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  1. On the way he thought of the eternal antitheses of Parisian life: the news of the death of a friend communicated to him at the Opéra while a waltz-tune was being played!

  2. They further determined the abstract and simple Notions, although it was in an inadequate way, since their table presents a mixture of antitheses in the ordinary idea and the Notion, without following these up more fully.

  3. This canon therefore embraced a book of Christ, Epistles of Paul, and a book of Marcion, and for that reason the Antitheses were always circulated with the canon of Marcion.

  4. Footnote 398: Marcion must have spoken ex professo in his Antitheses about the Judaistic corruptions of Paul's Epistles and the Gospel.

  5. The Antitheses of Marcion had a place in the Marcionite canon (see above, p.

  6. The Marcionite Antitheses were probably spread among other Gnostic sects.

  7. All these antitheses are presented to us in the Platonic Gorgias, to which (i.

  8. So much, then, lies in the one of these two antitheses of my text; and the other is no less profound and significant.

  9. Only the assertions of the antitheses really rest upon the forms of our faculty of knowledge, i.

  10. The theses express the higher unity at which Reason aims; the antitheses are the judgments to which the understanding is constrained by the nature of the appearances with which both it and Reason profess to deal.

  11. The antitheses give expression to principles of pure empiricism.

  12. Reason is no longer viewed as possessing a merely empirical function, and in which consequently the theses and antitheses are no longer indiscriminately denounced as being alike false.

  13. The existence of antinomy, Kant further argues, presupposes that theses and antitheses are contradictory opposites, i.

  14. I shall show that the proofs which Kant adduces of the individual theses are sophisms, while those of the antitheses are quite fairly and correctly drawn from objective grounds.

  15. The theses and the antitheses rest upon diverse and conflicting interests.

  16. Under the influence of his later, more Idealistic preoccupations, Kant so far modifies the above solution as to assert that in the ease of the last two antinomies both theses and antitheses are true, when properly interpreted.

  17. Thus the grounds of the antitheses are altogether different from those of the theses; and in neither case are they properly represented by the arguments which Kant employs.

  18. Similarly, both the theses and antitheses of the third and fourth antinomies may be false.

  19. In these antitheses Kant assumes that space and time are actually infinite, and from that assumption advances to the proof that this is likewise true of the world in its spatial and temporal aspects.

  20. As the sensible world rests upon intelligible grounds, both the theses and the antitheses of the first two antinomies may be true, the former in the intelligible realm and the latter in the sensuous.

  21. It is really the confirmation of the antitheses by the explanation of their assertions.

  22. The antitheses which the work of humanity contains must also become intelligible, and at the same time a way must be prepared by which these antitheses may be overcome, not one by which merely a compromise between them may be arrived at.

  23. But, in the course of further experience, that mode of thought has been severely shaken and appears more and more to be a mere aggregate of phrases; and so the antitheses face one another unreconciled and a decision is not to be evaded.

  24. All this, however, is valid only with the presupposition that we acquire a position above the antitheses of experience and not between them, and an inner independence in relation to the chaos of time.

  25. Such an ante-dating of the conflict also has the disadvantage that it prevents the great antitheses which are involved to-day both in Catholicism and Protestantism from being clearly displayed.

  26. But the antitheses that arise aid in advancement only so long as they are encompassed by a whole of activity.

  27. But so long as the bitterness of sectarian prejudice diverts the attention of men from the chief thing, these antitheses are not clearly expressed and energetically developed.

  28. In culture, different tendencies will cross one another; antitheses cannot be avoided, and collisions will not be lacking.

  29. We may almost say that there was an exact antithesis between those days and these latter days, if it were not that exact antitheses never occur outside the world of logic.

  30. It would, of course, be absurd to lay too much stress on these edifying antitheses in this unedifying poem.

  31. One would have thought that it was precisely Parliamentarism, with its unrest and agitation, its antitheses and antagonisms, which would have had a special attraction for Hegel, but nevertheless he turned aside from it.

  32. The four essentials then for primitive attention are: strength of sense-impression, economy of receptivity, avoidance of harmful antitheses to existing ideas, and delay until the aroused ideas have recovered their equilibrium.

  33. Poor writers, on the contrary, pile up the most glaring antitheses without other than the natural result--the antagonistic ideas expel each other and the mind is left empty.

  34. The two last mentioned colours (orange and violet) are the fourth and last pair of antitheses of the primitive colours.

  35. The solution of the existing antitheses is the proletariat, which the proletarians themselves know or do not know.

  36. The antitheses which it met on its way in its attempt at systematization, after several vain attempts it tried to eliminate logically as was the case with Ricardo in his struggle against the income from land rents.

  37. He thereupon proposed to himself to construct a society in which the existing antitheses should disappear.

  38. In these the antitheses of class interests have taken on the form of parties; and the parties struggle for or against definite laws; and all law appears as a simple fact, or as a thing which it is useful or not useful to do.

  39. In the language of rhetoric or poetry, in the discussion of popular notions on morals and religion, it would be hypercritical to complain of the antitheses of understanding and feeling,--sense and soul.

  40. The conception of the world involved in these antitheses of Form and Matter, Potential and Actual, finds its fullest expression in Aristotle's doctrine of the Four Causes or conditions of the production of things.

  41. Of the great antitheses between which religion moves, Law and Love, Amos had therefore been the prophet of Law.

  42. The anguish appears in those frequent antitheses in which his torn heart reflects herself in the style of his discourse.

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