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Example sentences for "alleviate"

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  1. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and bilateral donors have provided funds to rehabilitate Tanzania's out-of-date economic infrastructure and to alleviate poverty.

  2. I pity her from my heart, and lament my inability to alleviate her sorrows.

  3. If aught can alleviate thy absence, 'tis these testimonies of gratitude and affection from the young and guileless to the best of parents.

  4. No man would go farther to alleviate the sufferings of another.

  5. No, Zuleika's appointed task is to induce delightful wonder rather than to alleviate pain.

  6. I give you peremptory warning, leaving you opportunity to retrieve yourself, to repair the mischief you have done, and to alleviate the misery which I see is coming upon you.

  7. While there is private vice and wretchedness, and domestic misunderstanding, one would desire to know it, if one can do anything to cure or alleviate it.

  8. You always extended protection to the Germans, and did all you could to alleviate their condition.

  9. I shall always be happy to do anything that can alleviate your fate and help to banish the recollection of your misfortunes.

  10. However, the meal we presently partook of in their company did much to alleviate this feeling of strangeness.

  11. I was but too ready therefore to embrace any proposal that might alleviate my position.

  12. She had done nothing to alleviate her pain but apply some leaves, of what tree or plant I could not ascertain, and tie up her head in a variety of dirty cloths, till it was as large as her whole body.

  13. This will alleviate the tedium of the College routine, assist the physical development of the boys, and send them forth prepared to render more desirable help to their employers.

  14. He sought to alleviate this horrid solitude by adopting and rearing the orphaned sons of old friends; to whom, when he was himself, he was the most affectionate and generous of guardians.

  15. This had been taken as a hospital, and all night wounded men were being brought in, their wounds dressed, a leg or an arm amputated as the case might require, and everything being done to save life or alleviate suffering.

  16. In this contest he was a stanch Whig, and suffered for his opinions at the hands of the British occupants of the city, and both he and his wife did much to alleviate the misery of the American prisoners.

  17. I don't want you to think them greater than they are, but they haunt and worry me, and there is no friendly counsel to alleviate them.

  18. In 1722, in his eightieth year, Newton began to suffer from stone; but by means of a strict regimen and other precautions he was enabled to alleviate the complaint, and to procure long intervals of ease.

  19. I trust that all the agencies which nature has contrived for man to alleviate such woes may have been and may in the future be at your behest; for they alone can repair the evil they have wrought.

  20. Nothing remained for Charlotte, except, by the delicacy of her own attention to the family, in some degree to alleviate the pain which had been occasioned by her daughter.

  21. I perform but a woman's part towards a wounded man, in endeavouring to alleviate his suffering.

  22. She could not see suffering without trying to alleviate it; nor could she stay to consider whether or not she was putting her own life in danger when others needed her assistance.

  23. The ladies were discovered in the round-house, and the officers, exhibiting true manliness of character, strove to alleviate their sufferings, ignoring their own danger.

  24. But God had given to her a tender heart, which would not permit her to look on suffering without longing to alleviate it; and when she was twenty-one years old, she began to take an interest in the condition of hospitals.

  25. Rest and the recumbent posture as a rule alleviate the pain of ulcer of the stomach.

  26. The medical treatment of this affection is necessarily restricted to efforts to alleviate suffering and to obtain sleep--anodynes in the form of suppositories of pil.

  27. Proper living is most likely to alleviate it.

  28. Fasting, cold water treatment, exercise and fruit diet may be relied on to prevent, cure or alleviate it, where this is possible, as it frequently is.

  29. When Waverley again entered upon the subject which he had most at heart, the situation, namely, of his father and his uncle, Colonel Talbot seemed now rather desirous to alleviate than to aggravate his anxiety.

  30. Meanwhile he freely used the wealth which he had acquired, to alleviate the sufferings of the brethren.

  31. Seneca occasionally came to see him, and Seneca felt a genuine wish to alleviate the boy’s unhappy lot.

  32. Dear baron, perhaps it may alleviate your distress to say that I feel for you most deeply.

  33. As the misfortune has happened, he seeks at least to alleviate it, and to enfeeble the power of the Poles.

  34. It was the second morning after the night of her imprisonment; and nothing had occurred to alleviate her woe.

  35. They even parted with their clothes to alleviate the sufferings of the wounded.

  36. The houses are neither furnished nor put together for the climate, and we are fanned by these congealing winds, as though the apertures which admit them were designed to alleviate the ardours of an Italian sun.

  37. We cannot alleviate this misery, and are impatient to escape from the sight of it.

  38. He also gave special donations to the heads of schools and colleges, and endeavoured to alleviate the distress among the poor of all non-Israelitish communities.

  39. He went back to the side of the couch, and sat down to watch and wait, ready to try and alleviate pain, and wipe the drops of agony from the sufferer's brow from time to time.

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