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Example sentences for "allergic"

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allein; alleine; allelomorphic; allem; aller; allergy; allers; alles; alleviate; alleviated
  1. We were allergic to women from their nylon hose to their face powder.

  2. Men don't make thirty-year junkets into space and come back allergic to Earth.

  3. The only things we weren't allergic to were the metal and plastic and synthetics of our ship, this ship.

  4. Then they'd put a little powder in each cut and each kind of powder was an extract of some common substance we might be allergic to.

  5. And wasn't it funny about us being allergic to women's face powder?

  6. Thank God we're not allergic to decontaminated paper.

  7. I also ate Macrobiotic for about one year until I became violently allergic to rice.

  8. Most people don't think that anyone could be allergic to something as healthy as alfalfa sprouts.

  9. All foods that can not be efficiently digested should be removed from the regular diet and relegated to the "sin" category, including those you are allergic to and those for which you have inadequate digestive enzymes.

  10. Worse, this allergic reaction itself subsequently prevents proper digestion even when only moderate quantities are eaten.

  11. This second testing round may reveal a few more allergic reactions that were obscured by other allergic reactions the first time through.

  12. Whatever the local dietary, during thousands of years of eating that dietary natural selection prevailed; most babies that were allergic to or not able to thrive on the available dietary, died quickly.

  13. However, I've seen many people who use wheat grass juice as a tonic become allergic to it much as antibiotic dependent people do to antibiotics.

  14. Then, the finest whole food products may set up an allergic reaction.

  15. Because he could hardly accept anything he wasn't allergic to and because he could not afford to quit working even for a few weeks (though he was about to be forced into complete disability) I put him on a Bieler fast.

  16. Further down the scale of efficatiousness comes dietary reform to eliminate allergic reactions and to present the body with foods it is capable of digesting without creating toxemia.

  17. Allergic reactions can go on for several days after a food has been eaten and if you are having a reaction to something eaten many hours or several days previously, it may obscure a reaction to a food just eaten.

  18. As you eliminate allergens from your diet one by one, your resting pulse should drop somewhat and it should be easier to discern allergic reactions.

  19. The fasting also overcame her allergic reactions to corn and wheat but she was still unable to handle soy products, eggs or dairy.

  20. Dragonfly sneezed twice on his way down, he maybe being allergic to something he'd smelled when he came in, or else it was the change from the cold outside air to the warm inside air.

  21. He also was allergic to nearly everything and was always sneezing at the wrong time, just when we were supposed to be quiet.

  22. Even Dragonfly was inside although he had opened one of the windows and was standing leaning half way out and breathing fresh air so he wouldn't sneeze, he, as you know, being allergic to smoke.

  23. Just that second, Dragonfly sneezed again, and said to Poetry, "I'm allergic to horses.

  24. I find that squirrels are very highly allergic to these BB caps or the CP caps used in a 22 rifle.

  25. Fortunately squirrels are highly allergic to a bullet from a 22 rifle.

  26. I'm allergic to all grain products--even in alcohol.

  27. Lindsay had seen too much of allergic reactions since reaching Earth not to know he was looking at another.

  28. Turning in on his contour couch, Lindsay recalled that he had given whiskey to the allergic athlete.

  29. Ug mutúu kang alirdyik, maalirdyik ka núun, If you think you’re allergic to s.

  30. And when you say you cannot remember where you got the idea that he was allergic to the FBI, you mean you don't remember whether you were aware of that before the assassination?

  31. I think Ruth took them down because the children were allergic to something, and she was taking them down, took down the curtains, and left only shades.

  32. And then later on in discussions which followed the discussion which followed, that evening at the house, our house, he would not let her have a contrary opinion, and I also saw she was allergic to gibes, and he would gibe frequently.

  33. It wasn't so much nutritional deficiencies as protein incompatibility and allergic reactions.

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