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Example sentences for "contra"

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contortions; contos; contour; contoured; contours; contraband; contrabandista; contrabandists; contrabands; contrabass
  1. He describes the poem as telling of the wars quae Beowulfus quidam Danus, ex regio Scyldingorum stirpe ortus, gessit contra Sueciae regulos.

  2. Late one afternoon in April, I was sitting on the grassy slope of Telegraph Hill, watching the waves of sunset as they rolled in from the west, and broke in crimson spray upon the peaks of the Contra Costa hills.

  3. Antinous, the favourite of Hadrian, was adored in Egypt a century after his death (Origen, Contra Celsum, iii.

  4. In the Summa Catholicae Fidei contra Gentiles he shows how a Christian theology is the sum and crown of all science.

  5. The word [Greek: apologia] is used by Origen (Contra Cel.

  6. This work, Contra Gentiles, may be taken as an elaborate exposition of the method of Aquinas.

  7. The next year he published his great treatise De Praedestinatione contra Joannem Scotum, with an introduction addressed to Archbishop Wenilo.

  8. It was rumored at that time that some epidemic disease was killing the squirrels in some of the counties surrounding San Francisco Bay, notably in Contra Costa County.

  9. You have here, good Reader," he says, "the missing remainder of the edition of a Treatise which we lately printed and published under the title Aleaxandri Mori Fides Publica contra calumnias Joannis Miltoni.

  10. Scriptum Domini Protectoris contra Hispanos: Thirteen more Latin State-Letters of Milton for the Protector (Nos.

  11. I'm goin' to have a town along the embarcadero that'll lay over any town in Contra Costa.

  12. As if to accent the words of the speaker a heavy gust of wind at that moment shook the long light wooden structure which served as the general store of Sidon settlement, in Contra Costa.

  13. He faintly censures the abuse, and warmly defends the use, of these sports; oculis nulla poterat esse fortior contra dolorem et mortem disciplina.

  14. Capita argumentorum contra morosos quosdam ac indoctos," which he subsequently found reason to enlarge.

  15. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "contra" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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