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Example sentences for "deficiencies"

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defiances; defiant; defiantly; defibrinated; deficiences; deficiency; deficient; deficit; deficits; defie
  1. Each is imperfect in itself, each supplying what it has in itself to the deficiencies and wants of the other members.

  2. This second representation in Vienna was the last the work ever had; for in later years I saw too well its weak points and deficiencies ever to persuade myself to give it again in public.

  3. His father was alive; his allowance was not ample; and he supplied its deficiencies by an honest and useful employment.

  4. And the success of this latter school called the attention of some of the most thoughtful divines to the deficiencies of the ordinary style of preaching, which they fully admitted and unsparingly but judiciously exposed.

  5. His very deficiencies were all in his favour.

  6. For the truths which at one time made Quakerism so strong are wholly separable, not only from the superficial eccentricities of the system, but from its gravest deficiencies in form and doctrine.

  7. Had his opponents been content to point out serious deficiencies in the general tendency of his teaching, they would have held a thoroughly tenable position.

  8. On the other hand, their deficiencies were great, and appear the greater, because they were faults not so much of the person as of the age, and were displayed therefore in a wide field, and often in an exaggerated form.

  9. English High Churchmen, Juror and Nonjuror, were inclined to be lenient to deficiencies abroad, in order and ritual, of which they would have been wholly intolerant at home.

  10. But there were deficiencies and omissions in his teaching which might very properly be regarded with distrust and alarm.

  11. The deficiencies of their revenue were exposed, and they were frightful.

  12. Probably the object was imperfectly executed; but the deficiencies would have been supplied by others, in the course of discussion.

  13. I now view matters at the very worst, and suppose that my all must go to supply the deficiencies of Constable.

  14. I made up for my deficiencies yesterday, and besides attending the Court wrote five close pages, which I think is very near double task.

  15. A settlement of the accounts of deficiencies of rations and compensation; 5.

  16. A settlement of the accounts of deficiencies of clothing and compensation Resolutions of Congress respecting Claims.

  17. He has to look at things as they are, to take them as he finds them, to supply deficiencies and to prune excesses as far as in him lies.

  18. As the laws organizing that branch of the public service confine the expenditure to its own revenues, deficiencies therein can not be presented under the usual estimates for the expenses of Government.

  19. These are the chief deficiencies I noticed, which could be easily rectified.

  20. I wish the deficiencies outside the fort could be remedied as well as those within it.

  21. Besides, some of the pupils may have attention called to deficiencies which they may show talent in overcoming.

  22. Plans may look well on paper, the completed house may seem attractive, but when the family live in the house its deficiencies become apparent.

  23. Fill in the deficiencies by reading some good work of reference, an encyclopedia for instance; or consulting a good dictionary, or both: I.

  24. An Apostle coming among us would in all likelihood be struck with manifest deficiencies in our faith.

  25. But we should not pass by this notice of the deficiencies of faith without asking ourselves whether our own faith is alive and progressive.

  26. It was their faith which comforted him in all his distress, yet he speaks of the deficiencies of their faith as something he sought to remedy.

  27. Thus a crushing weight has fallen on the lower orders (tenues, curiales), who have had to make good your deficiencies and have been distraught by the violence of the tax-gatherers.

  28. Intellectually one of the chief deficiencies of our author--a deficiency in which perhaps his age and nation participated--was a lack of humour.

  29. If, as I said, any persons are to mate good deficiencies to the public creditor, besides the public at large, they must be those who managed the agreement.

  30. To fill up all the deficiencies in the old impositions, and the new deficiencies of every kind which were to be expected, what remained to a state without authority?

  31. Calonne's work supplies my deficiencies by many new and striking arguments on most of the subjects of this letter.

  32. By this artful enumeration of the deficiencies of Montjoy, he was clearly understood to intimate his own superior fitness for the office.

  33. Do every thing in your power to encourage him, and to conceal his deficiencies both from others and from himself, so far as these objects can be attained consistently with the general good of the family or of the school.

  34. Where the parents do not possess the perfection desired, selections for coupling should be made with critical reference to correcting the faults or deficiencies of one by corresponding excellence in the other.

  35. It tempts and helps the average student to turn away from the studies which by reason of his deficiencies he most needs.

  36. Keep your deficiencies to yourself, master them, be free of them, then living will become a joy, your body a daily delight, and you shall possess a Supreme Personality.

  37. HAVE A NEW BODY:= There is no condition physical or mental that cannot be changed, even deformities, and deficiencies can be improved.

  38. They found the goodwife prepared for their reception; the fold and the poultry-yard furnished the entertainment, and the kind and hearty welcome made amends for all deficiencies in elegance and fashion.

  39. With little learning of his own, he had been made too often sensible, of his deficiencies not to appreciate it in others.

  40. His solid sense and liberal taste supplied all deficiencies in himself, and led him to select friends and companions from among the most enlightened and virtuous of the community.

  41. No sooner was school out, than he asked Wilkins to accompany him to the baker's, that he might make up for the deficiencies of Mr. Smith's meager table.

  42. Mr. Smith was shrewd enough not to attempt to instruct the classes in advanced classics or mathematics, as he did not care to have his deficiencies understood by his pupils.

  43. Having given due attention to your personal habits and dress, consider what special errors still remain to be corrected, or what deficiencies to be supplied, and carefully and perseveringly apply yourself to the required self-training.

  44. Those who are old enough to study this book, are old enough to take the matter in to their own hands, and remedy the defects and supply the deficiencies of their early education.

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