorities of the land, but uniformly by those who were equally hostile to the civil freedom of the country.

  68. Nor does it seem a state--with all its simplicity, and all its perhaps blameable indifferency to modern improvement--particularly hostile to the development of mind or the growth of morals.

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