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Example sentences for "antithetical"

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  1. Therefore, it may be submitted, there was a certain discipline in the old antithetical couplet of Pope and his followers.

  2. Is it really so certain that he would go deeper into the matter than that old antithetical jingle goes?

  3. One cannot but remember our Lord's solemn antithetical phrase about a man 'losing his own soul.

  4. It is singularly parallel with the sleep of the same three at the Transfiguration--an event which presents the opposite pole of our Lord's experiences, and yields so many antithetical parallels to Gethsemane.

  5. Both these alternatives must be specified in order to make out a reason why there are two Quaternions or four couples of antithetical propositions.

  6. There is a kind of idle theory which is antithetical to practice; but genuinely scientific theory falls within practice as the agency of its expansion and its direction to new possibilities.

  7. The present discussion is simply a formulation, in the terminology of philosophy, of various antithetical conceptions involved in the theory of knowing.

  8. Method is not antithetical to subject matter; it is the effective direction of subject matter to desired results.

  9. In their intrinsic meaning, play and industry are by no means so antithetical to one another as is often assumed, any sharp contrast being due to undesirable social conditions.

  10. Ricardo, indeed, sometimes thought of demand and supply as forces antithetical to the forces of labor-costs which he was considering.

  11. But a theory which is concerned with supply and demand as independent and antithetical must abstract from factors which give them a common movement, without modifying their relation to each other.

  12. To think of society and the individual as separate and antithetical is a fallacy which I have criticised in detail in Part III of Social Value.

  13. The selection of two characters for the tablet is an easy matter," suggested Chia Cheng, "but now go on and compose a pair of antithetical phrases with seven words in each.

  14. There was also a pair of scrolls consisting of black-wood antithetical tablets, inlaid with the strokes of words in chased gold.

  15. Society is at the acme of sensuality; it has reached the strangest antithetical condition.

  16. The name was not adopted as antithetical to, or distinctive from, "confederate," as some seem to have imagined.

  17. The roots of his antithetical dream were visible enough: a never idle man of great physical strength and extremely irascible--did he not fling a badly baked plum pudding through the window upon Xmas Day?

  18. At every turn of the City’s social and municipal life those two salient antithetical characteristics are vividly displayed.

  19. The roots of his antithetical dream were visible enough: a never idle man of great physical strength and extremely irascible--did he not fling a badly baked plum pudding through the window upon Christmas Day?

  20. Beauty is from the antithetical self, and a woman can scarce but hate it, for not only does it demand a painful daily service, but it calls for the denial or the dissolution of the self.

  21. It is the power of Aphrodite which plays the matchmaker between the antithetical pair, the "Existent" and the "Non-Existent.

  22. We find, however, little warrant for these passages in our native annals, any more than for the antithetical speeches which the same partial historian places in the mouths of his heroes.

  23. But it is not the business of the dramatist to exhibit characters in this sharp antithetical way.

  24. Can we, to begin with, compose a dictionary of plants representing the capital sins and their antithetical virtues, sketch a basis of operations, and pick out by certain rules the materials at the command of the mystic gardener?

  25. The continual alternation of antithetical moods in Verlaine--this uniform transition from bestial lust to an excess of piety, and from sinning to remorse--has struck even observers who do not know the significance of such a phenomenon.

  26. The disconnected and antithetical effects in all arrangements, the constant contradiction between form and purpose, the outlandishness of most objects, is intended to be bewildering.

  27. Among Tchaikovsky's weak points that which has gained him most popularity is his persistent habit of presenting his ideas in a sort of balanced and antithetical manner.

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