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Example sentences for "contour"

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  1. Its contour is such as to present few points specially weak from their saliency, and all important parts of the frontiers can be readily attained,--cheaply by water, rapidly by rail.

  2. Besides the contour of the coast, involving easy access to the sea, there are other physical conditions which lead people to the sea or turn them from it.

  3. In itself, I believe, the actual contour of England cannot once have been much better than the contour of northern France--though nowadays it is hard indeed to realise it.

  4. They are the very contour of some of the faces on the recently-discovered frescoes.

  5. Am I the only one who perceives the remarkable similarity of contour and expression?

  6. The contour of her fair shoulders was masked, but not entirely concealed, by a gorget of lace very like Arlesian.

  7. When evening has come a shade falls upon the landscape, but the veil is so transparent that it softens its contour without effacing it.

  8. Then she marched, holding her skirts tightly around her, with a disclosure of embroidered ruffles and the contour of pretty hips, and there was a shout of laughter in the place.

  9. Such directions as Rutheford had given his son had been unavailing because of the snowslide that had changed the contour of the little valley where the mine lay.

  10. Trees that were tottering and ready to fall went down with reverberating reports; the snowdust whirled through the forest, changing the contour of the drifts, and filling up the tracks of the wild creatures.

  11. In this respect, in that of shelter, of contour of water-front, of accessibility from the high seas, New York Harbor has no rival on the continent.

  12. He need only avail himself dexterously of the original contour of his ground.

  13. The traveller who now visits Olympia can see the whole plan and contour of the great temple, with all its prostrate pillars lying around it.

  14. He had been attracted to them in the first place by the memory of a polished urn, about as graceful in contour as a carpenter’s baluster, that stood in a neglected corner of the parish church at home.

  15. In weather that threatened rain from the west they would seem so near, with their contour hard against the watery sky and the cloud shadows all prussian blue.

  16. Edwin was so entranced with her companionship that he forgot his anxiousness of the morning; so lost in the amazing beauty of her hazel eyes and her cheek’s soft contour that he did not notice that she was limping.

  17. It is somewhat like a colossal black bass in contour and appearance, and in fact a closely allied species, the jewfish of the Pacific, is called black bass on the coast of southern California.

  18. The rainbow is similar in contour to the red-throat, though somewhat deeper, and with shorter head, smaller mouth, and larger scales.

  19. It could be outflanked only at its extreme eastern point, where the valley rises to the hundred-foot contour line.

  20. To enter the county anywhere west of the hundred-foot contour and the Mersey Valley was, for an army deprived of modern methods, impossible: a little organized destruction would make it impossible again.

  21. At the beginning of the work, this mound appeared very much as any of the other adjacent major mounds, no sign of standing wall appearing above the even contour of the ruin.

  22. Given the area A of the plane between the two horizontal contours, the height h of the upper above the lower contour, the length of the upper contour l, and the area of the face presented by the edge of the upper stratum t.

  23. Contour lines (isobaths) were introduced for the first time on a chart of the Merwede by M.

  24. To mountain-climbers these contour maps are invaluable, but for ordinary purposes "strata maps," such as J.

  25. ITALY, or other maps, in this work, on a similar method), and if this be combined with contour lines very satisfactory results can be achieved.

  26. By this method the slopes are indicated by strokes or hachures crossing the contour lines at right angles, in the direction of flowing water, and varying in thickness according to the degree of declivity they represent (cf.

  27. In the minor valleys, between the hillocks which diversified the contour of the vale, the fresh young ferns were luxuriantly growing up, ultimately to reach a height of five or six feet.

  28. Thereupon the contour of a man became dimly visible against the low-reaching sky over the valley, beyond the outer margin of the pool.

  29. High above this to the right, and much nearer thitherward than the Quiet Woman Inn, the blurred contour of Rainbarrow obstructed the sky.

  30. To an educated eye this defect is at once recognised by the uneven contour of the cheeks, superciliary muscles, and various parts of the limbs, and also by the generally "wooden" appearance of the specimen.

  31. In some mummies, for instance, the contour of the features is plainly discernible, and surely this is scientific "preparation of specimens" not to be excelled in the present day.

  32. He could see powder spume whipping off the ridge crest twenty feet above them but the contour of the sloping ridge was quickly lost in the falling snow.

  33. A minute, steady green ray came from the tiny dot in the center of a contour circle that indicated a nameless peak in the Sawtooth Range.

  34. The hills which everywhere else afford so even a platform for the prehistoric road are here of a contour which forbids their use.

  35. Tweed and flannel could hardly be used to drape a lithe young female whose contour must show through.

  36. Beyond it the country, though often rough in detail, is gently rolling in general contour till near Glencoe, where the road climbs eight hundred feet in ten miles.

  37. The country between is part of the great inland plateau, in general contour rolling, but with frequent stony hills, which locally have the name of kopjes, now become so familiar.

  38. Its general direction is east and west, but in contour it is slightly concave towards the south, whence the assailants came.

  39. For the first time they went to a forging, the rough contour type of the time, and utilized a chrome-nickel alloy steel.

  40. She relaxed in contact with the back of the bench, and he could see the contour of her throat and chin thrown up in relief against the background of shadow.

  41. The woman smiled so warmly when she saw the two approach that almost instantly the girl forgot the grim contour of Aunt Lucretia's face.

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